Thursday, May 6, 2010


.. and it's 4th day of idleness. well, dont know for sure, because it's still so early in the morning. last week, i bought a magazine that just published in Indonesia. I was so glad i have it, but .. i just havent finish reading it. all i did was rapid reading :( or in-a-glance reading :( because i always read it when i'm about to sleep at nite. and most of the time, the magazine was like .. fell from my hand and left open on the floor, before i feel REALLY finish reading that (that's what i found in the morning). OMG! well lets set the target, by the end of this week, i will be finished reading it. And maybe i'll share what i read .. *doh. i had a plan, to go to meet my funnyMAN this weekend, since my boss had cancel the plan to go to Lamongan with me. I think i can set the time,to go to bdg. but, im not so sure, because i know when i go there, "bokek" will be my middle name for the rest of this month. :p bdg is such an irresistible place to shop and eat and fulfilling the lifestyle. that, what makes me scared and afraid to go there :p well, lets see. updating later. save some thoughts for another idle and freezing time. :) *im wishing today someone from somewhere wud take me out to erase this idleness. YES, anything, anywhwhere, and anytime, but being idle (and frozen).

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