Saturday, June 26, 2010

life teach me these :)

been a spacious distance of time. tons of stories, but the untold one. simply unimportant. well, do you have a role model in your life ? or even a guru ? someone or something teaches us indirectly. it's none like classroom study. let me tell you something happen in my mind, for these couples of years. and i shall give you description about it, just to make it any clearer. 1st situation : you dislike someone in your work because he/she simply annoying and always disagree with you in any condition. And the way that someone expresses his annoyness is just simply annoying too. All of your workmates are speechless about he/she. That person is just so hate-able. 2nd situation : you were standing in the bus full of people, suddenly an old lady get in. she, of course, didn't get any seat. In front of you, there's a young man about 24, and he simply ignored the situation and keep sitting in his seat, like there's nothing happen. well, the rule is the younger should respect the older, by giving seat. But, in fact, it didn't happen. You feel mad and unhappy with the situation. 3rd situation : we made up something to look better. sometimes we bluffed, to make us look great. You had friend, she loved to make anything look great, by bluffing or even lying. You know that wasn't right. Sometimes, you have to see her "action" when she bluffed about her career, lovelife, and even wealthiness that she didn't really have it, to someone. You want to tell her but it seems like a habit for her that she enjoyed plays role in it. well, i met these 3 situations. and i conclude, that these guys who did something unright was a guru for me. why ? because they taught me that those things were not GOOD things TO DO, and when you did that, well you're gonna be hate-able, or even shooed by other people, or even friendless when you keep bluffing over and over again. yes, they are annoying, hate-able or made us mad, but then just remember that they also taught you important lesson, about the do's or dont's in life :) well, guru can be cover in bad attitude, or even shower with sparks and glittery like a role model celebrity. But those i told you was covered in something different. i dont play teacher or even lookalike teaching you something, like i know everything more than you, guys. But i think it's just thing that i wanted to share for so long. what's good isnt always good. what's bad isn't always bad,well these are the example ;) until later. btw, i miss my funnyman so's been a month and 3 days we've been separated. i'm longing to see you, my dear.

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