Thursday, June 17, 2010

unwell post.

i had flu, along this 2 weeks. and its not getting any better. me wondering why this influenza stays. when i was a preschool teacher, everyday i deal with kids who had flu, but im not infected. well, once. But then, me recovered very fast. but now, everyone seems to be healthy, but it takes quite long term for me to get healthy again :( i hate it when it comes to breathing difficulty. seriously. especially in the morning, where u shuld be fresh and ready for everything, but ur nose system just dont cooperate well creating the i-cant-sniff-anything-i-sound-so-sick symptom. well, i dont really like rain, and cloudy weather. it does make me feel unreasonably blue. just like this morning. i took this pic from sudirman citiwalk building. i was arriving late in the office. purposively. :D not just because, my body isnt so fit, and my office mate is absent, but there's more reason because simply i just dont feel like going and working. and the other reason, because my mother takes her paid vacation today and tomorrow. oh, now i know that i dont feel okay, i shudve gone absent today. :( maybe i could take permission to go home faster. well, i should. until later.

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