Monday, October 13, 2014

Humid Sensation

Last night was hot. Literally. I mean, i don't have any air con yet, because all the budget were taken away for house and labor preparation. So, me and husband have to deal with fan a.k.a kipas angin. And, honestly that's kind of hard. Because, since we were married one year ago, we already used to live in air con life style. Well, before i was married, i don't really care about using any air con, but when i'm pregnant like this, seriously humid and hot weather is becoming a serious issue :) 

By the way, i cooked for lunch today and bring it to office. Phew! Little did i know, cooking in the morning, though it's just kind of simple menus, it will drain your energy (plus because it's humid and hot inside my house). Yet, at night i didn't sleep really well.  Now, i know how my mother struggle every morning just to prepare lunch for all of us at home. And, she cooked some kind of serious menu like semur ayam, semur daging, ayam goreng. etc (well, i only cooked oseng wortel baso and chicken nugget -  and now i nag like a little spoiled kid. Man, that's hard!)

Let's see if we can make it on time to go home!

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