Saturday, September 14, 2013

The (Zilla) Moments

I had my mental breakdown today. Hmm.. i wouldn't say it's a real mental breakdown, but it's just range of things happened in time where i don't think it's supposed to be :(

First of all, i paid visit to my caterer and coincidencelly realized i still not prepared something which are important (a.k.a budget explosion). And second, i accidentally dropped my phone, and now it's not working. The screen is blank. While half of my "life" is there. My contacts, supplier, office, vendors for wedding, friends and colleagues that i plan to invite is there. And that means, i had to pay extra charges like 700K IDR for repairing the blank screen, which is not a good idea in my H-21s Wedding Day :( It's close to disaster. Yeah, imma a budget tight right now. Who would spend extra surprise charges to fix their phone close to their wedding day? which is actually unnecessary if the phone wasn't fall down :( Shit happened.

And lately, i had my several "senggol bacok" moments. Like when someone accidentally bumped into me, like literally "bumped" and i was like "RRRAAWWWRRRRRR!" or when some of the people at works or wedding's vendor said something i wasn't expected to be said (a.k.a problems or bad news) i will be like the last person you would like to talk to. 

But people always said : It's maybe like super full of effort preparing wedding day all on your own, but this memory will  last sweeter or even the sweetest one you could've ever imagine. Well, i don't know. But, God Knows. I shall just believe. 

Okay, so tomorrow, hopefully everything will be smooth, because IT'S FITTING DAY! and i'm not hoping on 2nd eps of mental-bridezilla breakdown. If.. you know what i mean. 

Bon Week-end a tous! 

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