Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm a morning person (now)

Good Morning!

Literally morning :) Because i'm posting from my office desktop on 7.51 AM. 
In fact, i arrived at office on 7.00 AM sharp. Already had my breakfast, morning tea, minus vitamin for my little one (i'll grab one soon). Standing ovation, anyone? :)

Right now, i'm so thankful to Allah SWT for all His blessings that comes like pouring rain. Me and husband now live near my parents' house (yes, pregnancy and labor cause) in a small space with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, and kitchen (yay, i can cook!). Thank God we don't have to spend 2.5 million IDR per month anymore (yes, that's the cost of my kost room in South Jakarta). I already fill my house with some furnitures, like spring bed, television, fridge and everything. Also, today the furniture shop called to say that my closet, TV table, and also the most thing that i waited is dining set - which are one glass table with 2 chairs will  be arrived today. It's a super yayness for me! Alhamdulillah :) 

The little one is Insya Allah on her (or his) way (I'm 33 weeks now). I actually already know about the gender, but i don't know why, i will believe as soon as i see her (or him) with my own eyes. Silly, yes i know. Hopefully she or he will come out healthy and every process will be easy. Labor pain is something that i actually afraid and think most of the time, yet i shall just believe Allah SWT will make everything easier for His people. Amin. 

Let's cheers because it's Friday! :)

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