Wednesday, November 7, 2012

in 20's

In between 20-30's (as far as i have been living), 24-25 years old is quite the roughest age. Because at that age, everyone surround you actually become demanding.
They demand you to be mature, fun, yet always serious and determined for the next goal of your life. And it's even harder because at the age of 20-23, we used to live a very easy and reckless life. Young and free attitude. Totally vice versa.

I feel a bit rocky this month. Trying to emphasize and fulfill what i need and what society wants. I saw my friends are getting married, trying to climb up to the top of the career, or even have baby and move somewhere else. You know, part of determining future. Well, it's not that i dont want to join the society standard either (i believe that will be soooo finee), while me trying to absorb everything and not to rush anything. Because, it's exactly not the way i want it to be done

What i am trying to say in this post is, i am not envying you guys that already reach society standards' but i think .. can we have a little longer time to enjoy this young and free attitude?

can we??

can we??

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