Monday, December 21, 2015

Diomongin orang

Nih ya!

Bukannya gw sok suci.
Gak lah. Ngomongin orang itu part of my life style.
Salt and pepper to my plain day.
Jujur, ada kenikmatan tersendiri ketika kita ngomongin atau gosipin orang.

Well, biasanya sih, kalau kita gosipin orang, itu ada alesannya.
Kalau gw, biasanya kalau gw gak suka, merasa dipush, pernah dihina (sama orang itu), atau orang itu emang pernah ngomongin gw duluan.

Disini terminologi gosipin gw adalah negatif ya, bukan ngomongin orang yang positif atau soal prestasinya gitu - ha ha ha - kayaknya itu jarang deh.

Nah, tapi gimana, kalau temen deket? temen main? temen baik?
Pernah gak gw ngomongin mereka?
Sejujurnya nih, gw gak pernah ngomongin my own inner circle.
Karena menurut gw "seriusan lo ngomongin temen deket lo sendiri?"
Biasanya sih gw lebih prefer datengin langsung orangnya - misalkan nih ; dia itu suka teledor, dan orang-orang di sekitarnya merasa terganggu dengan sifat dia. Gw akan dateng ke dia dan bilangin "mungkin lo harus lebih ini - biar ini - dan bla bla bla" gitu sih. Gw ga pernah ngomongin dia yang jelek-jelek di belakang. Menurut gw, ngapain juga gw begitu? Kan prinsip utamanya adalah gw temennya dia - kalo emang dia salah, ya gw bantu benerin.

Entah kenapa, gw gak paham dengan orang yang ngomongin inner circle nya sendiri.
Misal, lo temenan berlima, terus di antara berlima itu lo ngomongin temen lo si A,B,C. Aneh banget gak sih? FAKE gitu kalo kata gw mah.
Mending gak usah temenan sekalian - kalo masih nusuk dari belakang. Karena ada yang bilang "true friend stab you in the front" menurut gw itu bener banget. Karena tujuannya bikin lebih baik, bukannya enjoy karena ngomongin temen sendiri.

Dan .. menurut gw jujur sama temen lo atas ketidaknyamanan atau ketidaksukaan lo sama mereka, adalah bentuk kedewasaan.
Karena apa? karena at the very least, lo jujur. Gak ngomongin dia di belakang.
Apalagi, kalo sampe omongan kita diputer balik. Wah! kacau deh. Berarti emang dia niat aja pengen ngomongin kita.
Kayaknya gw kalo nemu orang kayak gitu, gw gak bakal bisa temenan sama dia deh. Soalnya gw susah pura-pura baik sama orang kalau udah gak suka. Egois ya? daripada Fake. Ya gak? :)

Karena sebenernya jadi diri sendiri itu susah. Sebuah tantangan. Gak semua orang nerima. Bahkan kadang kelakuan yang  menurut kita biasa aja, suka jadi bahan omongan buat mereka. Well, you're nobody until you're talked about.

Just remember, true friend stab you in the front. Kalau mereka gak kasih tau kesalahan kita & dan malah ngejelek-jelekkin di belakang, anggep aja, Tuhan lagi kasih tau kalo dia bukan temen yang baik.
Ini cuma personal opini aja - don't take it seriously! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

90's kid!

I have somewhat feeling, whenever i listen to "Missing You Now" by Michael Bolton. Especially about the saxofone thingy - played by Kenny G. I feel like flowing back to 90's when i was a kid, and coming with my mom to Golden Truly, Sarinah, or even following my father visited painting exhibition. And, i love that feeling.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Windy Friday

So it supposed to be my half day friday, but instead i stayed at office and have a full day. Okay. Thanks for the applause :)

Then, to accompany the silence since everyone already left, i watched you tube video and i accidentally heard one of the background song is Banks - Waiting Game (remix) and i curiously google that thing. And, wow that music is good, and very perfect for this chill & windy afternoon.
If i analogically went ahead describing the music is like, great coffee, not too sweet but milky in some way. And, i think it's better if we listen to this song while having a cup of coffee, cigs, and a good friend to be with having pointless conversation. Blissful, isn't it ?

I want to share some make up post, but i'm too lazy to take photos of it.

Have a nice weekend, everyone :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Everytime i see someone with unclear intention, all i wanna say is "What do you mean?"

And speaking of #WDYM? is i've just recently heard about Justin Bieber song (since AMA is aired in Indonesia) and i'm curious about it. And .. it turns out to be that song is so girly. I mean, women, girls, is the same. Twisted & sometimes inconsistent. Let me get the picture by quoting the lyric :

Don't know if you're happy, or complaining
Wanna argue all day, making love all night.
You’re overprotective when I’m leaving
Trying to compromise but I can’t win
You wanna make a point but you keep preaching

I dont know. In my opinion, is woman wanted to be understood, but we just wanna make a sign, so man can understand. Not an actual clear statement or words. Funny? Yes, probably. And if the sign is being mistaken for something else, or worse, not even understood, they will go through a very bad storm :) So, this song is for you guys out there!

I link the video if you wanna watch (tho, i think too much conversation in there)