Tuesday, June 15, 2010

moody foody

been a week, or maybe more since my very last serious post. well, what's in the world i became a serious creature ? not here. :p last week was a busy week here, in my office. because almost all executive committee are out for sales meeting in Bali. so i was busy preparing every datas that need to be compiled and used for their distibutor workshop there. fun ? it's weird to say, but .. i feel good because at least i was busier than any week before. :) and there's the time, when i worked very late until the office was about to be closed. that was .. like 10 PM, i went out from the office, after had my late dinner while doing my task. :) so, here i am. enjoying quiet corridors and low-noise ambience in the office :) happy ? not so much. nothing much to be done. might save some work for later. Since im gonna be jobless in a week, from now. Last week again, i am asked to label all the envelopes for the workshop, so i have to print, cut, glue and paste the label to the envelope. What makes me happy was, i missed this activity that i already left for 3 months.

i miss those stuff. seriously. last time, i visited bandung, was 2 weeks ago. Me and my funny man went (spontaneously) to our favorite place, Sushi Tei. and here's some shots, that we captured. this is our favorite, crispy roll. yumm :p then we eat a package called Hodaka. but they were running out of scallop, so they change it into eel, or squid.. err. i forgot. but it was yumm still. and this one smells a little fishy, but i love it. Its fresh fish eggs'. after that, we smiled widely, because we're happy and the food are yummy :) haha.

i am longing for another chance to have good quality moments, with my funnyman, since we live in separate city. i hope it'll be soon.

i miss you.

until later.

chop.chop.back to work ;)


  1. when i start working, i wish i'll have lots of things to do and never get tired of doing them. i don't want to be idle and bored and work just gives you fulfillment even if you did just a small job. your photos made me hungry btw. those crispy rolls look very yummy and all the others too.

  2. being idle is more tiring than do jogging. :p
    i hate idling.
    u love sushi too?
    btw, what is ur daily activity?