Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heading (to be) in labor

Juggling through this week heading for the 3 months maternity leave. 
It's all in my head. You know? Maybe you don't, that's OK. I'm trying to get ready with anything. My hospital bag (i'm preparing one-this week). Cleaning spaces for (insyaAllah) when my baby comes home. I just did research on my soon-to-be giving birth hospital. I try to move from the very mainstream hospital (where i was born, and my mother gave birth to me and other children). And it turns out good, because the hospital is kind of new, and just open about 1,5 years ago. It's clean, spacious, (not so) pricey, near to my house. Almost all the things that me and husband want. Let's get ready! How about making one video about "Get Ready With Me - Giving Birth Edition?" I don't think so.

After almost 1 month, moving from one room flat (kost), it's kind of better to stay at a house (lookalike). I can barely cook (not everyday), sleep in a different room, where i watch TV and eat (i have dining table with two chairs - how good it can be?), and also i'm not afraid to kept the leftover of food (because i have fridge) and also i can save money by cooking lunch & breakfast. Fab! Trying to enjoy my 3 weeks routine. Awake at 4.45AM, then pray, and cook for breakfast & lunch, and cut some fruits to be eaten at office :) nice, right? on a normal day, i did that. On a very lazy day, i just do my usual routine. Awake, bath, and off we go! no brekkie & lunch cooking. No. Being on pregnancy actually reminding me to walk slowlier and move on a small portion. Not a rushed one, just like i used to do :(

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