Thursday, May 20, 2010

..not good enough

..this day has been a surprising day. because early in the morning my boss, gave me a task to accomplished. (none like usual day) i thought the task was difficult, and i did try hard to understand the concept. but then when i did that, i knew, it was so damn easy. i just had to crosscheck between two datas that contain numbers. i just cant understand, why people sometimes tend to talk in such a difficult "language" that hard to be understood. :( well, that has been a NOTE for me, since the first time i worked. and you know? the feeling that left, or maybe a question that left, after i did that (and all the former tasks that been gave to me) is : AM I GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS JOB? i mean, do they really need me ? it feels like every command (well, not "every", but most of them) it seems that hard for me to be understood. and i also feel that they dont need me, indeed. :( well, i know im an internship kiddo, they wont give me any important tasks, (which most of them are confidential), or even any decissive duty. But still, the "needed" feeling is lack for me. And at the end, all the question above remains. am i needed ? am i good enough? am i suitable for this? but at least i can be busier than yesterday. :) until later. Thursday seems a busy day here.

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