Friday, April 30, 2010

Excitement :o

Im at home already,after a rush afternoon here in jkt.tomorrow is gonna be my first visit to outdoor event its called school to school event.dont know for sure what it is,but im so excited.:) Updating later, to write what i will find there.:)

IDLE is TORTURING i am commanded to be idle and just watch any emails that been CC-ed to me. yes. i watch the conversation. well, i hope they slipped some hot gossip inside, so im gonna be more interesting in reading that CC. (which is never gonna happen, not in a zillion times) so wanna know what i do? wait .. err, well since yesterday .. i officially had a big sweet crush on (not-so-my direct boss) cant tell you the initial, im afraid because its an internal connection so they could read what i wrote. haha. but i will post his photo. *doh (no offense to you, my funny man, ur still the best!) so far, what i did, was listening to music, typing words for my blog, do the-what-not duties, then made form, then daydreaming and checked facebook via phone, and updating status for my YM and FB. :)) fun, eh? well, are u guys wondering did i ever receive any phone calls to my extention? the answer is : yes, i had. 20 times or more. but, how many times did the phone calls was trying to reach me, real me? twice. first it was from, my friend, who sits beside me, and second, from HR dept. Most of the times, i got wrong number which is going to reach someone else, but then connected to my extention, due to the error line. and when i felt so important, because my phone was ringing, it is wrong number. pathetically dissapointed. okay, its almost lunch, and the AC here is so supporting global warming and human extinction to happen faster than it should be. i feel terribly cold, not-so-close to hypotermia, but soon, who knows? yes, the file that ive been requested this morning, has arrived. so it's time to work my ass off in this oh-so-good-and-interesting-i-cant-take-my-eyes-off file. updating later. :)

it was GOOD!

yesterday,as always my workmate,sasmita,absent. :( First thought in the morning was,omg how could i handle all the loneliness and idleness alone? Ok,but i headed for work,tho. A bit late,because of the laziness that creep inside of my body. At work,i desperately hope sum1 would take me out. And...VOILA! SUM1 FROM MARKETING DEPT. asked me to go out for some visit. yippie yada yooo! :)) then, i found myself among the successful city people, with hi tech idioms and low mind understanding (which is mine *doh). Then we headed to somewhere out there called rawasari. As time passed, i made a short connection (well, im trying to get along with them, tho) with a person which is the assistant of brand manager in marketing dept, and she told me more and much from the UNTOLD story. what happening in the company and how the habit works here, and a bit from deep inside her heart like kind of curahan hati thingy. :p well, esp about her boss. cant told you here,yet. the rest of the activity wasnt that important, as i ever did that the last week before. Whats important is I MADE CONNECTION, i met new people, i did new things rather than sit here all day and watch my computer screen as if its the MOST INTERESTING stuff in my life. well. conclusion : i was happy and had good time. even though, when i came back to the office i broke my sole, and i had like to figure out where the h**l is tukang sol spatu, when nowadays everybody tends to be karyawan and staf of whatever company or corporation. :) i hope, everyday, i hope to have a new good surprise comes along the way for my 3 months life of internship! can we say AMIN? yes we should, AMIIIN! :))

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


im gonna write abt another stuff and duff tomorrow. i hope its gonna be a surprising day! ;)

my almost 1 month LIFE

i lived here.literally from 7.20 AM-5.00PM. this is the new live. new cubicle life. This is the life im gonna live for 3 months. maybe more, i dont know. well , this is the start. motivation : salary chaser. :)