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REVIEW : Early May 2013 stuff


How's life goin? Mine is pretty busy. Well, idk whether it's just my mind making it up or i am literally busy. Well, this late post was sponsored by business trip with my boss and the directors, from Brunei and Singapore. Actually it's literally business trip with so little times to steal for shopping and sight seeing. Will share some photos later. Not in this post. Because i want to share some the items i bought on early May. 

1. Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer (Prolongs Foundation Wear) 

I am actually a newbie when it comes to primer or make up base. Because i think (at the first time) cosmetic company is just making it up and try to raise their sales by making such product. But, when i give a shot for this product, i think applying primer before foundie is a must :p 

the packaging - tube with round cap

the mouth of the tube - quite precised amount spilled when squeezed

The product - in orange colour
the right part of my back hand is using the products - sorry if it's too sheer

So, shall we go to the plus and minus?

+ PLUS :
  • Cheap only IDR 98,000 - cheaper if we compared to Revlon Photoready primer, or MAC, MUFE and high end brand because as far as i know even NYX can't serve the price as low as this
  • Good quality - i can't give you comparison with any other prods. I said good based on what i see and feel and as promised as in the packaging, which are : smoothes skin and prolongs the wear of foundie - but not minimizing pores
  • Has a special smell - which i like :) 
  • Easy to blend - with fingers or brush
  • I think, IMO, it also moisturizes my skin :) which is a plus!
  • Not available here in Indonesia. Have to buy it online and now they are Out of stock :( and the site where i bought this only serve 1 shade which is 001.
So i will rate this prod 8 out 10! Suitable for you who want to try learning to wear primer and also for you who has oily combo skin, because it's moisturize yet not making your face looks oily :) AND OF COURSE YOU WHO LIVES ABROAD who can easily get this primer :((

2. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Very Black 

Okay i know, so you will think like ; "it's just a mascara, any Maybelline can do that! that curl, curve and volume!"  But hey it's different! :) 
I think i have been a loyal user for Maybelline Mascara since High school, i was using Lash Discovery to my prom night :) and yes it's a good product so does for any other Maybelline express volume, but when i discover the comparison between this two in youtube, i can't resist to try Covergirl and also my beauty guru Emily, is using the product :) 

the packaging

the variant - lash blast waterproof

the bristles - synthetic and small bristles

closer look to the bristles - short and small

  • It has a short,spaced, and synthetic bristles. Not like any other mascara who has different kinda bristles, it makes our lashes separatedly volumized, curled, curvy, and not clumpy. It makes my lashes like using fake lashes :) 
  • The formula is actually really amazing. Waterproof and not smudgy or flaky in under eye area
  • No distinctive harsh smell
  • Pricey if compared to Maybelline IDR 108,000 
  • Not available in Indonesia, have to buy it online 
  • I like the waterproof formula - but actually it's a bit hard to remove, have to be more patient and i am using the olive oil to help removing the remaining mascara
The rating of this prod is 9 out of 10! Very versatile, you apply once you get curvy lashes, twice for more volume, three times for thick, gorgeus eyelashes!

3. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude

This is one of example of my impulsive stuff when i bought this, i dont even need any new lipstick :p but the beauty advisor told me if i buy in amount of IDR 150,000 i will get free lipgloss, so i kinda bought this lipstick and the Colorstay foundie. 


The colour with Revlon embossed

the swatch
  • The color is subtle and quite versatile :) 
  • Not pricey IDR 75,000
  • Staying power is good - lasts for 3-4 hours
  • easy to get everywhere
  • A bit drying in my lips :(
  • The color is good but too pale for my skin tone and i am doing a corpse like if i use this. I only pair it with heavy smoky eyes. it will work for someone with darker skin tone
  • Not everyday lipstick, because it's kinda tricky when applying it - you can't have chapped and dry lips if you apply this, has to be smooth and balmed before.
I will rate this 7 out of 10! if you have darker skin tone, and if you have no chapped lips a.k.a smooth lovely small lips (Not me) and love to do everyday smoky eyes, this is a perfect pair for you :) 

4. Revlon Colorburs Lipgloss in Chamois

So this is the thing that made me do some impulsive stuff .. :) First timer in trying Revlon lipgloss, heard some rave about this it has good and lovely colour, and yes imo, it's good.


the applicator


 +PLUS :

  • Lovely colour - peach pink with shimmer and lovely sheer
  • moisturizing the lips 
  • perfect amount of shine and gloss - not overly glossed or else
  • Bulky packaging, too long :(
  • dont know the price, bcos i got this for free :)
  • has a distinctive smell - i dont like it :(
The rate will be ... (drum roll everyone..please) 8 out of 10! Actually i like my NYX Megashine better than this and i want to give it 7, but bcause i dont pay for this i give it 8 :p Perfect to pair up with nude lips or wear alone as a gloss only, but it's also quite like liquid sheer lipstick :)

So, yes that's all the stuff i bought in early May 2013, i still have my Colorstay Foundie, but i think there are already lots of review about it. And, since my NARS has arrived, i just want you to know, it's a very GOOD  lipstick and super versatile, Karen from is totally right about it. It's an unsung heroes ! :)) i pair it with my hypershine gloss from E.L.F in Joy shade. Lovely. Superb. Will review about it in another 2 weeks. 

I am having sorethroat now, but everybody calm down, i already swallow my influenza pill. Well, i shall hit the bed, cause tomorrow is Monday and i bet it will be zuppa buzy day as always :) Good night and hope this review useful for you :)

Bonne Nuit et Bon dormir! 

p.s : fyi, i bought these products with my own money and not having compensation for reviewing it. It's all pure my honest personal opinion.

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