Monday, May 31, 2010

force major

im STUCKED. in the complication of language. and diversity. i dont know what i'm doing right now. all i want to do is roll over back and forth in my bed with the blanket all over me. but i cant. because i'm an ADULT that has to be responsible for the things that she did. sometimes, i hate being an ADULT and all the things that come within. :( its an unstoppable nature force.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

my superb idol

I love him.his music. and all of the things that come within. pictures taken from omg! images. courtesy of Rolling Stone. Not because he's half naked and had a delicious body in this pics (which he did), but also because his personal life (and also lovelife) that poured into his songs, i fell in love with him. i started to adore him when Continuum released, and until Battle Studies out, i still feel the same. 3 words : adorable, sexy and mysterious. i really want to see his show here, in Jakarta. But i also heard from, that he wont play in Jakarta. Should i be sad? or maybe screaming for attention? John Clayton Mayer, you are half of my life.

Friday, May 21, 2010

they DISSAPOINT me and my will of HAPPINESS! so in the mood of writing rite now. you know why? because people, T.G.I.F! what else you could crave for more? there's nothing better in this world, than late wake-up sleep. :) aikey. next month am gonna have a big celebration. wait, next month is June, isn't it? YES. that will be the month of YAYness! :D emails, no messages, no nothing no. :( can anybody find me something to be done? well, actually i do have something to do. but .. i have to WAIT. for another person to finish the data and then send it to me. how patience is trained in this place. :0 then, i saw my boss came toward me, and i directly called his name. yes, he sat near me then, i hope very much he'd give me something to be accomplished. but .. we just talked for a while. and he left, because he had to attend FGD. :( so, no JOB yet. but waiting. :( btw, i went to J.Co yesterday, and the day before yesterday :) and actually i've been craving choco caviar mint from J.Co since like a month. so, then i decided dropping by. and what i heard then, was totally annoying and way too unacceptable :( J.CO wont PRODUCED ANY OF CAVIAR MINT DOUGHNUTS ANYMORE since 1 MONTH BACKTHEN !!! what ???? is it acceptable,people? is it normal ?? IS IT OKAY? Do i Have to say GOOD BYE to this oh-so-delicious escape ?? do WE have to say goodbye to that ? it's unbelieveably unbelievable! i CANT! i CANT! it's the most thing that i LIKE among others stuff in J.Co! :(( and how come that i know the news very late? it's been a month since they stopped producing. how? and when i asked the staff, abt the missing caviar mint, they said, it's because they're running out of ingredients. produce,people! produce, produce! you know PRODUCE IT! i've been burst into sadness, when i knew this news. :(( i know, that this is too much. but, dont we all have rights to choose the thing what we like to stay? oh im so emotional. until later.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

..not good enough

..this day has been a surprising day. because early in the morning my boss, gave me a task to accomplished. (none like usual day) i thought the task was difficult, and i did try hard to understand the concept. but then when i did that, i knew, it was so damn easy. i just had to crosscheck between two datas that contain numbers. i just cant understand, why people sometimes tend to talk in such a difficult "language" that hard to be understood. :( well, that has been a NOTE for me, since the first time i worked. and you know? the feeling that left, or maybe a question that left, after i did that (and all the former tasks that been gave to me) is : AM I GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS JOB? i mean, do they really need me ? it feels like every command (well, not "every", but most of them) it seems that hard for me to be understood. and i also feel that they dont need me, indeed. :( well, i know im an internship kiddo, they wont give me any important tasks, (which most of them are confidential), or even any decissive duty. But still, the "needed" feeling is lack for me. And at the end, all the question above remains. am i needed ? am i good enough? am i suitable for this? but at least i can be busier than yesterday. :) until later. Thursday seems a busy day here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


time passed slowlier than yesterday. for the unknown reason. anw, the yesterday post said that im gonna post about the place that i really loved to visit in my life-after-lunch time. that's not so wide space, but warm and cozy :) After lunch, i used to be so much sleepy, and im afraid i will fell asleept in my desk, so i came here every day. that is my favorite space since 1 and half months ago :p OK. i actually wanted to share abt a personal stuffs that errrr .. not so personal tho. i cant named this thing, because as the title of the blog is random, this is a random thoughts. Believe you me, it's so random. here's the early brief. Have you ever unlike or even hate something so much, but in the future life those become your favorite, or your had-to-do-list, your paid job, or even your career and i-cant-live-without-it thing ? in my case, YES it happens. and it's not only once. it happens twice, and three times, and four times, and so on. not that much, well, let me count then. it happened for like 5 times. :) quite lots. 2005 was years of emo, i guess. since there are lots of men and boys dress the way emo does. Do you remember guys from My Chemical Romance band? if yes, you must have remember their hair and the style. If im not mistaken, they're style is more or less emo style, the same as their music. and i do DISLIKE it. i often made fun and joking abt it with my friend. You know what i dislike about it ? first its the hairstyle, spesifically the bang on their hair. then, their skinny tshirt and jeans. I mean how come men could wear something skinny and has bangs? the point is, me unlikey emo and the style also. sorry. no offense, people :) then, at 2006, i met a man. in a bus that i took daily to go to campus. it's just a zipzap meeting. we gave no phone number. the reason why? he had emo hair. complete with the bang and the skinny jeans and shirt. he's cute, but the hair and his style is so NONONO to me. So, he's no for me. 1 year after, we met again in the same bus. He transformed from an emo-hairstyle to oh-so-irresistible guy, with the new superb hairstyle, that i have to say Hi at that time. The guy with the EMO hairstyle and superskinny stuff, now became my funnyMAN. :) see? how the unlikey can become your cant-live-without-it thing. and the rest was, im just gonna share it shortly, afraid ur gonna be bored by this topic. these are those : * i hate microsoft excel. it's a boring program. and now, i deal with it every single day of my work life. * me no close enough or even love kids. but then, i had A YEAR spent teaching in preschool, and dealing with kids every single day. and .. me myself cant believe that .. I LOVE THAT JOB and also the KIDS. * i had problem when i did my final task for graduation thru college degree. before that, i promised myself never gonna use quantitative method for my final task, because i simply hate it and yet it contains numbers and countings. :( 1 year after, I USED THAT METHOD. for GOD SAKE. and i COUNT all the things that i HATE, all by myself. *sigh Gosh,how life can simply turnover and flap our life. so from now on, i remind myself to beware of what i hate and dislike. Just in case, im turning into someone who HAS to do it or even loves it very much. well, that was it. :) dont bother yerself to read it, if ur bored enough with this kinda stuff.'s random, i know. until later. #anw, my friend, Sasmita, absent for examination today. let's wish her lots of bestluck, shall we? :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

mid-day notes

office today is cold and quiet. everyone, well not so everyone, out for friendly meeting to catch up with the new boss. like i've already told you about. see older posts. and .. the less the people, the colder the office than it supposed to be :s my fingers are hurt, because they are frozen. okay. im back from my life-after-lunch routinity,its what i called toiletnap. why? because i took my superfast nap in the toilet. yes i sit on it. :) ill capture the photos later abt my toiletnap space. :p btw, i took some pictures from my lunch space. i used to be here at lunch with my workmates, enjoying lunch and mid-day sunshine that shines through the big glass window .. and this is what i had for lunch, quite complete fried rice made in my lovely MOM .. and this is what Sasmita, my friend, had for lunch .. not as much as i eat :p anw, i wanted to show you my favorite little space in my temporary office desk,. its just so random, but i just love it :) .. and to remind me always from the loved one, whom lived quite 170km away from here, lately i always wear this .. its wooden beads bracelet. its so dull and old, but i love it. he bought it in his trip to Yogyakarta 2 years ago :) ILU, funnyMAN. aikey, lets figure out what i can do to make me look busy. :) until later.


..hell-o! :) sleepy mood smuthering the first day on this week. since the last 3 days, i didnt sleep really well. oh NO! i forgot to capture the pic the room that i stayed in Bandung. so cant tell you clearly, how creepy was the room looks like :( oh, i've been so concentrateless lately. and i dont like this. it seems that i skip every single part which is quite important. :( anw, the 3 days event that held in Bandung was GR8! :D the selling was GOOD. the crowd was HIP. and the show went WELL. :) i did Thank God for that. i'll post some pictures .. this is the branding space. it's the crowd in the 1st day! im happy for that. and i love the look on the ppl's face when they're curious about our product :) :) overall, the working trip was NICE. and the most important thing, is i build relation. oh, and the zip zap trip that i took on Wed, was crazy. because we arrived at Bandung like .. 5 in the afternoon, and went back to Jakarta at 10 PM. that was the SUPERB ZIP ZAP FASTY trip :) and dont forget .. i absorbed a LOT of THINGS. as my working material :) so .. i have nothing to share yet. because it's monday and suddenly .. my besty YM-ed me, and typed the capital letters into the box and its also suddenly remind me of something .. which was .. I FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY. completely foolish. and concentrateless. see? omg. can i be any foolish and concentrateless than this ? :( i really need a memory booster. for sure. okay.until later. *sigh*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


..i like holiday in between alias hari kejepit nasional. i love the way it makes the week goes shorter :p its how the workday cheats on the weekend. yeaaayy! :) now, after lunch me and the 'officers' heading to Bandung, for a REAL SUPER GLANCE IN A ZIP ZAP trip. :0 for technical meeting, because there'll be event held in bandung this weekend on Friday. it's only like pulang-pergi trip, so i guess it's going to be tiring :p but, hey tiring because of trip, is better than tiring because ur idle. OMG idle is sooo meee right now. okay, this lunch, one of the big boss, held a farewell party at Paregu because she's goin to resign and go somewhere i dont know. But sorry to say i cant come because of this supertrip technical meeting. well, its okay but i really want to capture the picts in the venue, because it must be really great :) but .. sorry. so, here i am waiting for the other 'officers' give me sign to get rid of this loneliness and come with them. im kinda excited because it's the first time i had a serious trip with the marketing team :) im gonna post after the supertrip, maybe couples of good photos :p i dont know. until later.:)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

..thought that remains

after half day passed (not so for granted), i sense that ; this day is weird ;0 the reason is unclear. But it's just weird in another kind of form that i just cant explain. i miss my former life. :( .. every part of it. i dont want to nag. no, not at all. but there's some part of my mind misses about the life that i've been throughed before. life goes on. but sometimes, memories remain. ... and i hope i can rewind a bit of it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

the after weekend effect

... one thing for sure, my boss is absent! :( and this is weekend hangover. i didnt drunk, but its just the after weekend effect :( its like laziness that wont go, then the sleepiness ahead (torturing my eyes), and the miss-u-so-much-still feeling, that wont heal. :( ohyes, im gonna post something abt the surprised weekend that i made for my funny man, but it just didnt work, because he just cant stay calm, and always asked me lots of question which leads to the surprises :( so he suddenly like, found it out, and asked me straight. Right then and there, i know, i am not a good surprise maker and he's not a good surprise receiver :( 3 days in bandung seems so short or i can say, it's like a super-glance holiday. well, i know, time flies when you're having fun, and in my case, its so right and true :) i arrived at more or less 9.30-ish on May 7, and as the surprise failed, my funnyMAN went pick me up, and as we rode the motorcycle, he took something from his bag and he gave me this .. this is so sweet! :) i love this. then, the day after the arrival, i cant hide my presence in bandung, so my friends, like figured it out and soon after that texted me,and asked me to meet. yes off course, i cant refuse (it's simply irresistible! LOL ),so i said yes. its in the afternoon, goes evening, and we met at a place called Sushi-den. It's located at (sort of) Dago :) the place is nice and the food is good and affordable :) what else you could crave for more? it was raining,not hard but quite annoying, made the atmosphere even colder yet mellow ;p then .. after the gossiping and sipping up lots of laughter and sarcasm cynically phrase, we decided heading somewhere else. So me and funnyMAN, went together for a ride with my friend and her couple to BIP, located at Dago,still. But in the mid of the ride, the tire is collapse and deflated :( my friend was so panic, because it was quite worse. but thankfully, we found this oh-so-lovely-and-helpful-place-thank-God-we-found-this, so we ended up for a while there :p and while we're waiting for the tire to be fixed, i captured these .. and also this one .. and a picture that almost purrrr-fecccttt because its simply mentioned where we are, but someone from somewhere stood up, get captured, totally showing natural force within the situation.:p .. and the last silly picture, captured by my funnyMAN, where i played tukang tambal ban lagi isi angin :) .. after that headed to BIP, for a ketawaketiwi ngehehehe for half hour and i headed home :) happiness that left still until this monday morning :) so, the day after that was a waving good-bye day. And what makes me sad, is i left you, my funnyMAN. for a hope chasing here, in Jakarta. so i think to myself, this is how long distance works. where time plays evil and limit is something that you have to deal with. ..but soon, i dont know when, im gonna see your funny fake smile again :) endlessly missing you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

out for weekend :)

..everyone is out for meeting and socialization of the new "i-dont-know-the-position" kinda chairman, the name is mr.Frank .:p me and my friend, Sasmita, also with other interns' feel so relieved. why? because besides it so SEPI here also we can browse everysites that we want :) isnt it a bless? :)) the cubicles were so empty, and silent. i love this time. so i can post something to my blog freely :) it's a little thing that means a lot. btw, i had a short-short story abt mr,Frank. i think he's a very pleasant man.because every single morning, he walks around the cubicle in every department, (on 16th and 17th floor) and he always greets us with "good morning" and the most important thing, he did it sincerely because he wants us to reply and he looks us in the face when saying it. plus, he's so smiley. :) and.. he even asked me my name,yaaayyyy! :D well, now i already had permission from my boss to go home earlier, because i want to make a SURPRISE for my funnyMAN. because i plan to go to Bandung, this evening :) good thoughts, eh? so, id better hurry, because i had to prepare for the tickets and miscellaneous behind it. updating later :) with the good news of SURPRISEs! :)


okay lets stick to a plan that i created since yesterday. im going to share abt someone that become fashion idol, for her decissiveness and COLD-ness,:) no one else does fashion as BEST as .. btw, do you know, whos in the pic above? well,let me make it more detail .. blur, still? now you got the MOST OBVIOUS IMAGE OF THE OBJECT THAT IVE BEEN TALKED ABT .. now you know? yes off course, it was so damn obvious, and as obvious as her top, so u can see what u shouldnt see behind it ;p it's Anna Wintour, whose life been dedicated to fashion. there are random facts (as random as my thoughts) abt her that i found in the website, i dont know whether you guys know it or not, but these are the facts : *Anna Wintour, OBE (OBE is the title of honour) (born November 3, 1949) is a British fashion editor and the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, a position she has held since 1988. She became interested in fashion as a teenager. *At her early age, she loved to date older men. Name it : more than one. even Bob Marley. *???? *She always had conflict wherever she works, because she said "i loved to work in media and then change them" But most of all, no matter how many people hates her, she's the fashion forecaster. She directs one magazine, and zipp! whole the world realize whats in and out in fashion. she's covering both side, hateful yet irresistible. And even in her 60, she still looks so firm and fierce. she's not only an icon. She's the fashion itself. :) until later. :) #actually, im not going to write any in-depth-share,it's only like i want to share something little about her, esp.the photos. love that a lot :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


i am no longer idle :) my boss just stepped out to my cubicle and explain about something to me. Wanna know that "something"? it is NIELSEN ADVISOR INTERACTIVE, which i ever learned it before from someone in marketing dept. it is a program that contains data, and not colourful at all. actually the task was quite easy, but i didnt catch a few things back then. thats OK, im going to learn again :p my favorite motto is now : LEARNING by DOING. okay, my BF kept asking me about my presence in Saturday. TBC, still. lately, these things have been a good friend, in accompanying my 8 hours here, in midplaza my sleepy and lazy and sneezy time (because its so damn cold).. above is a half cup of milo (sometimes i take nescafe or nestea) and a pack of OREO, yumm! its time to learn what i missed :( sorry to say, but there's no such thing as VISIT today.*damn :( lets welcoming my new friend, NIELSEN ADVISOR INTERACTIVE! later i'll post something abt .. i shall give u the initial, AW. .. yes,off course after i finish this oh-so-not-colourful-program-but-i-have-to-do-this-because-its-my-job-i-cant-refuse. until later :)


.. and it's 4th day of idleness. well, dont know for sure, because it's still so early in the morning. last week, i bought a magazine that just published in Indonesia. I was so glad i have it, but .. i just havent finish reading it. all i did was rapid reading :( or in-a-glance reading :( because i always read it when i'm about to sleep at nite. and most of the time, the magazine was like .. fell from my hand and left open on the floor, before i feel REALLY finish reading that (that's what i found in the morning). OMG! well lets set the target, by the end of this week, i will be finished reading it. And maybe i'll share what i read .. *doh. i had a plan, to go to meet my funnyMAN this weekend, since my boss had cancel the plan to go to Lamongan with me. I think i can set the time,to go to bdg. but, im not so sure, because i know when i go there, "bokek" will be my middle name for the rest of this month. :p bdg is such an irresistible place to shop and eat and fulfilling the lifestyle. that, what makes me scared and afraid to go there :p well, lets see. updating later. save some thoughts for another idle and freezing time. :) *im wishing today someone from somewhere wud take me out to erase this idleness. YES, anything, anywhwhere, and anytime, but being idle (and frozen).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

super JOBLESS !

call me, JOBLESS GIRL! because i am. btw .. i want to share my favorite movie ever. this movie spread happiness and possitivity around. i watch it like almost 20 times, and craves for more :) i started to memorize the dialogue, like what Scott said : "Believe you me..." like that a lot. and .. Poppy said something like : "Juggernaut.." im wondering what is that means. still, idle and freezing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

frozen fingers :s

2nd day of idleness. i cant type well, my fingers so much freezing and will be frozen soon. btw, i found this on my file. i forgot the brand, but i guess it's celine. :p the colour is my favourite, so does the model :) its not celine i guess. figure it out later. :)

with or without you boss is here already, but i still have nothing to do :) okay, so here i am trying to find any possibilities to make myself and my fingers loooookkk busssssyyyyy ;)) i dont know whether its the influence of Tuesday, so i felt kinda mellow. well, lets put all the blame on Tuesday :) i dont know, but now, since me and my BF lived separately, (bandung-jakarta, well its not that far in fact) i find it hard to live life normally. Life seems monoton, and so normal :p and the obvious thing is i feel incomplete. i dont know which part, whether its heart or mind. but thats how i feel, just like Cowok-cowok Belakang Jalan said : ...incompleeeeetee.. (singing). okay, enough. i miss him and the stupidity and all the silliness that we used to share. but it seems so far away right now. im so waiting for this week or next week so i can come to Bandung and see him :( its not the distance, but the availability of me and him that makes everything seems further than before. even now there's operator which serve us with very cheap rate, or webcam with skype and YM, its just different. Its not the same. the most "impact" i felt was last weekend, (my working weekend) when i approved to work, because i just cant stay idle and thinking about something that i cant do anything with it. I started to not realizing any difference between weekend and weekdays. Because weekend means nothing without you. Its just an extended weekdays without work. :(

Monday, May 3, 2010

.. acciddentally

3 factors that kill today : *my boss was absent *i got nothing to do *the AC is terribly freezing .. but thats not gonna kill me, yet. no no no, the idleness isnt strong enough to kill me. Because a very good idea went thru my head like zip zap!! well. its not really a brilliant idea, but its expanding my point of view, suddenly i had idea to browse to It's my company's website, but globally. And .. i found things like .. PRESS RELEASE, FACTS SHEETS, and PUBLIC RELATIONS CONTACTS, which make me kinda sensitive. :s i feel like i missed it. :( sounds weird, how could you miss pressrelease and the kits? i dont know. And, next thing i know was, i read it a lot, and copied them into couple of files, and saved them, in case i want to read it back to back again :p and it helps me, adding material for my daydreaming, wish i was transferred to global scjohnson, (the name is Racine, fyi). well, not so bad,eh? :p btw, i found this logo in their web, and im like fall in love right away with it : this afternoon was so random. :)

working weekend

the picture we've seen above is the crowd on Baygon's event. you know, where im working :) this event happenned on Saturday. no offense, i love to work on holiday. what i like about had a visit, is thats expand my view about this job. (tho, in the end, i got a really terrible worst headache. none like that before) well, but i was happy in the end. many things to be shared, (in case im not extended here :p ) and well, our corporation paid us the charge for the transportation, and honestly, i've never did this or reached this before .. that happenned because, limitation (that we made our own) on the taxi voucher's well, thats not quite extravagant, but its quite a big thing, to spend such amount on transportation. :p the route's that cost on the voucher is from : Lebak bulus-Kebon Jeruk-Klender. Someone said its FAR, and i felt like .. really? off course, IT IS SO FAR FAR FAR AWAY! :O but, i felt good on it.:) as long as i didnt have to take the amount of bucks from my own wallet. well, let me share the complete whole day details in this page: we (me and the marketing staff), went for visit. first, i wasnt quite sure whether it's A visit or VISITS, but i kept going. Because as we all know, id really like to travel along Jakarta, as my knowledge about it is like a finger dirt, (so small and little), so i was so yes about it. and then, after the event that we saw the picture above, we went for a store visit, the route was : Sudirman-Ps.Minggu-Mt.Haryono-Semanggi-Lb,Bulus. was it far? yes.u guys decide :) basically, i loved travelling and seeing stores, so its fun, (except the headache was disaster). but without headache, the trip will be great, i guess. Make sure to myself, wont forget to bring my magic panadol extra everywhere. so. okay, this is Monday. see what i can do with my workinglife now :) ill post if i had something spicy :)