Tuesday, March 29, 2011

morning thought.

have u ever feel like, doing routines? get bored? then seek the happiness?
like when u arrive at the office, turn on the computer, and staring at the monitor like it's the most interesting creature in the world, click outlook, and downloading emails, while waiting for the process to be finished, ur wondering is there any other job (maybe with better payment) meant to be yours? is this the right job for me? will i get a chance to pursue my dreams? or even worse, what the hell am i doing here, i dont even like this job! kinds of thoughts like that. And for the rest of the day, u keep looking at the lower right corner side of the computer, because there u can see the clock is ticking. And the most interesting part of the workday is near 12 am (read : break time) and when the day is over like 5 pm (read : going home) or the happiest day of the working month when it's close to payment day. yah, thats me. gotta work because thats the only way to fulfill the lifestyle. (nowadays people tend to worship lifestyle)

1 comment:

  1. yeah it's here! bcos God answered my prayer already :)