Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Updating my Blog :)


Just updating my life :) 
It has been weeks and days since the last time i updated my blog. Now, my pregnancy has enterted 6 months or 24 weeks. Alhamdulillah. It's a blessing really, being a pregnant lady. 
Knowing that you're not alone  in every single thing that you do. The sickness and nausea has gone. Alhamdulillah. My appetite for eating is like really, for two. Great. My family & husband being great, supporting in every single thing that i do. Last month, when i did my regular obgyn visit, the doctor said that my baby is a girl. Hopefully :) so i can play dress up with her :) Insha Allah. 

We've just finished Ramadhan month. My first time Ramadhan in pregnant condition and have a husband. So it's kind of different, but i like it. The other thing which different is my grandma, Uti, is no longer here. She left us 9 months ago, Insha Allah in a better place. It does made me sad, and really this Idul Fitri is very different, since i have passed 25 years of my former Idul Fitri, where we always gather as full team family member.

I have new look right now, Insha Allah it will bring me to become a better person. Everyday is a new journey and lesson. 



  1. akhirnyaaaa update lagiiiii

  2. akhirnyaaa update lagiiii