Thursday, April 11, 2013

Point of view and Updates


Sunshine starts to come out this week. Very hot, humid even at night. I worked at Industrial Estate, and unfortunately the road is under construction and it's almost 2 months not finished yet. The road is getting trafficky than before. And since it's industrial estate, so vehicles like bus, truck, or container easily being side by side with me whose riding in Ojek :( sad to know. And everytime i went with Ojek (especially at noon and morning) i always feel like "OMG, so not safe being here" but that's the reality i got to cope with. 

So, am not gonna write long post today, just want to share a thought about common issue in relationship (it's been buggin in my head like weeks, i think i gotta write it down) It's cheating. You know? there's so many ways of cheating in relationship depends on how you see it. I won't write down the examples as it's gonna be long. I just want to share the thoughts of mine. For me cheating is something that is awful in relationship also a fatality. You can break the relationship, your partner's feeling or even the relationship with the whole friends and family. Worse. But, cheating in my head is actually comes up with 2 motives :

  1. Own willingness (self - disloyalty) 
For example, you have a partner, and your relationship is so peaceful and calm and nothing's wrong. But, you are bored with your relationship since it's too peaceful and sucks w/ the routines. So, you find a way to cheer it up and riding roallercoaster outside it. And what actually people search from cheating is they do like the roallercoaster feeling, the temptation, the new-ness, the something unusual. Cheating is all in one package. You let yourself go with it, for the sake of getting the hype and vibe into your life (or your relationship) but in fact, there's nothing wrong, it's just you who assuming cheating is the way to create better feeling (or life)

   2.  X-factor

Feeling neglected, LDR, been betrayed, disbelief, uncertain relationship, it's some of the example. So you feel that all the problems in relationship is actually hit you and the partner. You are neglected by your partner, and you try to seek some fun and attention from other guys...Like when you already work in the company, and u aint feeling satisfied and you tend to move into another company. In ur mind there's nothing perfect on what you have now. You considered cheating is like new job hunting. Always find something new to solve the problems. In fact, you can never find it by cheating. Or when you have LDR, and you feel like needy and craving for real affection, you simply use other person to fulfill the desire. So wrong.

well, my conclusion is .. cheating is not a way out. No matter how hard the relationship is or your problems are. If you are feeling bored with your relationship, change it, cheers it up. Do something to light up the love again. Sure long term relationship must have boredom in it, but there will always be so many ways to conquer it all. Or you are doing LDR, stick with it! Dont let yourself being fooled by mind trick. If you have uncertain relationship, take control, make it straight with "mau dibawa kemana?" or even if you have been betrayed before, don't do revenge on something that is not worth the price. You can't cheat because you have problems. You have problems because you cheat. Problems are to be solved, and cheating is NOT A SOLUTION.

And, if  you fell in love and decided to continue cheating seriously, you better stop right now, and tell your partner in the face! and break the relationship. Better to tell the truth than hide it. Just be it.

Okay, so stop rambling around, and that's all purely self thought, nothing related with psychology knowledge or else. Sorry if there's any misinterpretation or anything random. 

Now move to my real life, that i am so happy because my trio ELF brush is already here :* and also the Essential Lipstick in Classy. Will post the review later. And also the prep to D day is i can say almost 50% going 60%. I just want to thank Allah SWT for bringing me this far :)

So, i will see you in another post :) 

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