Sunday, April 28, 2013

Essential Everyday Stuff

Hi and Hello!

Lazy saturday started with doing chores, and watching re-runs (recorded). I recently in love with Miss Advised TV series, you know, the three single experts who's on their way to search for Mr.Right. My favorite Miss Advised is Julia, the dating columnist. Feeling like i have lots of things in common with her, which is impulsive, aggresive and unpatient. And also, New Girl season 2, has been my eye candy, since Nick and Jess is (secretly) in love or has feelings for each others. I dont think that TV series is attractive enough until someone's inside is fall in love. Cheesy, i know. But, pretty much enjoying it. 

Owkai! Now move on to the point which is my favorite stuff that i wore (almost) everyday. What stuff? off course, make up. What else? I have four items which is being my favorite and two of them are local brand from the company where i work, they are eyeshadow, gel eyeliner, eyebrow, and lipgloss. So, here they are :

1) Sariayu Eyeshadow Colour Trend 2012 - Bena

When i was pretty blind about anything in make up, i always see brown, nude, or skin tone eyeshadow, is what the heck or not interesting. I mean, like it's brown, it's plain, and well what can they do to make our eyes looks pop and smizing? But now, i know. Basic colour is just the best. Nude or skin tone colour has lots of range to offer. And that's how i met Bena, my favorite eye shadow trio from the local brand, Sariayu Martha Tilaar. She's so pretty. Let me show you :

Sorry for the nasty pack - been with me for 7months
See? the plastic cover gone - so does the brush! dislike the mirror shape

beautiful trio! l-r >> peach gold brown (all shimmery)

the swatch - as order in the pan (peach, gold, brown)

using gold and brown shade in outer corner of the eye
I am only using the brown and gold shade. The peach one, is rarely used. This is a trio of natural shimmery e/shadow. So, let's just come with the plus & minus.

PLUS + :

  • Very pigmented and staying power is awesomeeeee ( i wear it in daily basis for almost 8-9 hrs, and it perfectly stays there and do nothing)
  • Affordable :) IDR 40,000 something (forgot)
  • Beautiful natural colours, perfect for everyday look :)
  • Easy to get - in local stores, supermarket even drugstores
  • Support local brand! :)
  • imo, no fall out!
  • I dislike the shape of the mirror (totally not using it at all) wish they can make it more use-able
Haha! that's it .. i almost like everything in this e/shadow except the mirror. Overall, i really reccomend this product for anyone who's beginner or pro, because it's a very good quality and affordable too. I will give 9 out of 10 for this Bena Eyeshadow. 

2) Sariayu Automatic Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)

Can not live w/o this. Since i knew make up, i feel like my eyebrow is a bit bald or less hairs. Yet, this year (or maybe the other year) bold and hairy brows is so IN. So, i always fill my brows with this product every single day, and i have to admit, brows will define total look in the face. Important.

The packaging - it's brand new (repurchased for the 3rd times)

Has double ended caps 

one side for the pencil

the other side for the brush

Swatch of brown shade

Filled in eyebrow with Sariayu Automatic Eyebrow Pencil (after 8hrs usage)

I used to have VIVA eyebrow pencil, but then i realized that the shade is too red for me, like i have red eyebrows, which looks kinda fake and i quite dislike that. Then i found this, the moment when the beauty advisor put this stuff on me, i feel like "wow, it looks so natural on me" you know? thicken your brows, fill it in, but not too heavy yet fake look.

And also it has double ended caps, which the brow brush and the pencil. Before i apply the pencil, i use the brush to comb my brows so it will be more shaped when i fill them. 

PLUS + :

  • Looks natural (available also in black grey-ish)
  • double ended caps - for brush and pencil 
  • easy to use - even for beginner 
  • No need to sharpen! Yay!
  • Staying power is impressive + pigmentation is great
  • support local brands!
  • A bit pricey for the brand in the same level  (like viva, pixy, or wardah) IDR 55,000 
  • The cap is easily broken - handle carefully

Btw, i already repurchased this for the 3rd times. This is one of my essential stuff i can't live w/out ;) so i am gonna give him 8.5 out of 10. Suitable for everyone, beginner or pro, who likes to have natural eyebrows and easy to use product!

3) Maybelline Lasting Drama - Gel Liner in Black

Super essential stuff! Eyeliner, imo, no matter what form is that, is one that makes our eyes more dramatical. Just like lipstick. Put it in and voila! your face looks different and defined. 

The packaging made of glass and metal cap

comes with eyeliner brush 

the product - sorry for the nasty looks - been with me for 4 months

the tip of the brush 

swatch! very pigmented black 

Before gel era, i only use pencil eyeliner, and i admit that it's a bit hurting my eyes and sometimes it smudge like crazy and make me having "panda eyes" also i dislike to sharpen it over and over again. Yet, everytime i do my line, with liquid eyeliner, it's so hard to be precissed, always out of the line, not a steady hand! :( So, i like this product very much! because :

  • No smudge (no flakes)
  • Waterproof (i prove it when i take "wudhu")
  • Easy to apply - even for beginner - can control the precission (thick or thin line)
  • Easy to make wing-eye or cat-eye look
  • Very pigmented 
  • Staying power is impressive! all day long last!
  • Affordable IDR 96,000
  • Heavy packaging
  • Easy to dry in the pot (tho i have trick to make it back to normal)
All in all, i really like this product! i am gonna give it 9.8 out of 10. Suitable for everyone who likes to create more drama in the eyes!

4) NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural

Every beauty blogger loves it (almost every blog has the review and it's a good review). I bought it in Natural shade, it's brownish pink and have some shimmer in it. So this is my very first NYX product that i bought and i can say... that .. i feel glad i bought it!

The packaging 

in Natural shade - sorry it's not new been with me for almost 5 months

Cute bow in the cap!

the applicator - just like every other gloss (Mostly)

The swatch - brownish pink 

worn on lips - bit of shimmery seen

taken in different lightings and side

me smiling cos happy using Megashine lipgloss!

Much love for this product! Because :

PLUS + :
  • The colour is so natural, effortless but has big impact on my lips
  • Moisturizing and when worn off not making my lips chapped or dry
  • the amount of shine is enough to create megashine effect
  • can be worn with or without lipstick
  • Very suitable for everyday look or when wearing smoky eyes
  • Not make my teeth look yellow-ish
  • Bought it online only for IDR 67,000! 
  • Every blogger said that the smell is bothering (like cherry in cough syrup) yes it is, but it's gone after applying :) kind of minus, a bit.
So this Megashine Natural Lipgloss got 9.8 out of 10! Imo, it's an essential kit for daily basis :) makes your look fresh and crisp! ;)

And .. that's all about my favorite everyday product. Hope you, whose reading this post, will find it useful ;) especially the one who's a fan of Indonesian products :) 

Actually this post already typed and edited in Saturday, but idk blogger is down and so many feature is unable to use, so here it is posted on Sunday afternoon :) I will be waiting for America's Next Top Model newest episode, hopefully Kristin will be sent home! Yay! And today also i already ordered Rimmel Foundation Primer and Covergirl Lashblast Mascara! can't wait to have them hereeeeeeee!

Feel free to post any comment or request what products to review (especially product from Martha Tilaar group) :) if i can, i will be happy doing it!

Have a nice Sunday night!

p.s : fyi, i bought these products with my own money and not having compensation for reviewing it. It's all pure my honest personal opinion. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Styling You - The Australian Blogger (good reads!)


Just watched recorded ANTM updated episode, and i am GLAD that Leila is the one who make a "comeback"! I hate Kristin she's pretty much a mean girl and total bully-er (well, she has the experience of bullying others and i guess it stays!) i wish she will get out really soon. Pretty face with shit attitude is JUST NO.

So, what's up today .. i just want to share an article about random beauty tips and trick that's taken from website i stumbled upon while had lunch today. Her name is Nikki and she's from Australia, please check out her blog on the link. And i really enjoy one post from her as seen below .. Enjoy!

10 tips and tricks for an efficient beauty routine

1. You don’t have to buy all beauty or makeup products from the one brandbut buying them from the one place makes it more convenient to create a total makeup look or skincare regime.
2. Never underestimate the power of a lipstick for creating an instant pick-me-up. Consider creating a lipstick “wardrobe” with at least five shades that give you a pop of colour that is mood shifting.
3. A high price tag does not necessarily equal a better makeup or skincare product. Collectively the more affordable brands spend big every year on research and development of products. The upshot? We can enjoy the benefits without the huge price tag.
4. A great makeup look starts with a great blank canvas. Having a consistent, easy-to-stick-to skincare regime is a must. Create the habit and buy products that easily fit within your budget so you can keep up the habit.
5. Do a stocktake of what’s in your makeup kit every six months. Just like food products, once opened makeup products have a limited shelf life. Pay particular attention to products such as mascara and eye liner (and replace more often) so as to avoid possible infection.
6. Avoid the makeup look rut. Do you wear the same eye colours and lipstick, day in, day out? Experimenting with different colour palettes (even if just slightly different) can freshen your entire look and give you a lift.
7. As your skin changes so should your choice of foundation. Foundations have come a long way and can contain all manner of skin “helpers”, creating a flawless canvas without feeling like you’ve plastered a “face” on.
8. A day-to-day makeup routine does not have to be complicated. It can be as much as you want (or have time for). It can also be streamlined to include key products that work for you. For example, a foundation, cheek colour, eye colour, mascara and lip colour or gloss form a basic makeup kit. What you add from there is up to you.
9. If pressed for time, create two kits, which contain your day-to-day basics.Keep one kit in your bathroom, the other in your handbag. You can finish off your makeup look on the way to work or as soon as you get there. Buying affordable products from the start makes this possible without busting the budget.
10. Do practise special occasion looks so that when you are going out your makeup look differs from what you wear every day. Master the smokey eye or a classic red lip. Youtube tutorials are great for this, as is makeup counter advice.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

REVIEW : Elf Essential Lipstick Classy and Elf Brushes

Hello everyone!

It's a speed-up week for me, caused by the workload! :) 
Been wet by rain twice a week, not a good one, but thank God i am still healthy til today. So, this blog post will be reviewing about some of new items that came 2 weeks ago, that i bought from my local online store. Those are brushes and lipstick and they are all from E.L.F (on sale 30% all items),  so here we go :

1. E.L.F Essential Lipstick in Classy shade

I have heard the massive review about these line, and most of the beauty blogger reviewing it in like so many shades because it's so f-kin cheap, like $ 1 (not happening here in Indonesia) but before i bought it, i did lots of swatch's review to know what the color look like actually, and after a eeniemeeneemineemooo, i decided to buy the Classy shade because i think it looks really pretty pink (with a hint of liiiitleeeee purple inside). Let's see the packaging and also the swatch on my hand and pic on my lips :

ELF Essential Lipstick in Classy - sorry for the chipped tip *mybad

The packaging looks cheap but yeah nice

Swatch on my hand - two times applying

on my lips - pretty much the same with the swatch

Okay, so you have seen the pics, i am going to review this product :

PLUS + (always comes with the plus first) :

  • Cheap
  • Nice colour payoff for IDR Rp 30,000 
  • Staying power is impressive for 6 hours (with drinking/eating) or more (not drink/eat)
  • The texture is creamy and moisturizing enough but for me it's still feel dry 
  • Easily chipped or broken - handle with care esp when twist and open the cap
  • A bit too pink purple-ish for my skin tone - making my teeth looking a bit yellow-ish
  • Not sold in Indonesia - have to order from online web :(((((

Overall i am gonna give this product 7.5 out of 10 which means average :)

2. E.L.F Eye shadow brush (white)

Since am just a beginner in make up, so i decided that i want to bring my skill higher, but not too far with the tools (you know how much is Sigma brush price killin me-owch). And after reading the review (Always read reviews whenever you are gonna buy online products) i believe that ELF is the answer for my beginner like moi. So this is the elf eye shadow brush :

the packaging 

Soft and quite dense bristles
Overall, after using it for 2 weeks, i decided that :

PLUS + :

  • Very very soft and good quality bristles for IDR 30,000 (cheap!)
  • Pick the product "a little goes along the way"
  • nice handle - love it!
  • The result of using this brush is actually very good (not compared to anything since i dont  have any yet) well, better than my Body Shop brushes actually but it's a travel size so it's not really fair comparison.
  • Shed a little :(
  • Not sold in Indonesia - have to order from online web :(((((
I am going to give it 8 out of 10 :) perfect for beginner who just learning make up but want to improve skill!

3. E.L.F Defining Eye Brush (White)

For the corner of my eyes, making dark shadows or under brow bone or crease, actually you can use this angled brush. Work quite well, and soft too. 
first opened and i can see the it's shed!

the packaging
so here comes my review for using after 2 weeks :

PLUS + :

  • Soft bristles for IDR 30,000 (cheap!)
  • good handle - something i say ergonomic following your hand contour
  • great in picking colours for my outer corner of my eyes and crease
  • Still, shed! but this one is even worse, because when i just opened it from the packaging it's already shed like 1 -3 pcs - and so does after using :(
  • Not sold in Indonesia - have to order from online web :(((((
The score is 7 out of 10. Sorry can't help the shed thingy. It's still good for beginner who wants to practice make up yet  want to improve skills!

Actually i still have 1 brush left from ELF also, which is eyeliner brush, but haven't used it, so cant review yet. And also yesterday i have just received my Sigma f80 - the flat kabuki brush for foundation and yeah it's as it's reviewed in online blog and Youtube. Totally not dissapointing. I guess no need to review haha! 11 out of 10! so hillarious :)))

Last but not least, i will see you in another review or just a blog post and here's (me kind enough posting FOTD) i used ELF Classy lipstick in this pic and the eyeshadow is Denting Kecapi from Sariayu Trend Warna  2011 (plum and purple) - looks a bit brownish here but it's actually purple and plum. 

Hopefully the review is helpful enough for you and wish you have a nice lazy weekend like me! :)

sorry for the greasy shiny look - taken after work at 6.30 PM

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Point of view and Updates


Sunshine starts to come out this week. Very hot, humid even at night. I worked at Industrial Estate, and unfortunately the road is under construction and it's almost 2 months not finished yet. The road is getting trafficky than before. And since it's industrial estate, so vehicles like bus, truck, or container easily being side by side with me whose riding in Ojek :( sad to know. And everytime i went with Ojek (especially at noon and morning) i always feel like "OMG, so not safe being here" but that's the reality i got to cope with. 

So, am not gonna write long post today, just want to share a thought about common issue in relationship (it's been buggin in my head like weeks, i think i gotta write it down) It's cheating. You know? there's so many ways of cheating in relationship depends on how you see it. I won't write down the examples as it's gonna be long. I just want to share the thoughts of mine. For me cheating is something that is awful in relationship also a fatality. You can break the relationship, your partner's feeling or even the relationship with the whole friends and family. Worse. But, cheating in my head is actually comes up with 2 motives :

  1. Own willingness (self - disloyalty) 
For example, you have a partner, and your relationship is so peaceful and calm and nothing's wrong. But, you are bored with your relationship since it's too peaceful and sucks w/ the routines. So, you find a way to cheer it up and riding roallercoaster outside it. And what actually people search from cheating is they do like the roallercoaster feeling, the temptation, the new-ness, the something unusual. Cheating is all in one package. You let yourself go with it, for the sake of getting the hype and vibe into your life (or your relationship) but in fact, there's nothing wrong, it's just you who assuming cheating is the way to create better feeling (or life)

   2.  X-factor

Feeling neglected, LDR, been betrayed, disbelief, uncertain relationship, it's some of the example. So you feel that all the problems in relationship is actually hit you and the partner. You are neglected by your partner, and you try to seek some fun and attention from other guys...Like when you already work in the company, and u aint feeling satisfied and you tend to move into another company. In ur mind there's nothing perfect on what you have now. You considered cheating is like new job hunting. Always find something new to solve the problems. In fact, you can never find it by cheating. Or when you have LDR, and you feel like needy and craving for real affection, you simply use other person to fulfill the desire. So wrong.

well, my conclusion is .. cheating is not a way out. No matter how hard the relationship is or your problems are. If you are feeling bored with your relationship, change it, cheers it up. Do something to light up the love again. Sure long term relationship must have boredom in it, but there will always be so many ways to conquer it all. Or you are doing LDR, stick with it! Dont let yourself being fooled by mind trick. If you have uncertain relationship, take control, make it straight with "mau dibawa kemana?" or even if you have been betrayed before, don't do revenge on something that is not worth the price. You can't cheat because you have problems. You have problems because you cheat. Problems are to be solved, and cheating is NOT A SOLUTION.

And, if  you fell in love and decided to continue cheating seriously, you better stop right now, and tell your partner in the face! and break the relationship. Better to tell the truth than hide it. Just be it.

Okay, so stop rambling around, and that's all purely self thought, nothing related with psychology knowledge or else. Sorry if there's any misinterpretation or anything random. 

Now move to my real life, that i am so happy because my trio ELF brush is already here :* and also the Essential Lipstick in Classy. Will post the review later. And also the prep to D day is i can say almost 50% going 60%. I just want to thank Allah SWT for bringing me this far :)

So, i will see you in another post :)