Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Impulsive Beauty Buy

Hello !! :)

It's January and it's 2013 (owc it's getting closer! if you know what i mean)
Howkay .. this is not a serious post, so forgive me for blabbering.

I have been into 'cosmetic' like 4 months ago, when i started working here. I dont know if it's this FUN using and applying any kind of cosmetics in your face (as long as it doesn't leave any stains, pimples, or else). So everytime i am doing window shopping or just having leisure walks to malls or any kinds of stores, i am always eager to stop by at any kind of cosmetic store/counter.
Well, it is kinda impulsive and unresponsible, but i just can't help it. Usually, i am being kind of uncontrably enjoying my time spent in there. Swatching, trying, applying, thinking (gonna buy which texture/colour), but unfortunately i always end up buying something.

My recent impulsive stuff are :

1. Revlon colourburst lipstick in Crimson (095) 

super impulsive! here's the scene : me and my bf went to small shopping centre near my neighborhood and he decided to have haircut, so me was bored wait for him, and decided to take walks circling that building. My inner heart just whisper to go to the 3rd floor because that's the centre for cosmetics and there i went! And .. you know what's goin on next. Yes the colour is good and semi-matte texture .. i like it a lot. Boost your appearance because it's a glamorous deep red! :*

2. NYX Lipgloss Palette (in Perfect Everyday Colours)

It was a rainy day when me and bf decided to go to Kelapa Gading Mall to spend our sunday date. And after we ate seafood, we were just doing our routine walking around inside the mall. Actually, i did have intention to go to NYX counter because i am interested in their Eyeshadow Base (and look for the skin tone one), but unfort they didnt have it and said it is only sold outside Indonesia :( poor me, so i was trying to find my rebound and there i found the lipgloss palette, which i found so appealing (at that time). No think twice, after swatching on my lips i feel like .. i have to bring this home!

3. NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer (in jar - C01 porcelain)

So, there's another rebound which was a concealer that turns into eyeshadow base. Gah! dont ask me why! but i like it, it looks so perfect as an e/s base. But as concealer, the shade is too light.

4. NYX Megashine Lipgloss (in Natural shade)

After i tried the Perfect everyday colour which actually not all the colour is so perfect for everyday, i feel a bit dissapointed and decided to go on another rebound :( so i accidentally found blibli.com and found that they sell NYX Megashine Lipgloss for discount! (30%) there i go click this and that, then use my credit card to buy that stuff. But i never feel sorry for this product because it's really good for everyday dry lips like moi! besides the shine is maximal (tho not so mega) but hey the colour is perfect!

5. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel liner (in Black) & Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

This was happening, the day i wait for my bf to finish something. Then i kinda walk and walk and walk and duh! there i go .. i accidentally remember that my eyeliner is running out and im thinking abt changing my eyeliner, because it feels a bit hurt that your eye lid is scratched by pencil. So when i saw gel liner is now a trend for their easy applicable tools and for making cat's eyes, i cant help but buy that :p so does for the falsies mascara, the cute purple packaging just make it even more cute! besides it's been a very looooooooooooong time since i have mascara in my beauty pouch! :p and yes both of this products are good. and no BUTS. the eyeliner glide easily like liquid but also as bold as pencil, waterproof,(yet not so smudge proof-but fine), also easy to wipe with make up remover. For the falsies, it's good :) the brush is retractable, and the formula is good even w/o eyelash curler.

6. Biokos Vital Nutrition - Night cream

I usually used Sariayu Rose Night Cream, but since i am a person who likes "coba-coba" i stumbling upon this cream (bcause i use the moisturizer first and it feels good) but .. after using it for 3 days, i feel so dissapointed :( i think it did leave some .. idk ,, pimples wannabe - like a loooot in my forehad and cheek, and it feels itchy and stings :( shit. it's kinda lot still. But, the price isnt so expensive tho. And few days later, i found out that My Vital nutrition moisturizer is exactly the reason i had lots of red spots :( so i stopped using it and went back for The Body Shop Vitamin E Series moisturizer.

7. Dewi Sri Spa - Javanese Rose Body Mist   

 Actually i bought it couple months ago as gifts for my bf's mother and i found it smells so gooood, the after spray akmost smells like Estee Lauder, Pleasure. But then, when i bought it 2 weeks ago, and spray it to myself .. the smell wasn't the same good things as i inhale couple months ago :( so i decided to  give it to my grandmother .. she (i hope) will like it a lot ..

DOH! so now .. i think it's my new hobby beside clothes and shoes :)
And i widen up my thoughts to buy any brand from others not only from my company itself. What i am eager to try ... will be revealed in another blogpost :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Above and beyond

The title of this post was inspired by NYX concealer that i recently bought and used it also as eyeshadow base. Okay, not important.

So i learn a lot of things here at my new office. But, one thing that i know very well is something BEYOND. Unbelievable.

As long as i knew myself for these 25 years, i am a quick judge.I saw something and judge, It's a bit judgemental, but yes it is me. And also i am not into detail very much. And it becomes my biggest obstacle.

If you work here, you have to mention everything until the very littlest smallest detail, otherwise you will make a mistake or victim for somebody else's mistake. And that's not good. Plus, if facing problems, then you didn't try to confirm to the source of problems, it will be getting bigger and misunderstood and complicated and you will be embarassed.

I didn't see those coming, and i have made lots of mistakes ever since. You know, i think my working ethos is good enough already, so i kinda not worry about how i behaving in here. But then again, it was BEYOND. Beyond belief, and my expectation. It was crazy at first, then i felt like tired with how it works here, but then i am trying to enjoy whatever on my way, since i am the one who choose this. You know, lesson learned.

Monday, January 14, 2013

What i am holding into ..

What a rare thing! i post twice a day :)

It is actually an "old" quotes.
"Treat others like you wish to be treated"
Because .. if you act like "whatever", then someone did the same to you, what will you feel? Will you just be OK with that? always put yourself, in others' shoe.

I always try to remember this quote,and apply it in my daily life. or else. Just make sure that all my words and behaviour isn't hurtful, cos i know imma "truth-hurts" person.

Thanks, Evan Almighty :p

I stumbled upon "Evan Almighty" movie like .. a month ago. When i was unaccidentally changing channel from one to another. And .. in one scene i saw Morgan Freeman talked to the mother of  3 children and 1 man that suddenly becomes Noah and build the ark. Okay that's not really important. Well, the thing is .. the mother felt so depressed because the husband change into someone she didnt knew.

The dialogue  (more or less) :

Mother      :    I am so depresed. I dont know what to do with my life.
Freeman   :     Be patient. Just believe.
Mother      :     i already pray to God but i didnt get the answer. i still not feel calm enough
Freeman   :     Let me tell you .. if you pray to be patient, will God give you the "patient" feeling or will he give you chances to be patient? Just think about it.

Okay. It is not exactly the same maybe, But, actually i felt so enlightened. Feels like i can clearly see, that everytime i pray to be stronger, God didnt give me the "strength" feeling, but He gave me the chances to be strong. And that made me realize, so all these time, that was it. All the problems and obstacles, is actually answers to my prayer. :) Way to train me to be a better person. Something that i wish everyday.

That helped me to see problems in another point of view,.. to help me to be better.