Tuesday, May 4, 2010

with or without you

..my boss is here already, but i still have nothing to do :) okay, so here i am trying to find any possibilities to make myself and my fingers loooookkk busssssyyyyy ;)) i dont know whether its the influence of Tuesday, so i felt kinda mellow. well, lets put all the blame on Tuesday :) i dont know, but now, since me and my BF lived separately, (bandung-jakarta, well its not that far in fact) i find it hard to live life normally. Life seems monoton, and so normal :p and the obvious thing is i feel incomplete. i dont know which part, whether its heart or mind. but thats how i feel, just like Cowok-cowok Belakang Jalan said : ...incompleeeeetee.. (singing). okay, enough. i miss him and the stupidity and all the silliness that we used to share. but it seems so far away right now. im so waiting for this week or next week so i can come to Bandung and see him :( its not the distance, but the availability of me and him that makes everything seems further than before. even now there's operator which serve us with very cheap rate, or webcam with skype and YM, its just different. Its not the same. the most "impact" i felt was last weekend, (my working weekend) when i approved to work, because i just cant stay idle and thinking about something that i cant do anything with it. I started to not realizing any difference between weekend and weekdays. Because weekend means nothing without you. Its just an extended weekdays without work. :(

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