Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 months not posting .. and here it is :)


Just realize that i didnt update any of the blogs' since May 15. So it means, since that day i didnt have any of spare time to please myself and i was trapped into works and busy-ness. ufh.

So many things change in almost 5 months. But the most extravagant is I ALREADY QUIT from my former company. And that is TOTALLY DREAM comes true. I am leaving it all behind. The only thing that make it hard is good friends i have in there.

Already started my french class. Well, i am not really fluent, yet. But i can actually read and comprehend the meaning. ha ha. still sucks in listening and grammar :(

I am also still doing reselling bags with friends-the colourful tote bag. Start to cook some menus, like eggplant with orange leaves and also easy-to-serve menus like anything with flour. Or Japanese said katsu. ha ha. That's quite sort of fast food.

Me now working at one of the local largest cosmetic company in Indonesia. Kind of different with the former job which was selling insecticide. The SKUs are quite lots and various. And the second day that i work there was the birthday of the owner. I will show you some of the photos i took with camera phone. It's kinda fab.

They made tshirts, billboard, flag, board banner and there are also special dancer to welcome the owner. it's her 75th birthday. It was amazing how 1000 of employees gather in the front yard of the office :) The crowd also cheering and singing happy bday for her.

okay, maybe that was all the sorta changes for these 5 months. It's not a really big loop actually.
But i am taking any risks just to release the negative energy for being in the "former" office too long.

I will see you soon in any better news :)

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