Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yesterday,was the day of history. It was my hubby's bday, and also the day I lost my future child.

Sad. I know. It was in the office at 2 pm after lunch. Actually I already had feelings and signs about it. Im trying not to blame myself or the situation. It is my destiny and I believe God has reasons why it happened to me. And I believe it is the best for me and my husband.

Well, now I just try to live better for the future and prepare my health for upcoming pregnancy (insyallah).

It's sad especially when u saw some other women with their grown pregnancy. But hopefully I will have my own moment. Don't lose hope.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mixed up post

Hi all ..

Yes thanks God, I already got married to gema rakanata on last week. I did feel thankfull for that..but at the same time my lovely grandma also passed away on oct 8th,yet she got stroke just the same day as my wedding day. Right after we finish the Event.  I feel lost to be sure, I don't know exactly how to feel. This very happy moment that I would love to share with her, but she's no longer here. This hit me in the jaw.

She is a second mother to me. She's always there for me on every important part of my life .. I don't know what I can do w/o her... I feel incomplete.

Well i have to remember that she's in a better place right now, so I shall pray for her everyday..

I will always love you,Uti ... rest in peace.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The (Zilla) Moments

I had my mental breakdown today. Hmm.. i wouldn't say it's a real mental breakdown, but it's just range of things happened in time where i don't think it's supposed to be :(

First of all, i paid visit to my caterer and coincidencelly realized i still not prepared something which are important (a.k.a budget explosion). And second, i accidentally dropped my phone, and now it's not working. The screen is blank. While half of my "life" is there. My contacts, supplier, office, vendors for wedding, friends and colleagues that i plan to invite is there. And that means, i had to pay extra charges like 700K IDR for repairing the blank screen, which is not a good idea in my H-21s Wedding Day :( It's close to disaster. Yeah, imma a budget tight right now. Who would spend extra surprise charges to fix their phone close to their wedding day? which is actually unnecessary if the phone wasn't fall down :( Shit happened.

And lately, i had my several "senggol bacok" moments. Like when someone accidentally bumped into me, like literally "bumped" and i was like "RRRAAWWWRRRRRR!" or when some of the people at works or wedding's vendor said something i wasn't expected to be said (a.k.a problems or bad news) i will be like the last person you would like to talk to. 

But people always said : It's maybe like super full of effort preparing wedding day all on your own, but this memory will  last sweeter or even the sweetest one you could've ever imagine. Well, i don't know. But, God Knows. I shall just believe. 

Okay, so tomorrow, hopefully everything will be smooth, because IT'S FITTING DAY! and i'm not hoping on 2nd eps of mental-bridezilla breakdown. If.. you know what i mean. 

Bon Week-end a tous! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quirk it out! - My Polyvore Set

Quirk it out!

Lanvin dress / Charlotte Olympia clutch, $1,085 / Ben-Amun ben amun jewelry / MAC Cosmetics lips makeup

I hope i can go out on some place putting up on clothes or sets i did on Polyvore :)

Winter Weekend Grocery Shopping

My August Lolabox - Not Happy :(

Yes. I barely can't avoid any urge to update this blog, especially to share my Lolabox story. Haha.
So, you know Glossybox, Birchbox? or anything ended with box and also related to cosmetic? :) Yes. That's sorta like that. It's a surprise box mostly filled with cosmetic, and you can get 'em by subscribe and pay. Lolabox is actually one of  'em, but it comes from Indonesia (cmiiw). And, i found them because they are featured in Nylon Indonesia (forgot what month edition). And, it bought me. So excited, i directly registered the night after i saw it, and do trial subscription for 1 month which is 145,000 IDR. The former edition of Lolabox is actually very great, and some of the reviews indicates very great products and yeah .. i was hoping to get the best of the August section. 

On August 16th, i received my Lolabox, and i held ma' breath when i opened the box. More or less, it was quite like Birchbox or Glossybox that wrapped in a beautiful small satin bow and fancy paper. But, i shed a tears when i knew what's inside that. Yes, i know it's a surprise box, but ..... come on! Half of them is sample? in sachet? and smallest tube i've ever seen? Yet, in last month edition, some of them are in full size and better brands and products? R u kidding me? this is my 1st sub! I had a mental breakdown of my Lolabox August edition. They gave me small hair brush and mirror, which is cute, but still .. when i compared to last month edition .. i feel dissapointed. But, since it's my 1st subscription, i definitely hasn't done yet, with my curiosity, so i am gonna give that box, another chance. Which is next month! So we will see, whether they have better surprise next month (by the time, i wrote this, i chatted with the customer service of Lolabox, and they promise will serve better products). We will see. Not so happy august edition.

curious? here's THE LOLA BOX

Color of box vary every months - Aug is indpndc day so they serve red

There's a "hello" card + explaining details of products usage

The Inside of Lolabox Aug

So, those r the packaging and the insider of Lolabox August consists of  (let's start clockwise) :

1. Paula's Choice
It's an American brand from famous woman whom seems to be cosmetic expertise, those are skin care that is about to launch in Indonesia, they also included invitation of meet and greet+seminar of her brand. Sachets are consist of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I already used it to the last drop, and yes it's smells harmless and put good effects on my skin. So far i like it. Using it for 3-4 times for the sachet.

2. L'Oreal Youth Code
Not read carefully about it, but it's just a serum for anti aging or sorta things like that. Not interesting.

3. The Set (brush + mirror)
Coincidence-ly (is that a word?) i know the actual price for this. Because i went to Jatinegara market and there it only sold  for 3,800 IDR/set (if you buy more than 50 pcs). Sad to know.

4. Clarins Facial Shaping Lift Lipo drain serum
Another anti aging product. Not interesting. But will try. Never try Clarins before.

5. L'Oreal White Perfect Laser
Actually, my skintone is quite bright, so i dont think i need any brightener. Not happy.

6. L'Oreal Base Magique
I already bought the full size product, which is still kinda full up to now. Seeing the possitive side, this could be my travel size base magique. Still, repetition ain't my kinda favorite thing.

7. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk 
I don't have quite good experience with Maybelline powder, because the very last time i used it (like 5 years ago) made my skin got lots of pimples on my t-zone :( not happy. The reviews of this products actually good, but the shade is too bright for me (i got 03 Natural, but still too brite). Not happy. Altho' it's a full-size product. (This is the one which full size from the box, the other is sample)

8. Skin Junkies Soap 
I already used it, so it's not on the pic. It's like "Lush" soap, smells good, but when rinse it left nothing. Not even the smell stay. It's like just soap for fun. The size is like 3x3cm. Small and wrap in oil paper. It's a local brand. Never heard of it before. So so. This one i guess, is also full size.

See? for IDR 145,000 i think they could make it better, just like the previous months. Like 3/4 of the box are samples and sachet. Ya ya i know it's a surprise box, but please make it better, i'm comparing it with the previous month. Let's see next months. Finger crossed. Not happy. Really.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Ready With Me sharing and Reviews!

Hi Everyone! 

Not so busy actually trying to adjust with Ramadhan the holy month. Because you sleep less and also eat less :p Been thru it like almost 18 years, but still adjusting. Poor me.

Yes, for you who knows and following my twitter, must have known that i have been addicted to Get Ready With Me - Morning Routine videos on Youtube! Because i do have problems with my morning routines, since i am always wake up late, and being negatively lazy in the morning. So when i actually watch theseeee videoss it makes my spirit pumped and feeling inspired, that there are thousands of people whom actually enjoy and make the most of their morning routine :) So yeah, it helps much! For those of you who's curious, just click the link above. My best two videos of Morning Routine goes to :

it's from Tanya Burr - The UK Beauty Youtuber! <3 her="" much="" p="" so="" videos="">

and also 

This one is Tiffany - the famous Youtube Beauty Guru :)

I just love how they seems prepared for weekday and even weekend. Imo, it's the way how to appreciate life, that actually is God's gift to embrace everyday with joy and gratefullness.

Like i said in my previous post :) that actually i have two things comes along last week, and joining my beauty kits :) it's Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush and Sets of Travel Essential from Real Techniques! Am so happy!

Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush

the bristles - simply just like any other face/powder brush
Very soft! Love it!

I just straightly goes on to my final verdict about this brush : it's a MUST HAVE! because it's large, it's super soft, it's rounded edges, and it's Sigma! :) Perfect for applying blush, powder, or bronzer! Lovely! it's a 9.5 out of 10. Totally worth the price (200K IDR). But it's not really good for travelling, since it's quite big and eating space in your make up bag. But, fear not, that's why i bought the Real Techniques Travel Essential, so i can now bring my brushes with me without being afraid of hurting em.

Real Tech Travel Essential case - comes in black and handy fit

l-r : flat foundie brush, flat eyeshadow brush, multi task brush

I love this set! i did. But for some reasons, i only can love the case and the multi task also eyeshadow brush. I am trying to make the flat foundie brush a good tools for me. Yes it is applying bb cream nicely, but the bristles is too dense, and it's hurting my face :( not a fan of flat foundie brush from RT. So i changed it with my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush for applying my everyday foundie/ bb cream. And it feels better, afterward. My personal score for this is 8 out of 10. Both of eyeshadow and multi task brush is soft, but not as soft as my Sigma F40 and my E.L.F flat eyeshadow brush. But it's usable and the price is logical for the kit (235K IDR). Actually i am just into the case, because it's handy and versatile :)

And there you go! my lovely new member on the beauty kits :) loving it and been travelling with me almost everyday ever since it's arrived!

Thanks for reading my post and hopefully you had a nice weekend with fam, friends, and loved ones!

*today i will be doing errands and cleaning, then straight to go fasting break together avec ma meilleures amis! Can't wait :)

Friday, July 12, 2013


two blog posts - two days in a row! isn't it lovely? (selfpraise)
it's because in this holly Ramadhan month, i got chance to come home on time, and do lots of other non working related things! :)
okay, so now won't blabber about review, just wanted to share moment of truth  a.k.a my wishlist!

Real Techniques Travel Essential

Aren't you tired hearing me blabber about this? This is a proof of random impulsiveness that become obsession. Because ... the review are GOOD going BEST, they have BRUSH CASE (STANDING PANORAMIC BRUSH CASE), and they ARE SOFT AND TEMPTING AND SCREAMING TO BE BOUGHT (this is just reason)!

Here's the look :

travel essentials
Real Techniques Travel Essential

LOVELY! the reviews said the brush is soft, no shed, great handle, and gorgeous!
It consists of foundation brush (classic shape like painter), multi task brush (for powder,blush), and multi tasker for e/shadow!
What's not to love? yet in my favorite online shop right now it's ready stock! Isn't it a sign? Isn't it?
I am just going to buy it, especially because they have travel case and i literally love to "travel" with my brush :)
Just for information, Real Techniques is tools created by beauty guru, Sam Chapman & Pixiwoo. Here's the link to the web Real Techniques Brush, do check their web for amazing tools in superb price :)

The Balm Sexy Mama Anti Shine Transluscent Powder or E.L.F Transluscent Mattifying Powder

Yes, i do need another kind of pressed powder, but .. right now i'm in the intersection which is:

Should i buy the two way cake pressed powder or just transluscent mattifying powder?

Because, imo if i buy the 2waycake, i think it will be very cakey in this humid Jakarta, yet if i buy only transluscent powder, will it ever cover my imperfection? This is such a hard time for me and i need someone to lean on (too much expression)

So, i decided to give this a try, because i think, i can buy two way cake in moments later in drugstore brand.
It's two choices between Thebalm or ELF, it's like you want to eat beef or fish? (because the price difference).. but i do consider Sexy Mama simply because it collects good review more than ELF. 

Here's the look of both product :
TheBalm Sexy Mama 
ELF Transluscent Mattifying Powder

So yes this isn't high quality blog post but just another rambling around two products, if compared to world's problem. I will review them soon i got them :) 

Today, i feel so dissapointed simply because i've been longing to eat martabak coklat kacang keju and then when i ate them, it tasted awful and not the same as they used to be :( that is sad, especially if you already fasting one day, and really need to be pleased with good food. 

And, some kinds of thoughts entered my mind without permission (oh please) : is there any workplace situation, where boss and staff are trully getting along? without competition, cruel intention or even backstabbing? being honest to each others words' and thoughts? accepting each others without any hidden agenda? Wondering how peace that would be. And i bet there won't be the so called "high turnover" :)  Just my imagination!

I am so longing for Sunday, because it is the first time i will watch football match live in a stadion! It's ARSENAL FC versus National Team (it's my bf's will, i am just a follower, and a ticket orderer)

Good night, good people! thanks for reading this post and have a nice dream :) 
See you!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

REVIEW : TheBalm Hot Mama & L'Oreal Base Magique


So bad at blogging consistency :(  Actually i did have some spare time, but yet, i was just being too lazy to do anything that required thinking :p

Lately, i have to admit, that i am so lazy to put on make up :( maybe because i need to repair my skin since now it has some kind of small pimples around my forehead, not worse, but still i need to do something. So daily i am just using, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (a must! can't live without it), blush on and lipstick. No moisturizer, BB cream, foundation, powder, or even eyeshadow. And, what's worse is ... my intensity buying make up is surely lessen this month, i just bought a lip tint from Max Factor and Sigma F30 (is this worse or good?) well, in my opinion, it's kinda different "me". It's actually good for my money, to save, not to splurge on another kind of blush on or lipstick. Though i'm raving Real Technique the Travell Essential. I am just so curious about the multi task brush anyway, and really want to have the brush holder, to save my brush while travelling (making reasons).

Enough about the selftalk, so let's start doing some haul review from last month :) Not much, but quite essential for me :

TheBalm Hot Mama Shadow/Blush

So, actually i already have my Maybelline Dream Blush in shade Wooden Rose (which i think imo, is quite similar or at least is one family with NARSorgasm). But, i stopped by at some reviews about this blush, and i feel that .. i should give this a try! And searching for this blush isn't easy because (at that time, i dont know that TheBalm sold here. poor me.), so it's been a running around the blog and thread searching for the reseller in Indonesia, and i finally found one in SURABAYA! Gosh. So this is it :

the packaging! classic 60's i bet?

gold rose shade with shimmer

the swatch  - upside is another product's swatch

Let's jump into the conclusion :

+ Great packaging, in design and how sturdy it is!
+ Pigmented colour
+ A little goes along the way - just a little to make ur cheek brighter!
+ good staying power
+ Very lovely gold rose shade :) 
+ equipped with mirror 

+ be careful when applying, too much can cause reddish shade instead of warm gold rose
+ hard to find here in Indonesia (buy it online or in the certain Mall only)
+ Expensive :((( i bought it for 150K IDR, yet it's officially sold for above  200K IDR

Overall, i LOVE this product a lot for the cuteness of the packaging and also the gold rose colour :) but for the price and the availability is a bit turn down for me :( so i am going to give it  8 out of  10! Still a good number, aight?

L'Oreal Base Magique

What is this? Basically it's a primer, but they said it's not just another primer, which is a Transforming Smoothing Primer. Here's the look of the product (imo, slightly as pinky as olay) :

the packaging - jar of thick glass - looking sturdy!

The product - creamy yet light/not watery at all

The swatch 


+ Easy to find almost everywhere in L'Oreal counter even @ drugstore like Watson, Century, Guardian.
+ Light texture not watery at all
+ Really smoothing out our skin, and seems absorbing any excess oil! Mattifying effect :) 
+ No distinctive smell, which i like :)


+ A bit expensive - but yet you only need small amount of pea to cover quite wide area
+ Hard to blend - if you're not careful it will clump and looks like a bunch of clogging pores and makeup

Do i like this product? Well, so far it's better than my Rimmel Fix & Perfect, because it doesnt leave my skin shiny and greasy. The score? 9 out of 10! :) 

O i think i need another eyeliner, for creating my daily pin up look :) I've been crazy about the pin up eyeliner style. Here's the pic for you who doesn't know the pin up eyeliner style look like :

I have been pulling this look for my daily look, and now i am dare enough to pull it in my waterline :) turns out that it's so FUN yet changing my whole looks :) getting more dramatic and PIN UP! I am using Revlon Colorstay Retractable Eyeliner in Black (just rave review : it's a good quality!)


Random model. Pic taken from google.com

my pin up eyeliner style :)

 Yes probably the end of this month will be : the travel essential from RT, Compact powder (any brand embrace it with arms open), and also some of the unintended items :) *asalways

Good night everyone and Happy Fasting in this holly Ramadhan month :) Thanks for reading this post!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not a make-up post


So i have just following this motivational training from my office. The place is located in Mega Mendung, almost Puncak wheresoever :p It was nice, clean and tranquille place, i really like that and feel possitive about the place. Before i went there to follow the training, some of the people whom already had the training given by her, said that it's down and dirty training. No, doesn't mean it's kinda outbond activity, but the way she brings her exercise and moduls is totally "in your face" or "full face slap" sorta that way.

Turns out, i almost can't handle the slap, it was hard and IN YOUR FACE, really! All of the exercise and words given are hitting me in the first place, you name it : unfocus, talk behind someone's back, uneffective way of working, wasting time, feeling lazy everyday when opening your eyes in the morning, etc. Haha! totally me :( But somehow i found some of the points that i would like to share in this post :

  • Human is well equipped creature. I mean, we already have all the behaviour and all the potentials whether it's bad or good. It depends on us, which one that we turn on. For example : you are always turn on your "lazy" mode, instead of  "spirit attitude", yet you have those good things in you, but you always choose to turn on the negative side. We are encouraged to turn on the positive side more than before. 
  • We are responsible for our own happiness, not others. So, if you want to be happy, you have to choose to be happy. Don't depend on someone or anything else. You sure can choose to turn on the happy mood or vice versa.
  • Secret to be happy is to STOP COMPARING, MOVE ON AND FORGIVE. Be grateful :) 
  • Always set your goals. Whether it's short or long term. Make sure you pass each day with completing your goals. And don't procrastinate (this is a super slap!)
  • The most waste-less life is life without trying and taking risk. So, please do take risk (logical risk) and always try to say CAN and POSSIBLE everytime you are facing the obstacle! Otherwise, you will stay zero and lack of experience :(
  • No matter how small or little the support you get from others it is still a SUPPORT. Please, do take time to notice and appreciate it :)
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated. Cliche, yes. But i believe it's true!

See? Some of these points are really SLAPPING ME COMPLETELY :( and i feel so vulnerable facing these. But i feel grateful God brought me there :) to help me becoming better. Feeling rejuvenated and grateful :)

One of the quote that i really like the most is :

my time is NOW. Because YESTERDAY is passed. And TOMORROW is uncertain. 

to help me remind myself not to procrastinate and reach my goal :)

So, yes i feel great and SURELY will try to make it happen in my daily life :) It's not a make up post (yet) haha. Suddenly feel like writing these, so i be it. Next post probably will talk abt make up again :) 

bon nuit a tous!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

REVIEW : Early May 2013 stuff


How's life goin? Mine is pretty busy. Well, idk whether it's just my mind making it up or i am literally busy. Well, this late post was sponsored by business trip with my boss and the directors, from Brunei and Singapore. Actually it's literally business trip with so little times to steal for shopping and sight seeing. Will share some photos later. Not in this post. Because i want to share some the items i bought on early May. 

1. Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer (Prolongs Foundation Wear) 

I am actually a newbie when it comes to primer or make up base. Because i think (at the first time) cosmetic company is just making it up and try to raise their sales by making such product. But, when i give a shot for this product, i think applying primer before foundie is a must :p 

the packaging - tube with round cap

the mouth of the tube - quite precised amount spilled when squeezed

The product - in orange colour
the right part of my back hand is using the products - sorry if it's too sheer

So, shall we go to the plus and minus?

+ PLUS :
  • Cheap only IDR 98,000 - cheaper if we compared to Revlon Photoready primer, or MAC, MUFE and high end brand because as far as i know even NYX can't serve the price as low as this
  • Good quality - i can't give you comparison with any other prods. I said good based on what i see and feel and as promised as in the packaging, which are : smoothes skin and prolongs the wear of foundie - but not minimizing pores
  • Has a special smell - which i like :) 
  • Easy to blend - with fingers or brush
  • I think, IMO, it also moisturizes my skin :) which is a plus!
  • Not available here in Indonesia. Have to buy it online and now they are Out of stock :( and the site where i bought this only serve 1 shade which is 001.
So i will rate this prod 8 out 10! Suitable for you who want to try learning to wear primer and also for you who has oily combo skin, because it's moisturize yet not making your face looks oily :) AND OF COURSE YOU WHO LIVES ABROAD who can easily get this primer :((

2. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Very Black 

Okay i know, so you will think like ; "it's just a mascara, any Maybelline can do that! that curl, curve and volume!"  But hey it's different! :) 
I think i have been a loyal user for Maybelline Mascara since High school, i was using Lash Discovery to my prom night :) and yes it's a good product so does for any other Maybelline express volume, but when i discover the comparison between this two in youtube, i can't resist to try Covergirl and also my beauty guru Emily, is using the product :) 

the packaging

the variant - lash blast waterproof

the bristles - synthetic and small bristles

closer look to the bristles - short and small

  • It has a short,spaced, and synthetic bristles. Not like any other mascara who has different kinda bristles, it makes our lashes separatedly volumized, curled, curvy, and not clumpy. It makes my lashes like using fake lashes :) 
  • The formula is actually really amazing. Waterproof and not smudgy or flaky in under eye area
  • No distinctive harsh smell
  • Pricey if compared to Maybelline IDR 108,000 
  • Not available in Indonesia, have to buy it online 
  • I like the waterproof formula - but actually it's a bit hard to remove, have to be more patient and i am using the olive oil to help removing the remaining mascara
The rating of this prod is 9 out of 10! Very versatile, you apply once you get curvy lashes, twice for more volume, three times for thick, gorgeus eyelashes!

3. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude

This is one of example of my impulsive stuff when i bought this, i dont even need any new lipstick :p but the beauty advisor told me if i buy in amount of IDR 150,000 i will get free lipgloss, so i kinda bought this lipstick and the Colorstay foundie. 


The colour with Revlon embossed

the swatch
  • The color is subtle and quite versatile :) 
  • Not pricey IDR 75,000
  • Staying power is good - lasts for 3-4 hours
  • easy to get everywhere
  • A bit drying in my lips :(
  • The color is good but too pale for my skin tone and i am doing a corpse like if i use this. I only pair it with heavy smoky eyes. it will work for someone with darker skin tone
  • Not everyday lipstick, because it's kinda tricky when applying it - you can't have chapped and dry lips if you apply this, has to be smooth and balmed before.
I will rate this 7 out of 10! if you have darker skin tone, and if you have no chapped lips a.k.a smooth lovely small lips (Not me) and love to do everyday smoky eyes, this is a perfect pair for you :) 

4. Revlon Colorburs Lipgloss in Chamois

So this is the thing that made me do some impulsive stuff .. :) First timer in trying Revlon lipgloss, heard some rave about this it has good and lovely colour, and yes imo, it's good.


the applicator


 +PLUS :

  • Lovely colour - peach pink with shimmer and lovely sheer
  • moisturizing the lips 
  • perfect amount of shine and gloss - not overly glossed or else
  • Bulky packaging, too long :(
  • dont know the price, bcos i got this for free :)
  • has a distinctive smell - i dont like it :(
The rate will be ... (drum roll everyone..please) 8 out of 10! Actually i like my NYX Megashine better than this and i want to give it 7, but bcause i dont pay for this i give it 8 :p Perfect to pair up with nude lips or wear alone as a gloss only, but it's also quite like liquid sheer lipstick :)

So, yes that's all the stuff i bought in early May 2013, i still have my Colorstay Foundie, but i think there are already lots of review about it. And, since my NARS has arrived, i just want you to know, it's a very GOOD  lipstick and super versatile, Karen from makeupandbeautyblog.com is totally right about it. It's an unsung heroes ! :)) i pair it with my hypershine gloss from E.L.F in Joy shade. Lovely. Superb. Will review about it in another 2 weeks. 

I am having sorethroat now, but everybody calm down, i already swallow my influenza pill. Well, i shall hit the bed, cause tomorrow is Monday and i bet it will be zuppa buzy day as always :) Good night and hope this review useful for you :)

Bonne Nuit et Bon dormir! 

p.s : fyi, i bought these products with my own money and not having compensation for reviewing it. It's all pure my honest personal opinion.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Essential Everyday Stuff

Hi and Hello!

Lazy saturday started with doing chores, and watching re-runs (recorded). I recently in love with Miss Advised TV series, you know, the three single experts who's on their way to search for Mr.Right. My favorite Miss Advised is Julia, the dating columnist. Feeling like i have lots of things in common with her, which is impulsive, aggresive and unpatient. And also, New Girl season 2, has been my eye candy, since Nick and Jess is (secretly) in love or has feelings for each others. I dont think that TV series is attractive enough until someone's inside is fall in love. Cheesy, i know. But, pretty much enjoying it. 

Owkai! Now move on to the point which is my favorite stuff that i wore (almost) everyday. What stuff? off course, make up. What else? I have four items which is being my favorite and two of them are local brand from the company where i work, they are eyeshadow, gel eyeliner, eyebrow, and lipgloss. So, here they are :

1) Sariayu Eyeshadow Colour Trend 2012 - Bena

When i was pretty blind about anything in make up, i always see brown, nude, or skin tone eyeshadow, is what the heck or not interesting. I mean, like it's brown, it's plain, and well what can they do to make our eyes looks pop and smizing? But now, i know. Basic colour is just the best. Nude or skin tone colour has lots of range to offer. And that's how i met Bena, my favorite eye shadow trio from the local brand, Sariayu Martha Tilaar. She's so pretty. Let me show you :

Sorry for the nasty pack - been with me for 7months
See? the plastic cover gone - so does the brush! dislike the mirror shape

beautiful trio! l-r >> peach gold brown (all shimmery)

the swatch - as order in the pan (peach, gold, brown)

using gold and brown shade in outer corner of the eye
I am only using the brown and gold shade. The peach one, is rarely used. This is a trio of natural shimmery e/shadow. So, let's just come with the plus & minus.

PLUS + :

  • Very pigmented and staying power is awesomeeeee ( i wear it in daily basis for almost 8-9 hrs, and it perfectly stays there and do nothing)
  • Affordable :) IDR 40,000 something (forgot)
  • Beautiful natural colours, perfect for everyday look :)
  • Easy to get - in local stores, supermarket even drugstores
  • Support local brand! :)
  • imo, no fall out!
  • I dislike the shape of the mirror (totally not using it at all) wish they can make it more use-able
Haha! that's it .. i almost like everything in this e/shadow except the mirror. Overall, i really reccomend this product for anyone who's beginner or pro, because it's a very good quality and affordable too. I will give 9 out of 10 for this Bena Eyeshadow. 

2) Sariayu Automatic Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)

Can not live w/o this. Since i knew make up, i feel like my eyebrow is a bit bald or less hairs. Yet, this year (or maybe the other year) bold and hairy brows is so IN. So, i always fill my brows with this product every single day, and i have to admit, brows will define total look in the face. Important.

The packaging - it's brand new (repurchased for the 3rd times)

Has double ended caps 

one side for the pencil

the other side for the brush

Swatch of brown shade

Filled in eyebrow with Sariayu Automatic Eyebrow Pencil (after 8hrs usage)

I used to have VIVA eyebrow pencil, but then i realized that the shade is too red for me, like i have red eyebrows, which looks kinda fake and i quite dislike that. Then i found this, the moment when the beauty advisor put this stuff on me, i feel like "wow, it looks so natural on me" you know? thicken your brows, fill it in, but not too heavy yet fake look.

And also it has double ended caps, which the brow brush and the pencil. Before i apply the pencil, i use the brush to comb my brows so it will be more shaped when i fill them. 

PLUS + :

  • Looks natural (available also in black grey-ish)
  • double ended caps - for brush and pencil 
  • easy to use - even for beginner 
  • No need to sharpen! Yay!
  • Staying power is impressive + pigmentation is great
  • support local brands!
  • A bit pricey for the brand in the same level  (like viva, pixy, or wardah) IDR 55,000 
  • The cap is easily broken - handle carefully

Btw, i already repurchased this for the 3rd times. This is one of my essential stuff i can't live w/out ;) so i am gonna give him 8.5 out of 10. Suitable for everyone, beginner or pro, who likes to have natural eyebrows and easy to use product!

3) Maybelline Lasting Drama - Gel Liner in Black

Super essential stuff! Eyeliner, imo, no matter what form is that, is one that makes our eyes more dramatical. Just like lipstick. Put it in and voila! your face looks different and defined. 

The packaging made of glass and metal cap

comes with eyeliner brush 

the product - sorry for the nasty looks - been with me for 4 months

the tip of the brush 

swatch! very pigmented black 

Before gel era, i only use pencil eyeliner, and i admit that it's a bit hurting my eyes and sometimes it smudge like crazy and make me having "panda eyes" also i dislike to sharpen it over and over again. Yet, everytime i do my line, with liquid eyeliner, it's so hard to be precissed, always out of the line, not a steady hand! :( So, i like this product very much! because :

  • No smudge (no flakes)
  • Waterproof (i prove it when i take "wudhu")
  • Easy to apply - even for beginner - can control the precission (thick or thin line)
  • Easy to make wing-eye or cat-eye look
  • Very pigmented 
  • Staying power is impressive! all day long last!
  • Affordable IDR 96,000
  • Heavy packaging
  • Easy to dry in the pot (tho i have trick to make it back to normal)
All in all, i really like this product! i am gonna give it 9.8 out of 10. Suitable for everyone who likes to create more drama in the eyes!

4) NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural

Every beauty blogger loves it (almost every blog has the review and it's a good review). I bought it in Natural shade, it's brownish pink and have some shimmer in it. So this is my very first NYX product that i bought and i can say... that .. i feel glad i bought it!

The packaging 

in Natural shade - sorry it's not new been with me for almost 5 months

Cute bow in the cap!

the applicator - just like every other gloss (Mostly)

The swatch - brownish pink 

worn on lips - bit of shimmery seen

taken in different lightings and side

me smiling cos happy using Megashine lipgloss!

Much love for this product! Because :

PLUS + :
  • The colour is so natural, effortless but has big impact on my lips
  • Moisturizing and when worn off not making my lips chapped or dry
  • the amount of shine is enough to create megashine effect
  • can be worn with or without lipstick
  • Very suitable for everyday look or when wearing smoky eyes
  • Not make my teeth look yellow-ish
  • Bought it online only for IDR 67,000! 
  • Every blogger said that the smell is bothering (like cherry in cough syrup) yes it is, but it's gone after applying :) kind of minus, a bit.
So this Megashine Natural Lipgloss got 9.8 out of 10! Imo, it's an essential kit for daily basis :) makes your look fresh and crisp! ;)

And .. that's all about my favorite everyday product. Hope you, whose reading this post, will find it useful ;) especially the one who's a fan of Indonesian products :) 

Actually this post already typed and edited in Saturday, but idk blogger is down and so many feature is unable to use, so here it is posted on Sunday afternoon :) I will be waiting for America's Next Top Model newest episode, hopefully Kristin will be sent home! Yay! And today also i already ordered Rimmel Foundation Primer and Covergirl Lashblast Mascara! can't wait to have them hereeeeeeee!

Feel free to post any comment or request what products to review (especially product from Martha Tilaar group) :) if i can, i will be happy doing it!

Have a nice Sunday night!

p.s : fyi, i bought these products with my own money and not having compensation for reviewing it. It's all pure my honest personal opinion.