Monday, May 17, 2010

mid-day notes

office today is cold and quiet. everyone, well not so everyone, out for friendly meeting to catch up with the new boss. like i've already told you about. see older posts. and .. the less the people, the colder the office than it supposed to be :s my fingers are hurt, because they are frozen. okay. im back from my life-after-lunch routinity,its what i called toiletnap. why? because i took my superfast nap in the toilet. yes i sit on it. :) ill capture the photos later abt my toiletnap space. :p btw, i took some pictures from my lunch space. i used to be here at lunch with my workmates, enjoying lunch and mid-day sunshine that shines through the big glass window .. and this is what i had for lunch, quite complete fried rice made in my lovely MOM .. and this is what Sasmita, my friend, had for lunch .. not as much as i eat :p anw, i wanted to show you my favorite little space in my temporary office desk,. its just so random, but i just love it :) .. and to remind me always from the loved one, whom lived quite 170km away from here, lately i always wear this .. its wooden beads bracelet. its so dull and old, but i love it. he bought it in his trip to Yogyakarta 2 years ago :) ILU, funnyMAN. aikey, lets figure out what i can do to make me look busy. :) until later.


  1. LOVE it
    your blog is so inspirational
    keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always!


  2. thanks for dropping by, caroline!
    feel free to add me in ur reading list :)