Monday, May 3, 2010

.. acciddentally

3 factors that kill today : *my boss was absent *i got nothing to do *the AC is terribly freezing .. but thats not gonna kill me, yet. no no no, the idleness isnt strong enough to kill me. Because a very good idea went thru my head like zip zap!! well. its not really a brilliant idea, but its expanding my point of view, suddenly i had idea to browse to It's my company's website, but globally. And .. i found things like .. PRESS RELEASE, FACTS SHEETS, and PUBLIC RELATIONS CONTACTS, which make me kinda sensitive. :s i feel like i missed it. :( sounds weird, how could you miss pressrelease and the kits? i dont know. And, next thing i know was, i read it a lot, and copied them into couple of files, and saved them, in case i want to read it back to back again :p and it helps me, adding material for my daydreaming, wish i was transferred to global scjohnson, (the name is Racine, fyi). well, not so bad,eh? :p btw, i found this logo in their web, and im like fall in love right away with it : this afternoon was so random. :)

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