Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week Haul

Hi everyone! 

Tough week, but not as tough as my effort to find the holy Sigma brushes :p because they are not sold in Indonesia :( And i have been trying to search for those things, (and also because i saw lots of beauty guru in youtube using those,motivates me to buy) and finally i found random link to search the brush from female daily and the final verdict is YES! i finally found it :) the foundation brush (f80) and angle brush (f40) but yes, the great product comes with great patience because the f80 will be available in 20 days since last week, so it will be mid April :( but i dont care, i am gonna do what it takes! haha :)) but the f40 is already in my hand, and i will review it below! But another thing that comes to delay-ness is also my package from Coventry, UK .. (that i already blabbering and rambling about) e.l.f trio and NARS Lipstick, it will be arrived here in Indonesia in mid April :) still YAY! promise to review :)

So ... to cheer up my mood because of the delay-ness (fingercrossed) it's just my rebound while do some windowshopping with my boyfriend yesterday :p 

pic of me confused on buying which lip butter

THE HAUL ! :)))))

it's (from left to right) the talk of the town (so late) Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle, Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait, Revlon Powder Blush Toast of New York, Revlon Photoready Concealer, and Sigma Angle Blush Contouring Brush f40. So here comes the review :

1. Revlon Lip Butter (Pink Truffle & Peach Parfait)

I have a very dry chapped lips, and when it comes to wear the lipstick, i always feel like i failed :( because it ended up like dry, ugly and not even lipstick color when applied. I have try matte, gloss, sheer, and balm, also doing lip scrubbing but somehow it's just not working :( Everyone been talking about this new items called Lip Butter, but the most famous one is from Revlon (i believe high end brand has it, but imma just not there yet :p) so after watch the swatches from my beauty guru, Emily,(click on the link to watch the review from her) i finally brave enough to pick some of the LB from Revlon. Btw, it's also cheap $7.5/each.

My first pick is Pink Truffle, but turns out it has the same tone (very little different) with my PAC Matte Lipstick in Indian Red just more shine, a little bit shimmer (a bit dissapointed) but it's actually great rosy mauve tone :) here's the packaging and the swatch.

Here's the pic of me, the upper one is am using PAC indian Red Matte Lips topped with NYX Megashine Lipgloss in natural, and below is am using Revlon LB in Pink Truffle. Just almost the same .. well in my opinion. PAC has more orange tone, and Revlon is more pinky. Well in the end i just feel a bit dissapointed in buying almost the same tone of lipstick :( but yeah .. life goes on :p  it's perfect for everyday lips (esp in fair to yellow asian skin like me) and it's not as shimmered as Peach Parfait.

The next one is Peach Parfait shade. I actually fell in love with this, on my first sight when applied to my lips :) it's freshen my looks but not overwhelmed. Here's the swatch and pics :

The colour is beautiful, sheer colour. In a sum  up, it sheer pink. The texture is as promised. It's buttery and moisturized your lips perfectly. Last for 4 hours or more (depends what you eat), for me it's everyday lipstick, just like my NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural. The look on the face will be posted tomorrow ;) i also attached the Peach Parfait pic look up close. You can see the shimmer (for those who's not fan of shimmer lips, better stay away from this lipstick). And since my lips is a big wide lips, so i have to be careful in choosing right colour for my lips.  It's a pretty sheer pink for me. I pick this over Pink Truffle. For all of you, who has dry chapped lips, try this! gr8 products! :)))

2. Revlon Powder Blush "Toast of New York"

Last week, i have watched lots of video tutorial in contouring and shading. And i think, it's very great to do contouring in our face because it's definitely shaping your face and making it looks better, especially in direct sunlight. One thing important when searching the contouring shade is to search the matte one. 

Why? because when you choose the overshimmer shade, your face will be glittery and imo, it's not shaping it's highlighting. So you have to choose the matte shade. So yesterday, when i was busy picking up the lipbutter, i saw the series of blush in Revlon counter, and i fell in love with the shade. Here's some swatch and pic of the pack :

front packaging - nice! i like it :)

Provided with blush brush (soft enough but dull) and little mirror

matte light brown colour with no shimmer

toast of new york shade
As you can see the shade is light brown and it's matte, perfect for contouring .. and it's not dark brown (im avoiding fake tan look). And it's also cheap only $7 per pc :) i have tried using it in my face, and yes i like it. 
It creates shade but light and not harsh. Maybe i can post the look with this stuff tomorrow. 

3. Revlon Photoready Concealer (in Light Medium 003)

I have dark circles :( and idk since when it stayed on my face. It just barely there and never left. When i watched Emily review on this stuff, i am so eager to try it. I pick the 003 in light medium, because the beauty advisor said, it's the most neutral tone. Before, i tried the Above and Beyond NYX concealer, but i think it's good only for eyeshadow base, dissapointing and it's kinda expensive, $9. So here's the swatch and the pic of pack :

w/o photoready concealer

with photoready concealer

On the upper pic of my eyes, is without the concealer,and below is with the concealer (photo taken in different day) As u can see the under eyes is more fresh when topping with concealer. But i am gonna figure out how to cover the deep lines :( But so far, i love the coverage and the staying power and also the price! ;) 

4. Sigma f40 Large Angle Contour Brush

YES! it has smooth bristles, and i love how it picks the colour! I love the handle, so stiff and fine with grab of my hand. And since it's angled brush, it's easier for me to do contouring, even doing blush on application ;) I bought it online for $14 .. i dont really know the real price since it's not sold in Indonesia.
Here's the pic of the holly f40 :

the colour is actually white. It's been dealing with bronzer and blush :p

angle shape - perfect for contour and blush!

comes with a plastic cover .. open in the upper big side

And that's all my review .. actually my first review that comes with pics and swatches ;) I feel so happy doing these! i think am gonna continuing this in the future.

So all! It's easter long weekend in here, and Happy Easter and Holy Friday for those who celebrating it :) am enjoying my long weekend with the family, friends and loved one ;) Happy Holiday! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Super Lazy Saturday!

What an impulsive week! 
Why? Because i spend almost 40 USD for cosmetics. Yes. But, my inside thought, consider it will be all worth it. *excusing

>> beauty haul
I bought via friend in UK, a Dolce Vita Lipstick from NARS. The "it" sheer lipstick that i wrote in my wishlist  post couple weeks ago. Oh. i.cant.wait. Meanwhile, i waited for the lipstick, i re-read all the reviews about it you know, just to make myself feel more secure about buying that superexpensive lipstick. (well, it better work on my dry chapped lips otherwise i am gonna .....) and all the reviews say good things and exact same thought as me, which is expensive. So, let's wait. And the other 3 products is from e.l.f cosmetics, which was i got the reviews at first from my beauty guru, @emilynoel83 please check out here vlogcast on that link, she is awesome, and recently she quitted from her fulltime job as a journalist and anchorwoman, to become full time beauty blogger. How awesome is that? and my haul from elf will be eyeshadow, single brush, and lipgloss :) enough for the haul, shall we move to the real life (which was my purpose on writing this blog?)

>> worklife
It's been my seventh month on the new company, and thank God i pass the probation time, so yes, i will be a  permanent resident here, in my new beautylicious office. And, yes sure, there are lots of changes in my new way of working, especially since the February 6th tragedy, it has taught me a lot .. believe me .. a lot of things. So, i used to think that i will be just average back then, but now here (off course because i have been a permanent one) i feel i can expand my ability by believing into myself to do more than the average has been. Well, a bit tough, tho. But, in my heart i do swear that i want to have a further career in beauty industry, like L'Oreal, or The Body Shop. It's amazing to make it comes true. I am now using this chance at Martha Tilaar as stepping stone towards my dream. I have learnt to be more organized and being details (which was my weakness), and try to be more "out of the box" and searching for inspiration, because in this kinda world, you can't really stay the same, you have to be more dinamic yet having attitude, that kinda thing.

>> random topic
Jumping into another topic, last night i was having monthly blabbering time (because we do blabbering here and there,so fun!) with my best friends, and we kinda stumbled into a topic, which was cheating in marriage life (that actually a common thing right now). Three of us (usually there are 5 of us, but 1 was super busy working and one was in UK that one i am asking to buy the dolcevita :)) are actually agree, that WOMAN is the one who make CHEATING is POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN. Why? Because, when man hunts woman, and the woman rejects him/turn him off/down, well actually the cheating is so possible to be stopped, eventho he will be chase her again, but when she is perssistant, everything maybe ended fine. 
But, when the man makes his special seduction moves, and the woman embraces with open arms, yes, it will be fireworks of illegalness and brokenhearted. AND WOMEN DO HAVE CHOICES FOR SAYING NO TO CHEATING. To reject a man who seduce and stimulate you to cheat. Even if, you (woman) are single right now, don't ever think to do that (receiving or doing cheating part) because you will never know when Karma work or stab you. So, be it. If he's not single and mingle, do not ever take part into his heart. So we all gonna live in peace! Thanks to Carissa and Noni for discussing this so i have topic for my blog post ;)

So, i will enjoy this beautiful gloomy saturdy by youtubeing and blogwalking and browsing beauty products and reading reviews ;) Btw, i hate that one of my fave contestant in X-Factor Indonesia was sent home. It was a total sadness for me today because the cause was sms/votecall but he has an angel voice :(

Bon week-end pour vous! :*

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reason to be thankful :)

.. heavy week. Literally like doing screamo while riding roallercoaster. 

Banyak hal baru yang dilakukan dan banyak hal menyenangkan sebenernya untuk disyukuri (*wise). Minggu ini berat (tidak seberat orang kena musibah, tapi tetep). Okay, let's share :

1) Still have a job >> ini sebenernya merupakan satu hal yang patut disyukuri saat semua orang berjuang untuk dapet kerjaan di job seminar/ jobfair. And, right now so many things to be thanked.

2) 6 months to our D day >> sebenernya ini menyenangkan, kalo kata orang enjoy aja, karena gak akan terjadi dua kali (well, siapa yang mau juga sih) Udah prepare banyak hal dan sekarang beranjak ke hal2 yg lebih detail seperti menu makanan dan dekorasi (a bit frustrating as you all know, Sag hate details) dan belum lagi undangan dan pre-wed photos :) But i am embracing my moments, right? so just go straight thru it. But the most exhausted thing is the list of invitation. Memilih who is invited and who is not, itu adalah suatu hal yg sangat sulit (pertama karena budget constrain, kedua karena keluarga is over friends) sementara gw berharap bisa invite orang2 yang memang gw kenal personally. But that thing is not happening here in Indonesian culture. The Family is as big as it can be. 

3) Stumbling upon Youtube channel Emily Eddington >> Ini yang paling menyenangkan :) tutorial make up dari normal people (bukan make up artist) biasanya lebih enak ditonton, karena kesannya doi ga sok tau gitu, karena sama2 orang biasa. Semua product review nya sangat bermanfaat, walaupun beberapa emang ga dijual di Indonesia. But, that's what friends r for. Thankfully, my friend Sasmita Ardaninggar is on UK for study, so i ask her to help me out about it ;)
Dan yes tentunya memang harganya jauuuuuuuh banget lebih murah ya! bisa 50% bedanya :p (p.s : ga berlaku buat produk high end, tetep mahal) tapi kalo drugstore cosmetic jauh banget bedanya. 

4) Belajar banyak hal baru >> apa ya? di kantor tentunya pasti banyak hal baru yg emang sebelumnya gw ga pernah pelajari, apalagi beda bidang. Kemudian, karena ini kantor gede banget luar biasa wawawawa, gw tiap minggu kenal orang baru melulu. Haha. Still adapting sih actually. But it's a good thing that you are never adapting, maksudnya, jadi gelas kosong. Selalu merasa pengen tahu hal baru.

5) Menemukan tips financial terbaru di QM financial blog >> ini nyenengin banget! karena turns out that we are doing most of the financial mistakes in our daily life :( dan gatau kenapa gw tipe orang yg hobi banget nge list dan bikin plan financial (walaupun jarang tepat perhitungannya) tapi actually it is really FUN! mungkin suatu saat gw akan ngelamar ke QM :p

6) Something is change >> postpone les perancis, karena merasa lumayan lelah setiap minggu, padahal kantor-rumah-kantor ga terlalu jauh, dan kerjaan tidak seberat dulu, tapi tetep sih .. postpone. Dan juga nilai test terakhir c'est tres mouvais! :( kecewa banget. Cocok kayaknya ppone 2 term, terus balik lagi dengan semangat belajar yang lebih, emang di kelas terakhir, gw termasuk yg males nyatet dan pay attention, secara merasa udh cukup bisa, tapi ternyata pemahaman masi banyak yg salah, apalagi konjugasi dan tanda baca :( mon dieu! Oya, terus dulu hobi banget tiap suntuk ngopi2 di kedai terkemuka (cieh) secara tuh kedai dibawah, kantor gw di lt 26. Sekarang boro2 kedai, ATM aja jauh. Jadi kalo ngantuk bawa kopi sachet :p (*jomplang).Baru hobi nonton HIMYM, (*telatabis) org mah udh runningman, law&order, apa kek, gw masih ini aja. Ted mosby adalah yg paling disuka karena ganteng dan mukanya kayak john mayer (tipe gw :)) Satu lagi,  jadi hobi banget juga buka2 beauty blog dan penasaran cari review atau swatch suatu produk.

Gw belajar nulis kayak gini, dari blognya emily juga ( disitu dia buat daily nuggets gitu, lebih simple sih dari yang ini. Tapi berguna banget kayaknya menyampaikan maksud tapi ga berbelit2.

I wrote this while lunch time, and i havent had any of mine, jadi kayaknya udahan dan harus makan, abis itu kerja :p btw, gw merasa spt anak #90an karena bawa indomie telor hari ini di kotak bekel (bentuknya udh jadi kotak dan tercetak, baunya khas pula haha - iya iya gw tau itu ga bergizi,tapi kan enakkk)

Bon appetit a tous! :*

Monday, March 18, 2013

hi end beauty needs

Been thru lots of ups and downs this week, so i better cheer myself up by writing (seriously) about products that i am eager to try. I considered these products in "need" and "want" category or both. whatever.

Here they are (jeng .. jeng!!) :

1. Brush set

I dont know that brush set is actually a good investment for anyone who wanted to learn further about make up. It's a bit expensive and but well we did have choice to buy brush depends on our needs. For example, we only need brush to blend eye shadow and smudge applicator, then just buy it. But idk why, i am a kind of person, that likes to equip myself with complete set in anything. My former brush set is travel set of The Body Shop which comes in mini size. they did the job pretty well, and i dont find anything harsh with that. Then again, when i did blogwalking i found it pretty cute to have one complete set of long brush (not in mini size). Until now, i dont know what brand i am going to choose, some people say "ELF" or "Masami Shouko" or even well known brand such as "MAC" or "MUFE". But when i buy, it will totally look like this and i will have brush to blend my eyeshadow :

these one come from MAC. Fabulous. Believe they are really smoooooooothhhhh. Or from ELF like below :

They surely cute. I will check the price later. And remember, always invest on the good quality of make up brush, because they will do the job perfectly well.

2. YSL Touche Eclat

Heard it. Saw it. But never try it. In so many reviews, it's actually good. But some of the bloggers try to warn the pre-user like me, that YSL TE is actually a "HIGHLIGHTER" not a concealer (based on their personal experience) so dont hope it will cover all of your dark circles, basically around your tired eyes. But idk why (again) i do will to try it :) here's their claim (which was a total contrary with the bloggers' opinion)

The beauty secret of the world's top makeup artists and models, Touche Éclat is the original must-have for a radiant, flawless face.

Capture 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen. With a few strategic strokes of this award-winning complexion highlighter—dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue virtually disappear. Powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex, skin is instantly illuminated, so you look rested and refreshed—even if you’ve been up for hours. Sleek and sophisticated, it discretely slips into a makeup bag for quick touch-ups anytime. It’s the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without.

i just can't resist it. :p i do try to find perfect shade for me via their web, and since my complexion is light to medium so i should come with "Light peach" and by the swatch i saw on their web, i think it's pretty good. Can't wait to come to their store or stumbling upon some web for cheaper price.  So far, none of the opinion or finding is avoiding me from TE. I am just so eager to try.

3. Wet n' Wild Eye Shadow - You Had Me at Hello

I knew WnW since i was in junior-hi. Know that the brand is totally famous. Never eager to try tho, since one of the blogger said that their e/s is actually very good. And somehow i stumble upon Zalora website and found that they sell this product. I fell in love with "You Had Me at Hello" shade. The colour seems good and usp from WnW is they name every shade is for what part of the eye. Wondering whether the dark blue part actually the same as e/s Sariayu Kelimutu Series. But, i just love it! In Zalora they only sell it for less than IDR 200,000. And yes i need black to do my smokey eyes ;)

4.  NARS (Blush on, Lipstick, eyeshadow)

In every review of best cosmetics that i read, whether it's local or international, somehow they always mention, MUFE, MAC or NARS. But i found NARS has some typical bold colours that i fell in love with. And the packaging is like deep black with joint letter and super bold colours. Mesmerizing my eyes.

I am interested in some pieces of product they have (so far) it's NARS Blush on in Orgasm and NARS lipstick in 4 shades and texture

Heat Wave Semi Matte Lipstick

Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick

Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick

Carthage Pure Matte Lipstick
Mad Mad World Duo e/s

"Orgasm" Blush on

They are totally cute! not cute for sure...hmmm i dont know how to express .. sophisticated. Look at that Mad Mad World e/s, tempting colour! and that Amsterdam lipstick, oh so bold and vivid! Can't wait those to glide on my face and make some miracles for this face! Wuwuwuwuwwuwuuwuwuw ...
I dont know how to find official NARS store here in Indonesia. Yet, there r so many online shop sell their products. I hope to find one soon. And turns out that i have a friend now residence in UK, maybe i can ask her to find me one. :)

5. Revlon Photoready Concealer

I found this on Emily eddington tutorial (almost in all tuts), And i found this is worth to try :) good coverage and easy blending texture (as seen on video).
I will visit Revlon's booth directly to find the perfect shade for me! Yay!

6. UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion - eye shadow)

Everytime i read blog or tutorial, i always found this UDPP in the very first line of base. At first, i dont know what is that, but then, some of the bloggers are kind enough to explain what is that. And turns out that is the best Eye primer/base every1 wear :) The price is a bit overly priced, so i will buy it somehow when i have enough penny.

7. Face Primer - MUFE HD Face Primer

Everyone is talking about it. And i am going to try for this.

8. E.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzer 

This is a good quality products ( well a bit powdery but fine )  for contouring face. I am going to try this, after i finish my Sariayu Shimmering Powder.

All written in this post will be true someday. Mean while, i have just ordered online 3 elf products, and i will review them asap. Lately, i have been following emily eddington blog and vlog (utube) beautybroadcast,net :) it is fun and teaching me lots of things! especially for drugstore cosmetics and natural/daily make up :) check out her twitter also @emilynoel83 .. for beginners like me, it is trully helpful! and also the vlog is fun :))))