Sunday, December 16, 2012

Normal post.

it's Sunday and always been raining and windy lately. I love it.

Been a long time not passing Sunday at home, doing chores and watch movies. I enjoy this Sunday pretty much. :)

Now i am in the new job, almost spend 4 months on my probation time. Yes i still come late to the office, but somehow i work on that stuff. I kinda reduce it. And pretty much, accomplished. Yes, still not making any friends as much as in my former office. But i did try too, this one not so lucky. Let time talks. Yes, the job wasn't as easy as it seems but i am seriously put on BIG EFFORT for that. I want to be considered serious. Yes, i have problems in there. Some of the suppliers i worked with are just pain in the ass. Never had those kinda people in my life, but unfortunately they r exists. SHITface. I am really working hard to get to focus to this new job since i feel like a bit less focus and always did mistakes. With "s". Plural. Yes, i bring coffee in sachet to keep my eyes open on 2-3 PM. Because if the workload is less, so does my eyes ability to stay awake. And yes, i still do Linux and friends. But i still wish i can change that shit into Microsoft. And, you know somehow i did whisper to myself that i miss Outlook :( 

Well, afterall that multiply "yes" i do have something to share. Lately i wonder, how do people got to the TOP and be SOMETHING? I mean like,me? emm .. i kinda people who likes to stay in the comfort zone. You know? doing regular job, stay in the back of the desk, going home on time, no surprise in the mid of something important, and anything related to normal and regular (i mean daily basis). But, then i think again.. with these way that i am living and things that i did, i think i will be just as regular as i can be. Yes, like all those people who keep doing the "paper" job and mocking their bosses, and not doing anything about their life. Turns out, i dont want to be that guy. Because i know, if i keep living like this, i will never be SOMETHING or on TOP. I have to take the risks. Then i change my point of view. Seeing the risks, challenge, obstacle, including what we called "boss dirty words" as a possitive encouragement. Overtime, without payment or extra job that needed higher ability? Take it. I mean, it sure will lead you to something. Me? Been there done that. And in this second big company, i dont want to be average. I want to get HIGHER. Because, thats my dream. And if people say, "but you did that on your former company, and you are still nobody?" well, that's fine but at least i got what you didn't which is TOOK THE RISK. No matter where it leads you, as long as did it with heart, i believe it brings you good. 

I have seen lots of people and experiences, in almost 3 years of my adult-work-hood life. Well, that's so not experienced compared to others. Just make sure i didn't waste my time, just to do some "safe" job and regular daily basis, then end up with what you are not. I guess this is the core of "getting out of comfort zone"

Yes, maybe i will just see problems and friends as the encouragement, or possitive energy. Fuel to bring me somewhere different. Better me.


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