Saturday, August 24, 2013

My August Lolabox - Not Happy :(

Yes. I barely can't avoid any urge to update this blog, especially to share my Lolabox story. Haha.
So, you know Glossybox, Birchbox? or anything ended with box and also related to cosmetic? :) Yes. That's sorta like that. It's a surprise box mostly filled with cosmetic, and you can get 'em by subscribe and pay. Lolabox is actually one of  'em, but it comes from Indonesia (cmiiw). And, i found them because they are featured in Nylon Indonesia (forgot what month edition). And, it bought me. So excited, i directly registered the night after i saw it, and do trial subscription for 1 month which is 145,000 IDR. The former edition of Lolabox is actually very great, and some of the reviews indicates very great products and yeah .. i was hoping to get the best of the August section. 

On August 16th, i received my Lolabox, and i held ma' breath when i opened the box. More or less, it was quite like Birchbox or Glossybox that wrapped in a beautiful small satin bow and fancy paper. But, i shed a tears when i knew what's inside that. Yes, i know it's a surprise box, but ..... come on! Half of them is sample? in sachet? and smallest tube i've ever seen? Yet, in last month edition, some of them are in full size and better brands and products? R u kidding me? this is my 1st sub! I had a mental breakdown of my Lolabox August edition. They gave me small hair brush and mirror, which is cute, but still .. when i compared to last month edition .. i feel dissapointed. But, since it's my 1st subscription, i definitely hasn't done yet, with my curiosity, so i am gonna give that box, another chance. Which is next month! So we will see, whether they have better surprise next month (by the time, i wrote this, i chatted with the customer service of Lolabox, and they promise will serve better products). We will see. Not so happy august edition.

curious? here's THE LOLA BOX

Color of box vary every months - Aug is indpndc day so they serve red

There's a "hello" card + explaining details of products usage

The Inside of Lolabox Aug

So, those r the packaging and the insider of Lolabox August consists of  (let's start clockwise) :

1. Paula's Choice
It's an American brand from famous woman whom seems to be cosmetic expertise, those are skin care that is about to launch in Indonesia, they also included invitation of meet and greet+seminar of her brand. Sachets are consist of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I already used it to the last drop, and yes it's smells harmless and put good effects on my skin. So far i like it. Using it for 3-4 times for the sachet.

2. L'Oreal Youth Code
Not read carefully about it, but it's just a serum for anti aging or sorta things like that. Not interesting.

3. The Set (brush + mirror)
Coincidence-ly (is that a word?) i know the actual price for this. Because i went to Jatinegara market and there it only sold  for 3,800 IDR/set (if you buy more than 50 pcs). Sad to know.

4. Clarins Facial Shaping Lift Lipo drain serum
Another anti aging product. Not interesting. But will try. Never try Clarins before.

5. L'Oreal White Perfect Laser
Actually, my skintone is quite bright, so i dont think i need any brightener. Not happy.

6. L'Oreal Base Magique
I already bought the full size product, which is still kinda full up to now. Seeing the possitive side, this could be my travel size base magique. Still, repetition ain't my kinda favorite thing.

7. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk 
I don't have quite good experience with Maybelline powder, because the very last time i used it (like 5 years ago) made my skin got lots of pimples on my t-zone :( not happy. The reviews of this products actually good, but the shade is too bright for me (i got 03 Natural, but still too brite). Not happy. Altho' it's a full-size product. (This is the one which full size from the box, the other is sample)

8. Skin Junkies Soap 
I already used it, so it's not on the pic. It's like "Lush" soap, smells good, but when rinse it left nothing. Not even the smell stay. It's like just soap for fun. The size is like 3x3cm. Small and wrap in oil paper. It's a local brand. Never heard of it before. So so. This one i guess, is also full size.

See? for IDR 145,000 i think they could make it better, just like the previous months. Like 3/4 of the box are samples and sachet. Ya ya i know it's a surprise box, but please make it better, i'm comparing it with the previous month. Let's see next months. Finger crossed. Not happy. Really.

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