Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Ready With Me sharing and Reviews!

Hi Everyone! 

Not so busy actually trying to adjust with Ramadhan the holy month. Because you sleep less and also eat less :p Been thru it like almost 18 years, but still adjusting. Poor me.

Yes, for you who knows and following my twitter, must have known that i have been addicted to Get Ready With Me - Morning Routine videos on Youtube! Because i do have problems with my morning routines, since i am always wake up late, and being negatively lazy in the morning. So when i actually watch theseeee videoss it makes my spirit pumped and feeling inspired, that there are thousands of people whom actually enjoy and make the most of their morning routine :) So yeah, it helps much! For those of you who's curious, just click the link above. My best two videos of Morning Routine goes to :

it's from Tanya Burr - The UK Beauty Youtuber! <3 her="" much="" p="" so="" videos="">

and also 

This one is Tiffany - the famous Youtube Beauty Guru :)

I just love how they seems prepared for weekday and even weekend. Imo, it's the way how to appreciate life, that actually is God's gift to embrace everyday with joy and gratefullness.

Like i said in my previous post :) that actually i have two things comes along last week, and joining my beauty kits :) it's Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush and Sets of Travel Essential from Real Techniques! Am so happy!

Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush

the bristles - simply just like any other face/powder brush
Very soft! Love it!

I just straightly goes on to my final verdict about this brush : it's a MUST HAVE! because it's large, it's super soft, it's rounded edges, and it's Sigma! :) Perfect for applying blush, powder, or bronzer! Lovely! it's a 9.5 out of 10. Totally worth the price (200K IDR). But it's not really good for travelling, since it's quite big and eating space in your make up bag. But, fear not, that's why i bought the Real Techniques Travel Essential, so i can now bring my brushes with me without being afraid of hurting em.

Real Tech Travel Essential case - comes in black and handy fit

l-r : flat foundie brush, flat eyeshadow brush, multi task brush

I love this set! i did. But for some reasons, i only can love the case and the multi task also eyeshadow brush. I am trying to make the flat foundie brush a good tools for me. Yes it is applying bb cream nicely, but the bristles is too dense, and it's hurting my face :( not a fan of flat foundie brush from RT. So i changed it with my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush for applying my everyday foundie/ bb cream. And it feels better, afterward. My personal score for this is 8 out of 10. Both of eyeshadow and multi task brush is soft, but not as soft as my Sigma F40 and my E.L.F flat eyeshadow brush. But it's usable and the price is logical for the kit (235K IDR). Actually i am just into the case, because it's handy and versatile :)

And there you go! my lovely new member on the beauty kits :) loving it and been travelling with me almost everyday ever since it's arrived!

Thanks for reading my post and hopefully you had a nice weekend with fam, friends, and loved ones!

*today i will be doing errands and cleaning, then straight to go fasting break together avec ma meilleures amis! Can't wait :)

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