Friday, May 7, 2010

out for weekend :)

..everyone is out for meeting and socialization of the new "i-dont-know-the-position" kinda chairman, the name is mr.Frank .:p me and my friend, Sasmita, also with other interns' feel so relieved. why? because besides it so SEPI here also we can browse everysites that we want :) isnt it a bless? :)) the cubicles were so empty, and silent. i love this time. so i can post something to my blog freely :) it's a little thing that means a lot. btw, i had a short-short story abt mr,Frank. i think he's a very pleasant man.because every single morning, he walks around the cubicle in every department, (on 16th and 17th floor) and he always greets us with "good morning" and the most important thing, he did it sincerely because he wants us to reply and he looks us in the face when saying it. plus, he's so smiley. :) and.. he even asked me my name,yaaayyyy! :D well, now i already had permission from my boss to go home earlier, because i want to make a SURPRISE for my funnyMAN. because i plan to go to Bandung, this evening :) good thoughts, eh? so, id better hurry, because i had to prepare for the tickets and miscellaneous behind it. updating later :) with the good news of SURPRISEs! :)

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