Friday, May 21, 2010

they DISSAPOINT me and my will of HAPPINESS! so in the mood of writing rite now. you know why? because people, T.G.I.F! what else you could crave for more? there's nothing better in this world, than late wake-up sleep. :) aikey. next month am gonna have a big celebration. wait, next month is June, isn't it? YES. that will be the month of YAYness! :D emails, no messages, no nothing no. :( can anybody find me something to be done? well, actually i do have something to do. but .. i have to WAIT. for another person to finish the data and then send it to me. how patience is trained in this place. :0 then, i saw my boss came toward me, and i directly called his name. yes, he sat near me then, i hope very much he'd give me something to be accomplished. but .. we just talked for a while. and he left, because he had to attend FGD. :( so, no JOB yet. but waiting. :( btw, i went to J.Co yesterday, and the day before yesterday :) and actually i've been craving choco caviar mint from J.Co since like a month. so, then i decided dropping by. and what i heard then, was totally annoying and way too unacceptable :( J.CO wont PRODUCED ANY OF CAVIAR MINT DOUGHNUTS ANYMORE since 1 MONTH BACKTHEN !!! what ???? is it acceptable,people? is it normal ?? IS IT OKAY? Do i Have to say GOOD BYE to this oh-so-delicious escape ?? do WE have to say goodbye to that ? it's unbelieveably unbelievable! i CANT! i CANT! it's the most thing that i LIKE among others stuff in J.Co! :(( and how come that i know the news very late? it's been a month since they stopped producing. how? and when i asked the staff, abt the missing caviar mint, they said, it's because they're running out of ingredients. produce,people! produce, produce! you know PRODUCE IT! i've been burst into sadness, when i knew this news. :(( i know, that this is too much. but, dont we all have rights to choose the thing what we like to stay? oh im so emotional. until later.

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