Wednesday, June 30, 2010

opto ergo sum

good morning. it's unbelievably unexpected. first of all, my pay day is so late arriving in my account, because of unknown :( then my boss is absent today, while i had so many things to be questioned, requested, asked, and shared :( this is the first day of my period, and .. i had nothing to do. because my boss isn't here :( God, i know it's unfair for me and everybody else to say, that this day is worse. well, anything worse could have happened to me. But, i cant stand of not having anything to be done. :( i did everything i could do. grouping folder, named it, and make them organized ? checked. grouping emails, and put colour to distinguish them into couples of folder ? checked. trying to do allocation, (tho i'm not sure it's right/not) ? checked. searching anything in every folder, just check whether there's unfinished business ? checked. organizing scrapped and flying paper in my desk ? checked. calling & emailing someone to make sure that the tracking is on time? checked. texting with my BF ? checked. updating status via yahoo ? checked. doing messenger with my friends ? checked (thousand times checked.) googling for John Mayer photos, lyrics and songs ? checked. toiletting ? checked. plug in my earphone and listen to some music ? checked. pretend to note something important ? checked. walking back and forth to get some water in my bottle ? checked. and .. this the last thing i always do to make myself look busy, using google language tools, since i am so interested in learning French, so i try it in my own to translate couple of words and phrase from Bahasa into French, vice versa, or from English into French and vice versa. :) then i write those translation in a little note to make myself looookkk buuuussssssyyyyyyy :) and put a "thoughtful expression" in my face :p i hope it's convincing enough. and in this time i'm gonna say, Je m'ennuie means i am bored :( i dont know whether it's right or not. Blame google if it's false :p this is what i wrote, :) well, so basic. i cant think of anything else,to be posted. so i'm just gonna enjoy this loneliness and cold weather ahead. seven hours left. means 420 minutes ahead. and 25,200 seconds to spend. oh God. just if i could runaround and dance, around this cubicle to waste my time. or .. writing poems for my funnyman, expressing how much i miss him and longing to see him. :( jumbled thoughts and exhausted heart. until later.

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  1. at least you got all productive noh? lol!