Thursday, October 9, 2014

the relationship

This morning is a mess. Very crazy traffic. Need 2 and half hours from my house to get my ass here in the office. Craziness.  
Stumbling upon my old John Mayer's playlist from Heavier Things while working on some project. Remember the song "Daughters" from John Mayer?
For me, it's a very "gue banget" song since it's kinda related to me, and the relationship with me and my father. No, my father doesn't left me alone, yet we just don't have that kind of "father daugther good relationship" and that makes me realize what are written in "Daughters" lyric, is really related with my life. And yes, i guess it's true how daughters or girls relationship with their parents especially fathers will affect their relationship with their spouse/boyfriend in the future.

So it's kind of true, that Mayer said :

Fathers, be good to your daughter. Daughter will love like you do

And it means, if your father is leaving you, abandon you, or abusing you, probably in the future, you will have issues with your future boyfriend or spouse, because deep inside your heart, you will be considering every man will treat you, just like your father did. There's fear that will always be there. Wondering and full of doubt.

I don't know. Well, that song kind of succeed bring tears into my eyes. That "cirambay" moments.

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