Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another slavery notes

This is what happen if u dont like what ur doing.
you end up with misery. everyday going home, with heartache inside ur chest. being a very different people. trying to please everyone, but you cant. Work for the sake of money. and to be sure, you end up faking every single thing. I dont want to do this anymore. This job is getting unlogical. Someone say, that i should be very patient. And you will get everything in the end. But as far as i know, being patient should be logical too. You cant be patient for the whole life, without having strategy how to overcome obstacles. Patient without strategy/logic is just foolish and waste of time. I want to be succeed for what i like. For what i am fighting for. Not because i did the so-called-job but it's slavery in the end.

I just cant distinguish anymore, whether i am bored with my job or i just dont want to do it anymore.
None of the refreshing can make me refresh and ready to face the day. Am sure it is because simply i just dont like what i am doing :(

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