Wednesday, June 30, 2010

opto ergo sum

good morning. it's unbelievably unexpected. first of all, my pay day is so late arriving in my account, because of unknown :( then my boss is absent today, while i had so many things to be questioned, requested, asked, and shared :( this is the first day of my period, and .. i had nothing to do. because my boss isn't here :( God, i know it's unfair for me and everybody else to say, that this day is worse. well, anything worse could have happened to me. But, i cant stand of not having anything to be done. :( i did everything i could do. grouping folder, named it, and make them organized ? checked. grouping emails, and put colour to distinguish them into couples of folder ? checked. trying to do allocation, (tho i'm not sure it's right/not) ? checked. searching anything in every folder, just check whether there's unfinished business ? checked. organizing scrapped and flying paper in my desk ? checked. calling & emailing someone to make sure that the tracking is on time? checked. texting with my BF ? checked. updating status via yahoo ? checked. doing messenger with my friends ? checked (thousand times checked.) googling for John Mayer photos, lyrics and songs ? checked. toiletting ? checked. plug in my earphone and listen to some music ? checked. pretend to note something important ? checked. walking back and forth to get some water in my bottle ? checked. and .. this the last thing i always do to make myself look busy, using google language tools, since i am so interested in learning French, so i try it in my own to translate couple of words and phrase from Bahasa into French, vice versa, or from English into French and vice versa. :) then i write those translation in a little note to make myself looookkk buuuussssssyyyyyyy :) and put a "thoughtful expression" in my face :p i hope it's convincing enough. and in this time i'm gonna say, Je m'ennuie means i am bored :( i dont know whether it's right or not. Blame google if it's false :p this is what i wrote, :) well, so basic. i cant think of anything else,to be posted. so i'm just gonna enjoy this loneliness and cold weather ahead. seven hours left. means 420 minutes ahead. and 25,200 seconds to spend. oh God. just if i could runaround and dance, around this cubicle to waste my time. or .. writing poems for my funnyman, expressing how much i miss him and longing to see him. :( jumbled thoughts and exhausted heart. until later.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

life teach me these :)

been a spacious distance of time. tons of stories, but the untold one. simply unimportant. well, do you have a role model in your life ? or even a guru ? someone or something teaches us indirectly. it's none like classroom study. let me tell you something happen in my mind, for these couples of years. and i shall give you description about it, just to make it any clearer. 1st situation : you dislike someone in your work because he/she simply annoying and always disagree with you in any condition. And the way that someone expresses his annoyness is just simply annoying too. All of your workmates are speechless about he/she. That person is just so hate-able. 2nd situation : you were standing in the bus full of people, suddenly an old lady get in. she, of course, didn't get any seat. In front of you, there's a young man about 24, and he simply ignored the situation and keep sitting in his seat, like there's nothing happen. well, the rule is the younger should respect the older, by giving seat. But, in fact, it didn't happen. You feel mad and unhappy with the situation. 3rd situation : we made up something to look better. sometimes we bluffed, to make us look great. You had friend, she loved to make anything look great, by bluffing or even lying. You know that wasn't right. Sometimes, you have to see her "action" when she bluffed about her career, lovelife, and even wealthiness that she didn't really have it, to someone. You want to tell her but it seems like a habit for her that she enjoyed plays role in it. well, i met these 3 situations. and i conclude, that these guys who did something unright was a guru for me. why ? because they taught me that those things were not GOOD things TO DO, and when you did that, well you're gonna be hate-able, or even shooed by other people, or even friendless when you keep bluffing over and over again. yes, they are annoying, hate-able or made us mad, but then just remember that they also taught you important lesson, about the do's or dont's in life :) well, guru can be cover in bad attitude, or even shower with sparks and glittery like a role model celebrity. But those i told you was covered in something different. i dont play teacher or even lookalike teaching you something, like i know everything more than you, guys. But i think it's just thing that i wanted to share for so long. what's good isnt always good. what's bad isn't always bad,well these are the example ;) until later. btw, i miss my funnyman so's been a month and 3 days we've been separated. i'm longing to see you, my dear.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

unwell post.

i had flu, along this 2 weeks. and its not getting any better. me wondering why this influenza stays. when i was a preschool teacher, everyday i deal with kids who had flu, but im not infected. well, once. But then, me recovered very fast. but now, everyone seems to be healthy, but it takes quite long term for me to get healthy again :( i hate it when it comes to breathing difficulty. seriously. especially in the morning, where u shuld be fresh and ready for everything, but ur nose system just dont cooperate well creating the i-cant-sniff-anything-i-sound-so-sick symptom. well, i dont really like rain, and cloudy weather. it does make me feel unreasonably blue. just like this morning. i took this pic from sudirman citiwalk building. i was arriving late in the office. purposively. :D not just because, my body isnt so fit, and my office mate is absent, but there's more reason because simply i just dont feel like going and working. and the other reason, because my mother takes her paid vacation today and tomorrow. oh, now i know that i dont feel okay, i shudve gone absent today. :( maybe i could take permission to go home faster. well, i should. until later.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

you guys are waaaaaaaay too FAMOUS.

the news is just unstoppable. and unavoidable. ariel,luna,and tari are three most popular people that cover the headline and rubrics in medias. i aint no judging, aint no commenting about their "superb" steamy vivid videos. i just want to ask whether media can reduce the numbers of their news that appear almost everyday. i mean, come ooooonnnn i need another MORE IMPORTANT things to be considered. we need MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES to be solved. waaaaaaaayyyy more important than just making someone's steamy videos as a headline. they even appear in some international newspapers. oh dear, they are interrupting my right to have a good news content! :( this is worse. waaaaaaaay worse than i think.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

moody foody

been a week, or maybe more since my very last serious post. well, what's in the world i became a serious creature ? not here. :p last week was a busy week here, in my office. because almost all executive committee are out for sales meeting in Bali. so i was busy preparing every datas that need to be compiled and used for their distibutor workshop there. fun ? it's weird to say, but .. i feel good because at least i was busier than any week before. :) and there's the time, when i worked very late until the office was about to be closed. that was .. like 10 PM, i went out from the office, after had my late dinner while doing my task. :) so, here i am. enjoying quiet corridors and low-noise ambience in the office :) happy ? not so much. nothing much to be done. might save some work for later. Since im gonna be jobless in a week, from now. Last week again, i am asked to label all the envelopes for the workshop, so i have to print, cut, glue and paste the label to the envelope. What makes me happy was, i missed this activity that i already left for 3 months.

i miss those stuff. seriously. last time, i visited bandung, was 2 weeks ago. Me and my funny man went (spontaneously) to our favorite place, Sushi Tei. and here's some shots, that we captured. this is our favorite, crispy roll. yumm :p then we eat a package called Hodaka. but they were running out of scallop, so they change it into eel, or squid.. err. i forgot. but it was yumm still. and this one smells a little fishy, but i love it. Its fresh fish eggs'. after that, we smiled widely, because we're happy and the food are yummy :) haha.

i am longing for another chance to have good quality moments, with my funnyman, since we live in separate city. i hope it'll be soon.

i miss you.

until later.

chop.chop.back to work ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010


i dont know. Whether im gonna b busy or not,tomorrow. All of officers are out for sales meeting at Island of God,Bali :) I bet i can post something. Been a long time :) Goodnite. Its just a pre post. Told ya. Until later.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


waw.i cant believe this is my last month on the internship time. i've been trying to post, in the mid of my working time. But i dont know why, it's been i was very busy for this 2 days. happy? i can say so. well, all i can feel was useful and needed. that's kind of enough :) well, i shall hit the the bed right now. because i'm not a morning person ;p know what i mean. and .. lets shout for TGIF tomorrow ! goodnight. have a starry nicey dream,everyone. until later :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

for the busy thoughts

it takes bravery and strong heart to be somebody at somewhere. and also .. patience. because everything takes time. sometimes it's slow and the other time, it's fast. well, i didnt mean to go mellow or even being desperately pathetic. that's just the way life treats me lately. ah. i sound so delightfully sad, dont i? im in the searching mode. matching mode. up and downs mode. so-called adjustment mode or even orientation. that can cause dis-orientation if you misread all the things. it's a personal feeling, that sometimes u cant force everyone, (even the closest one) to understand. and lately, i've been playing this song from my superb idol,mr. John Clayton Mayer, titled "War of My Life". You can download it for free at i shall give you the lyrics. well for me, it's quite touchy and sensitive :) War of My Life lyric John Mayer : Battle Studies
Come out angels Come out ghosts Come out darkness Bring everyone you know I'm not running I'm not scared I am waiting and well prepared I'm in the war of my life At the door of my life Out of time and there's no where to run I've got a hammer And a heart of glass I got to know right now Which walls to smash I got a pocket Got no pill If fear hasn't killed me yet Then nothing will All the suffering And all the pain Never left a name
I'm in the war of my life At the door of my life Out of time and there's nowhere to run I'm in the war of my life At the core of my life I've got no choice but to fight til it's done No more suffering No more pain Never again I'm in the war of my life At the door of my life Out of time and there's no where to run I'm in the war of my life I'm at the core of my life Got no choice but to fight til it's done So Fight on, fight on everyone, so fight on Got no choice but to fight til it's done I'm in the war of my life I'm at the core of my life I've got no choice but to fight til it's done you should search the song right now. the tune is very nice and will calm your busy thoughts :) well, at least that's my sweet escape for my busy thoughts.
what's yours?
until later.