Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mixed up post

Hi all ..

Yes thanks God, I already got married to gema rakanata on last week. I did feel thankfull for that..but at the same time my lovely grandma also passed away on oct 8th,yet she got stroke just the same day as my wedding day. Right after we finish the Event.  I feel lost to be sure, I don't know exactly how to feel. This very happy moment that I would love to share with her, but she's no longer here. This hit me in the jaw.

She is a second mother to me. She's always there for me on every important part of my life .. I don't know what I can do w/o her... I feel incomplete.

Well i have to remember that she's in a better place right now, so I shall pray for her everyday..

I will always love you,Uti ... rest in peace.

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