Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not a make-up post


So i have just following this motivational training from my office. The place is located in Mega Mendung, almost Puncak wheresoever :p It was nice, clean and tranquille place, i really like that and feel possitive about the place. Before i went there to follow the training, some of the people whom already had the training given by her, said that it's down and dirty training. No, doesn't mean it's kinda outbond activity, but the way she brings her exercise and moduls is totally "in your face" or "full face slap" sorta that way.

Turns out, i almost can't handle the slap, it was hard and IN YOUR FACE, really! All of the exercise and words given are hitting me in the first place, you name it : unfocus, talk behind someone's back, uneffective way of working, wasting time, feeling lazy everyday when opening your eyes in the morning, etc. Haha! totally me :( But somehow i found some of the points that i would like to share in this post :

  • Human is well equipped creature. I mean, we already have all the behaviour and all the potentials whether it's bad or good. It depends on us, which one that we turn on. For example : you are always turn on your "lazy" mode, instead of  "spirit attitude", yet you have those good things in you, but you always choose to turn on the negative side. We are encouraged to turn on the positive side more than before. 
  • We are responsible for our own happiness, not others. So, if you want to be happy, you have to choose to be happy. Don't depend on someone or anything else. You sure can choose to turn on the happy mood or vice versa.
  • Secret to be happy is to STOP COMPARING, MOVE ON AND FORGIVE. Be grateful :) 
  • Always set your goals. Whether it's short or long term. Make sure you pass each day with completing your goals. And don't procrastinate (this is a super slap!)
  • The most waste-less life is life without trying and taking risk. So, please do take risk (logical risk) and always try to say CAN and POSSIBLE everytime you are facing the obstacle! Otherwise, you will stay zero and lack of experience :(
  • No matter how small or little the support you get from others it is still a SUPPORT. Please, do take time to notice and appreciate it :)
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated. Cliche, yes. But i believe it's true!

See? Some of these points are really SLAPPING ME COMPLETELY :( and i feel so vulnerable facing these. But i feel grateful God brought me there :) to help me becoming better. Feeling rejuvenated and grateful :)

One of the quote that i really like the most is :

my time is NOW. Because YESTERDAY is passed. And TOMORROW is uncertain. 

to help me remind myself not to procrastinate and reach my goal :)

So, yes i feel great and SURELY will try to make it happen in my daily life :) It's not a make up post (yet) haha. Suddenly feel like writing these, so i be it. Next post probably will talk abt make up again :) 

bon nuit a tous!

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