Monday, May 17, 2010


..hell-o! :) sleepy mood smuthering the first day on this week. since the last 3 days, i didnt sleep really well. oh NO! i forgot to capture the pic the room that i stayed in Bandung. so cant tell you clearly, how creepy was the room looks like :( oh, i've been so concentrateless lately. and i dont like this. it seems that i skip every single part which is quite important. :( anw, the 3 days event that held in Bandung was GR8! :D the selling was GOOD. the crowd was HIP. and the show went WELL. :) i did Thank God for that. i'll post some pictures .. this is the branding space. it's the crowd in the 1st day! im happy for that. and i love the look on the ppl's face when they're curious about our product :) :) overall, the working trip was NICE. and the most important thing, is i build relation. oh, and the zip zap trip that i took on Wed, was crazy. because we arrived at Bandung like .. 5 in the afternoon, and went back to Jakarta at 10 PM. that was the SUPERB ZIP ZAP FASTY trip :) and dont forget .. i absorbed a LOT of THINGS. as my working material :) so .. i have nothing to share yet. because it's monday and suddenly .. my besty YM-ed me, and typed the capital letters into the box and its also suddenly remind me of something .. which was .. I FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY. completely foolish. and concentrateless. see? omg. can i be any foolish and concentrateless than this ? :( i really need a memory booster. for sure. okay.until later. *sigh*

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