Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heading (to be) in labor

Juggling through this week heading for the 3 months maternity leave. 
It's all in my head. You know? Maybe you don't, that's OK. I'm trying to get ready with anything. My hospital bag (i'm preparing one-this week). Cleaning spaces for (insyaAllah) when my baby comes home. I just did research on my soon-to-be giving birth hospital. I try to move from the very mainstream hospital (where i was born, and my mother gave birth to me and other children). And it turns out good, because the hospital is kind of new, and just open about 1,5 years ago. It's clean, spacious, (not so) pricey, near to my house. Almost all the things that me and husband want. Let's get ready! How about making one video about "Get Ready With Me - Giving Birth Edition?" I don't think so.

After almost 1 month, moving from one room flat (kost), it's kind of better to stay at a house (lookalike). I can barely cook (not everyday), sleep in a different room, where i watch TV and eat (i have dining table with two chairs - how good it can be?), and also i'm not afraid to kept the leftover of food (because i have fridge) and also i can save money by cooking lunch & breakfast. Fab! Trying to enjoy my 3 weeks routine. Awake at 4.45AM, then pray, and cook for breakfast & lunch, and cut some fruits to be eaten at office :) nice, right? on a normal day, i did that. On a very lazy day, i just do my usual routine. Awake, bath, and off we go! no brekkie & lunch cooking. No. Being on pregnancy actually reminding me to walk slowlier and move on a small portion. Not a rushed one, just like i used to do :(

Monday, October 13, 2014

Humid Sensation

Last night was hot. Literally. I mean, i don't have any air con yet, because all the budget were taken away for house and labor preparation. So, me and husband have to deal with fan a.k.a kipas angin. And, honestly that's kind of hard. Because, since we were married one year ago, we already used to live in air con life style. Well, before i was married, i don't really care about using any air con, but when i'm pregnant like this, seriously humid and hot weather is becoming a serious issue :) 

By the way, i cooked for lunch today and bring it to office. Phew! Little did i know, cooking in the morning, though it's just kind of simple menus, it will drain your energy (plus because it's humid and hot inside my house). Yet, at night i didn't sleep really well.  Now, i know how my mother struggle every morning just to prepare lunch for all of us at home. And, she cooked some kind of serious menu like semur ayam, semur daging, ayam goreng. etc (well, i only cooked oseng wortel baso and chicken nugget -  and now i nag like a little spoiled kid. Man, that's hard!)

Let's see if we can make it on time to go home!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

the relationship

This morning is a mess. Very crazy traffic. Need 2 and half hours from my house to get my ass here in the office. Craziness.  
Stumbling upon my old John Mayer's playlist from Heavier Things while working on some project. Remember the song "Daughters" from John Mayer?
For me, it's a very "gue banget" song since it's kinda related to me, and the relationship with me and my father. No, my father doesn't left me alone, yet we just don't have that kind of "father daugther good relationship" and that makes me realize what are written in "Daughters" lyric, is really related with my life. And yes, i guess it's true how daughters or girls relationship with their parents especially fathers will affect their relationship with their spouse/boyfriend in the future.

So it's kind of true, that Mayer said :

Fathers, be good to your daughter. Daughter will love like you do

And it means, if your father is leaving you, abandon you, or abusing you, probably in the future, you will have issues with your future boyfriend or spouse, because deep inside your heart, you will be considering every man will treat you, just like your father did. There's fear that will always be there. Wondering and full of doubt.

I don't know. Well, that song kind of succeed bring tears into my eyes. That "cirambay" moments.

Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm a morning person (now)

Good Morning!

Literally morning :) Because i'm posting from my office desktop on 7.51 AM. 
In fact, i arrived at office on 7.00 AM sharp. Already had my breakfast, morning tea, minus vitamin for my little one (i'll grab one soon). Standing ovation, anyone? :)

Right now, i'm so thankful to Allah SWT for all His blessings that comes like pouring rain. Me and husband now live near my parents' house (yes, pregnancy and labor cause) in a small space with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, and kitchen (yay, i can cook!). Thank God we don't have to spend 2.5 million IDR per month anymore (yes, that's the cost of my kost room in South Jakarta). I already fill my house with some furnitures, like spring bed, television, fridge and everything. Also, today the furniture shop called to say that my closet, TV table, and also the most thing that i waited is dining set - which are one glass table with 2 chairs will  be arrived today. It's a super yayness for me! Alhamdulillah :) 

The little one is Insya Allah on her (or his) way (I'm 33 weeks now). I actually already know about the gender, but i don't know why, i will believe as soon as i see her (or him) with my own eyes. Silly, yes i know. Hopefully she or he will come out healthy and every process will be easy. Labor pain is something that i actually afraid and think most of the time, yet i shall just believe Allah SWT will make everything easier for His people. Amin. 

Let's cheers because it's Friday! :)