Sunday, December 16, 2012

Normal post.

it's Sunday and always been raining and windy lately. I love it.

Been a long time not passing Sunday at home, doing chores and watch movies. I enjoy this Sunday pretty much. :)

Now i am in the new job, almost spend 4 months on my probation time. Yes i still come late to the office, but somehow i work on that stuff. I kinda reduce it. And pretty much, accomplished. Yes, still not making any friends as much as in my former office. But i did try too, this one not so lucky. Let time talks. Yes, the job wasn't as easy as it seems but i am seriously put on BIG EFFORT for that. I want to be considered serious. Yes, i have problems in there. Some of the suppliers i worked with are just pain in the ass. Never had those kinda people in my life, but unfortunately they r exists. SHITface. I am really working hard to get to focus to this new job since i feel like a bit less focus and always did mistakes. With "s". Plural. Yes, i bring coffee in sachet to keep my eyes open on 2-3 PM. Because if the workload is less, so does my eyes ability to stay awake. And yes, i still do Linux and friends. But i still wish i can change that shit into Microsoft. And, you know somehow i did whisper to myself that i miss Outlook :( 

Well, afterall that multiply "yes" i do have something to share. Lately i wonder, how do people got to the TOP and be SOMETHING? I mean like,me? emm .. i kinda people who likes to stay in the comfort zone. You know? doing regular job, stay in the back of the desk, going home on time, no surprise in the mid of something important, and anything related to normal and regular (i mean daily basis). But, then i think again.. with these way that i am living and things that i did, i think i will be just as regular as i can be. Yes, like all those people who keep doing the "paper" job and mocking their bosses, and not doing anything about their life. Turns out, i dont want to be that guy. Because i know, if i keep living like this, i will never be SOMETHING or on TOP. I have to take the risks. Then i change my point of view. Seeing the risks, challenge, obstacle, including what we called "boss dirty words" as a possitive encouragement. Overtime, without payment or extra job that needed higher ability? Take it. I mean, it sure will lead you to something. Me? Been there done that. And in this second big company, i dont want to be average. I want to get HIGHER. Because, thats my dream. And if people say, "but you did that on your former company, and you are still nobody?" well, that's fine but at least i got what you didn't which is TOOK THE RISK. No matter where it leads you, as long as did it with heart, i believe it brings you good. 

I have seen lots of people and experiences, in almost 3 years of my adult-work-hood life. Well, that's so not experienced compared to others. Just make sure i didn't waste my time, just to do some "safe" job and regular daily basis, then end up with what you are not. I guess this is the core of "getting out of comfort zone"

Yes, maybe i will just see problems and friends as the encouragement, or possitive energy. Fuel to bring me somewhere different. Better me.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nobody works the way i want it to be!

This day. I was asking someone to convert file, and it was like the hardest thing in the world. She kept emailed me with unclear statement. Geez!

Then, y on earth another person i request to do some minor revision, went away and have meetings outside. Geez!

Suddenly the stock of special packages gone zero in a glance of second :( i already offer that to some international buyers. o God, i need help!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

super sensitive

I dont know whether everyone gives a shit about feeling deep in song lyric.Me? i give a fuck about it :) I mean like every song that i like, i always imagine the meaning of it, and pretending if i were one inside the song. Yeah, cheesy but i think it's just i am that kinda person.

This is one song, that i really want a guy sings it for me. Lovely and romantic (in my way). A Face To Call Home a song by John Mayer (don't say anything, i know what u gonna say) The story is about a boy who falls in love with the girl, and girl also vice versa. But, it's like slow love story. Not rushed to the point. They have relationship and slowly feeling that they are meant for each other. My favorite lyric is :

"We built a yard with a garden in the middle of it
It ain't much but it's a start
You got me swaying right along to the song in your heart"

It's like it's not an instant love happen like one night stand or else, It's just soft. sweet, and not demanding. So here's the full complete lyric :

"A Face To Call Home"

I'm an architect
Of days that haven't happened yet
I can't believe a month is all it's been
You know my paper heart
The one I filled with pencil marks
I think I might've gone and inked you in

Little by little, inch by inch
We built a yard with a garden in the middle of it
It ain't much but it's a start
You got me swaying right along to the song in your heart
And a face to call home
A face to call home
You got a face to call home

So good you didn't see
The nervous wreck I used to be
You'd never know a man could feel so small
And you never look at me
Like I'm a liability
I bet you think I've never been at all

Little by little, inch by inch
We built a yard with a garden in the middle of it
And it ain't much, but it's a start
You got me swaying right along to the song in your heart

And a face to call home
A face to call home
You got a face to call home

A face to call home
A face to call home
You got a face to call home

Maybe I could stay a while,
Maybe I could stay a while,
Maybe I could stay a while,
I'm talkin' like all of the time

(Maybe I could stay a while)
Little by little, inch by inch,
(Maybe I could stay a while)
We built a yard with a garden in the middle of it,
(Maybe I could stay a while)
And it ain't much, but it's a start,
(I'm talkin' like all of the time)
You got me swaying right along to the song in your heart

And a face to call home
A face to call home
You got a face to call home

So am wondering whether i can post the song also.
shit. i cant. So just trying to enjoy the lyric, if you wanna hear the song, you can email me or search at 4shared.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

in 20's

In between 20-30's (as far as i have been living), 24-25 years old is quite the roughest age. Because at that age, everyone surround you actually become demanding.
They demand you to be mature, fun, yet always serious and determined for the next goal of your life. And it's even harder because at the age of 20-23, we used to live a very easy and reckless life. Young and free attitude. Totally vice versa.

I feel a bit rocky this month. Trying to emphasize and fulfill what i need and what society wants. I saw my friends are getting married, trying to climb up to the top of the career, or even have baby and move somewhere else. You know, part of determining future. Well, it's not that i dont want to join the society standard either (i believe that will be soooo finee), while me trying to absorb everything and not to rush anything. Because, it's exactly not the way i want it to be done

What i am trying to say in this post is, i am not envying you guys that already reach society standards' but i think .. can we have a little longer time to enjoy this young and free attitude?

can we??

can we??

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Am Poisoned!

Working in cosmetic company (tho, i am not directly working in the brand section) is totally influence me. Not only that i (more) understand about step by step of make up, but also into the product. I mean, like i am so excited to see how if i apply the color of lipstick, eyeshadow, or anything else in my face :p

Yet i dont stop only in decorative make up, i also eager to try some of skin care product such as night cream and eye cream. Aww.

Also, now I tend to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning before work, and also when i got home (to erase my make up and do step by step applying skin care). I have just found out that since i put night cream every night before sleeping, it is actually make my skin feels so soft and moistured in the morning.

Ok, so just go straight about what are my wishlist on December, here they are :

1. PAC Lipstick Pencil

To be honest, i dont like anything related to pencil. Hate the part that i have to sharpen it over and over again. Lipstick in Pencil is actually not so new in make up world, but this is new for me. Yet the colour is also such sweetheart. Now i am just wondering, which sharpener size should i use? since the diameter is quite wide. 

Somebody said, that these lipstick pencil creates matte-finished colour and texture. And also, i am so excited to apply it for the first time, since i never try lipstick in pencil! It costs me IDR 85,500 or USD 9.00

2. Sariayu Apokayan Blush on

Blush on is an important part, beside eye liner, because it is instantly will freshen up your face and do a little "changing" effect on your face. Normally, people use pink tone for blush on to create fresh effect. But, actually orange is a good colour for creating a healthy skin tone effect. Especially if we have yellowish or darker skin tone.

I will choose Apokayan blush on from Sariayu Colour Trend 2010. The tone is orange and maroon. When i try the tester and using single colour (the orange tone) it looks very good, shimmery finished. When you blend the two tones, it is even better, orange but dimmed. The brush quality is so so. It costs me like IDR 35,000 or USD 3,89. IMO, not so expensive for two tone colour and shimmery finished :) The packaging is kinda old-fashioned - yess we are on our way to work it out !

3. Lip Palette : PAC Coco Bunch

Since i rarely try lipstick colour, and i want to know what kinda colour match my lips (in shapes and shades),i am thinking about buying a palette. Thanks God, i found PAC has Coco Bunch Series for lipstick in chocolate (to reddish) shade. And thank God also, they have 5 colours in small palette.It costs me IDR 195,000 or USD 21,60. 

Buying make up palette, in my opinion is actually way of cost saving! yet you can also try another new colour, which is (somehow) is the best colour for you, Eventho, there are colours you dont like, but hey, u can always do blending! well, you never know, where it leads :)

4. NYX Eyeshadow Base
Blogwalkin is totally a good way of reviewing cosmetic product. Because i mean like it's their own opinion. Plus, if they have the same skin tone to you,convincing you more to buy the cosmetic/colours.

I found a lot of review about NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone type as the best Eyeshadow Base. It makes your eyeshadow colour popped and locked! Pick NYX Eyeshadow Base in skin tone so it will stay colourless and not blending into your eyeshadow colour. It costs me IDR 129,000 or USD 14 (more or less)

5. Sariayu Eyeshadow Palette (25 years of Colour Trend)

Nah, this one is another palette. But this is for eyes. They have 25 colours altogether matte and pearly in one palette. It is actually collection for celebrating 25 years of Sariayu Colour Trend. Not so many reviews i heard (i heard about Eyeshadow palette of PAC more than Sariayu-but i cant afford it because it is quite expensive) but for beginner like me turns out that it is a good deals. You can exercise applying the colours, alsoblending this plus that colours. It costs me IDR 207,000 or USD 23.00

6. Eye make up remover (plus) - Sariayu Mukjizat Mata Kejora
I know, i know. From the name it is just like "wth is that?" Well, i will tell you it's actually a make up remover plus eye treatment oil to prevent ageing line, And because it's made from natural ingredients, it contains less alcohol rather than the other eye make up remover. Also it's very effective cleaning the heaviest eye make up :) Cost me IDR 22.500 or USD 2.5

7. PAC Make up Pencil

I already try this product for subsituting my caring eyeliner pencil. It is actually an eye liner (can use for body painting,too). This product is amazing! Waterproof, no smudges, easy to use, and also soft pencil, The finishing is dove non glossy. Cost me a bit pricey for pencil liner IDR 71,000 or USD 7.8.
But actually it is worth the price! Best shade in black :)

8. Make up bag (with compartments)

One thing i hate about my make up bag now is they have no compartments so it looks like this (took pic from

see?? it is such a mess. It melted altogether and makes the casing/packaging scratch :( i hate that 
I want to get more organized by having such make up kit that have divider/compartments, yet i am also planning to buy make up brush .. so i have to have another room to spare for, Brush easily broken, y know?  

Until now, i still dont have any spesification which MU kit i want to buy. But what i want is actually look like this 

9. Make up Brush Set

I dont really know what is the best make up brush, but most people say is Masami Shouko and some use Ecotools brush (Carissa my friend suggest it - i found it soft and sophisticated,but idk why i prefer black brush).

As a beginner, i dont think i will buy a complete series of brush, since i wont use it all anyway. I think there are 3 primary brush (like must haves) which is ; 1) Blush/powder brush 2) eyeshadow brush 3) lipstick brush

I stumbled upon The Body Shop in Kota Kasablanka yesterday. I found they sell separated make up brush which i think not so efficient selling brush separately. But the Beauty Consultant told me that they also have mini brush set. Now, i am googling it and i thought it's a good tools for beginners. Yet it's not so expensive only IDR 179,000 or USD 19.8

Wow! even better it's recommended by Oprah :)
I am getting sure to put this on my wishlist

I always feel good after listing down "to buy" things :)
And since i am no a pro beauty blogger, i dont do swatch or FOTD or anything else required. I just love to comment and review ..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is tuesday.

such not a professional to confess that they are bored with routines.

well the thing is i am bored with the dose of this work. Much lower dose than i use to do :( feel half jobless.

The pressure is not on, or is it just not yet?

It's kinda funny, because when i start to nag about "why i am kinda jobless?" and then comes a situation when you  just being too busy and dont have time, and you feel like "OMG! i am so busy, i dont have time for myself!" sort of things.

Ah. Human.

and btw. i was late again today.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My 10 Beauty Wishlist

This posting exist not because now i worked in cosmetic company. But because i already try the tester and want to own the product :)

There are 10 items that actually include in my wishlist. Start from skin care.

1. Sariayu Facial Mask Mawar

The product is well known for its ability to keep skin firm, moist and elastic.

It's not pricey. Only Rp 20,000 for 90ml. It's use for weekly treatment.

Why interested in this product? our skin needs weekly treatment after abused with make up, (cleanser with alcohol), face expression, and also dirt and dust out there.

Besides i already try first, the toner and cleanser from the same range. Rose series is for normal to dry skin type.

2.  Sariayu Night Cream Rose

I used to not care about night cream usage. Imo, should skin actually clean and free from anything, before we sleep? But yesterday when i did skin check, i found lots of signs that my skin is just too dry and the elasticity is low. Plus lots of wrinkles caused by too dry effect.

For daily dose moisturizer, i use The Body Shop Vitamin E Series (Day Cream). Turns out that it's not enough, because the BA (Beauty Advisor) said that i need night cream. So, after the skin check, i decided to look around. And voila! i found Sariayu Night Cream Rose.

Why interested in this product? (not because now i work in the company itself) but because i already try their cleanser and toner, and feel ok with that. I think, why dont i complete the series with using the nite cream?

It's to keep skin more elastic and help to regenerate cells while sleeping.
The price is Rp 17,000 for 25gr. I have read so many good reviews about this product. Consumer said it's light and make skin softer.

3. BB Cream Caring

BB is used to describe bad odor of someone. Now BB means Blemless Balm. It's the combination of foundation and moisturizer. So it's kinda simpler. I never try  BB cream before, but everyone say it's good because it's not only moisture your skin, it's also perfect to cover spots and blend the skin tone.

So far, Caring BB Cream is one of the good brand among BB Cream. (lots of said Maybelline BB cream is bad because it becomes oily after usage couple of hours)

i still dont know which product am gonna use. But, Affi in fashionesedaily said Everlast is the best of all :) I am going to try the other variant, just try to match with skin tone. I have seen lots of living prove people who used it, and also the test of the staying power, basically good and not oily.

The price is about Rp 59,000.

4. Sariayu Shimmering Powder

Actually, this is not happening to be included in my wish list. But yesterday, when the BA do make up for me, she used this (white part) around my brow-bone as highlighter. And i feel like "wow, this is good" all in one package. Here's the pic :

So basically it's a powder (the big brown part), the pink one can be used as eye shadow, or blush on, the small brown part is for shading and the small white part is for highlighting.  When u brush altogether, it becomes shimmery finish for the face. It's good :) You can use it depends on ur needs.

It contains Pomegranant extract and also Amethys powder to keep your skin moisturized and glowing. The price is Rp 48,000, not expensive for all in one make up

5. PAC Two Way Cake Powder

Before working here, PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetic) is not so well known in my ear. It's a professional line from Martha Tilaar designed for Make up artist, or professional.

Recently, i become interested in this line also because it's review, the long lasting power. Besides, i ever saw my friend use this compact powder and the result is smooth finished.

PAC price is a bit pricey, Rp 128,500. What i like about it is the shape is a bit different from others. Beside the packaging is also black. BA suggest me TWC 02 Ochre for my skintone.

6. Sariayu Automatic Eye Brow Pencil

As far as i know, nothing compete Viva in brow pencil. But, then after i try myself a tester of Sariayu Automatic Eye Brow pencil, i feel delighted. Not because it has double tools, the pencil and the brush, it's also creates a  natural look for my eye brow, and the color is also black :) but not make your face look like a Kabuki player.

 See? After applying the pencil, you can use the brush to brush your brow to create natural looks. The price is Rp 55,000. Natural eye brow is the most essential thing for make up, i guess.

7. Sariayu Eye Shadow Trend 2012 (Bena Edition)

I already buy the Kelimutu series (which is more colorful) yet it's not applicable for daily use because it's too bright. Now, i am searching for warmer and natural color, and my choice is Bena edition, from Sariayu Trend Warna 2012.
When i apply the tester, it seems shiny but the colour isnt popped out and it blend very well. I like it. Plus the price for the trio eye shadow is only Rp 40,000. Cheap!

8. Sariayu Duo Eye Make Up (Eye liner and Mascara)

Hmm .. i am not usually using 2 in 1 products. But somehow is just good and complete. So why searching separate products? Like this Sariayu Duo Eye Make Up

You dont have to full up your make up pouch with separate eyeliner and mascara. Yet this is a complete package also stay longer and waterproof and not make your eyes look like panda. The price is Rp 49,000

One more thing what i like about this is the packaging. Comes with peacock colour and also gold and embossed style.

9. PAC Lipstick Matte ML02 Indian Red 

Believe me, it's my first time buying a lipstick. So far (in almost 25 years of my life) i never really have a lipstick. Because i feel not so confidence picking the right color and applying it to my lips, because my lips is full, wide, and plumpy. Using the wrong color is only make my lips thicker and in indonesian said "jeding"

But, i think my journey of finding right colour for lipstick has finally done. Yesterday, when i was doing expo in Kemayoran, i try various kinds of colour of lipstick. And my choice is fall for PAC Matte Lipstick Indian Red ML02, because plumpy wide lips doesn't need too much sheer or gloss look.

So, i try. and wipe. and try. and wipe. (just to make sure) that it's the right colour.
Well, yes it is! PAC Matte Lipstick ML02 Indian Red is just perfect for me. But, then i still want to test whether this lipstick will dried my lips or not. After couple of hours, it's just smooth and feels good. Beside it doesn't smell bad. I'm getting sure to buy this product.

The price is Rp 85,500. Just like the other PAC packaging, it comes in black and dove packaging. Looks exclusive and luxurious.

10. PAC Lip Gloss LGF 02

So, the plumpy lips no need lipgloss. But, who cares? the wet shimmery looks is one thing i cant ressist. So to keep it not too shiny and still matte look, i choose this PAC Lip Gloss LG02, the texture is gloss but not wet look. Only healthy and shiny lips. Costs you Rp 69,500.

So, that's all the beauty wish list and when i do total (if i buy those products) it's just less than Rp 500,000. AMAZING!

I cant wait until the end of the month, so i can fulfill all of my desire for this products! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Not an early riser

i have to confess that i am not an early riser. Today i woke up earlier at 05.28 (usually at 6) and i still came late to the office. Like 8.09am. Because after morning prayer i went back to sleep until 6.30 and then i forgot that i havent prepared for any clothes to be worn.

just failed. man, this is difficult.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

nouveau kingdom

Hello. it's actually a month i already work in the new kingdom :)

it was fun, lots of knowledge, it's like the pre-relationship time, when you are still unsure and guessing about a lot of things but feel totally happy sometimes. It's quite challenging actually. roallercoaster feeling.

Here are some details from my one month experience:
  1. Distance. the office is very close from my house. its like 20 minutes to get there (if it's not traffic, yet it is will expand to 30-35mins) well, but still better compared to my last office which was in Kuningan, like you need an hour or more to get there, plus you have to face lots of challenges in the  street like macet tiada akhir and nunggu PPD 213, which like a tons of people waits for it too. in the end, i know that, when ur office is very close from ur house it's like reducing 80% of ur problems. But, the only thing thats worst is you cant lie bcos of traffic when u'r late.
  2. Absence. In my former office, absence machine is just absence machine. Just to measure ur status, whether ur dilligent (not working late-exactly 8hrs-tengGo!) or ur a company slave (working hours depends on ur boss' request). There's no exact arrival time. In here, u have to come straight before 8 am or exactly at 8am. if more, then ur late. If ur late 5 times in a row in a month, u get warning letter. Well, i wouldnt say it's negative, but i am considering it as a challenge. Yet, sometimes we dont always win over the challenge.
  3. Linux. I already buggin abt this since the former part. Well, after a month, we're getting friendly each other (still frenemies tho) it was hard actually. Like u ve been together with someone for 15 years and now u found someone new, and change all of the habits. Adjusting. Though human and software is completely different.
  4. Meetings. It's a fun things when meeting comes. no,you no talk something boring. You talk about beauty class, or properties, or layout, or product (colourfull-smells good-can be applied on skin). Sometimes, i found myself  stumbling upon "how tos" presentation for facial, daily make up or new product launching. Simply grateful. even sometimes we do meeting in the salon or spa, sniffing aromatheraphy.  nomo poison.
  5. People. i havent connect to lots of people,yet. But just like Linux, i think it's my challenge and im gonna win over this thing. So far i've met the queen and the family, which is Mrs.Tilaar herself. She's a great woman.
Some of the past were still not over me. Proved that my substitute were still calling me for some working stuff and as a good person, i wont reject his call/ message (except im busy or just simply fed up with his call). But, i think he has to learn to stand by his own or a.k.a leave me alooonee!

Not all the experience r smooth. Some just rough. Last time, when we have meetings with candidate for investors, my boss invited me to the meeting because he wanted me to learn further.

At the meeting, there's one kid of the queen, and everytime we start presentation with video, he asked me to turn off and followed with turn on the lights.
Idk, i feel kinda, wth? i invited to this meeting and my job was only to listen and being a lighting girl? i feel so .. dissapointed.

Then followed with this thing. The candidates were treated at the day spa, and there's nobody to accompany them. All of sudden, everybody pointed me to come with the 3 Phillipinos investors. to the spa. just to accompany. not joining the spa. So, there i went. doing some pep talks and faux smiles.

That day, i feel terrible. Because i think, come on! i moved to the other company to get better. in everything. y do i still have to do this stuff? this is a JONGOS stuff.

And also on Monday, i escort the wife of the investors from Hotel to Queen's house. Another peptalks and so on. i mean, like i cant believe this.

i refused to think anything. I only think that, shudnt i be in the better position? i kept on digging questions for being treated this way.

But then, i feel, i cant always behave like this. Keep refusing anything that isnt goes based on my standard. I have to accept bcos this is what i chose.
Well maybe this is like the part of package.

i have to adjust myself into the situation. That's how to deal with something new.

Besides, i dont know where it leads .. it might leads to something good, maybe.

Then i said to myself, being deffensive to something you dont know, maybe it's not the right thing to do right now.

We'll see. well, sometimes it's my old insecurities try to strike me back. But, Im trying to win over this mind trick.

Adjust. Accept.

Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Deal

I have been living with Windows and its friends for like 15 years. And now, i have to face Linux. The most unfriendly operating system ever.

Everytime i drag something, it's always accidentally closed, and the worst part lots of function mode in excel ( my half soul at office) isnt working or not the same.

but, you know what? im gonna face this!
and im gonna win over this Linux thingy! like at 2 months later, im gonna be so expert in this.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 months not posting .. and here it is :)


Just realize that i didnt update any of the blogs' since May 15. So it means, since that day i didnt have any of spare time to please myself and i was trapped into works and busy-ness. ufh.

So many things change in almost 5 months. But the most extravagant is I ALREADY QUIT from my former company. And that is TOTALLY DREAM comes true. I am leaving it all behind. The only thing that make it hard is good friends i have in there.

Already started my french class. Well, i am not really fluent, yet. But i can actually read and comprehend the meaning. ha ha. still sucks in listening and grammar :(

I am also still doing reselling bags with friends-the colourful tote bag. Start to cook some menus, like eggplant with orange leaves and also easy-to-serve menus like anything with flour. Or Japanese said katsu. ha ha. That's quite sort of fast food.

Me now working at one of the local largest cosmetic company in Indonesia. Kind of different with the former job which was selling insecticide. The SKUs are quite lots and various. And the second day that i work there was the birthday of the owner. I will show you some of the photos i took with camera phone. It's kinda fab.

They made tshirts, billboard, flag, board banner and there are also special dancer to welcome the owner. it's her 75th birthday. It was amazing how 1000 of employees gather in the front yard of the office :) The crowd also cheering and singing happy bday for her.

okay, maybe that was all the sorta changes for these 5 months. It's not a really big loop actually.
But i am taking any risks just to release the negative energy for being in the "former" office too long.

I will see you soon in any better news :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another slavery notes

This is what happen if u dont like what ur doing.
you end up with misery. everyday going home, with heartache inside ur chest. being a very different people. trying to please everyone, but you cant. Work for the sake of money. and to be sure, you end up faking every single thing. I dont want to do this anymore. This job is getting unlogical. Someone say, that i should be very patient. And you will get everything in the end. But as far as i know, being patient should be logical too. You cant be patient for the whole life, without having strategy how to overcome obstacles. Patient without strategy/logic is just foolish and waste of time. I want to be succeed for what i like. For what i am fighting for. Not because i did the so-called-job but it's slavery in the end.

I just cant distinguish anymore, whether i am bored with my job or i just dont want to do it anymore.
None of the refreshing can make me refresh and ready to face the day. Am sure it is because simply i just dont like what i am doing :(

Monday, January 9, 2012

you know ..


even the love that tasted so sweet in the beginning, can turn into bitterness that you cant resist