Saturday, April 20, 2013

REVIEW : Elf Essential Lipstick Classy and Elf Brushes

Hello everyone!

It's a speed-up week for me, caused by the workload! :) 
Been wet by rain twice a week, not a good one, but thank God i am still healthy til today. So, this blog post will be reviewing about some of new items that came 2 weeks ago, that i bought from my local online store. Those are brushes and lipstick and they are all from E.L.F (on sale 30% all items),  so here we go :

1. E.L.F Essential Lipstick in Classy shade

I have heard the massive review about these line, and most of the beauty blogger reviewing it in like so many shades because it's so f-kin cheap, like $ 1 (not happening here in Indonesia) but before i bought it, i did lots of swatch's review to know what the color look like actually, and after a eeniemeeneemineemooo, i decided to buy the Classy shade because i think it looks really pretty pink (with a hint of liiiitleeeee purple inside). Let's see the packaging and also the swatch on my hand and pic on my lips :

ELF Essential Lipstick in Classy - sorry for the chipped tip *mybad

The packaging looks cheap but yeah nice

Swatch on my hand - two times applying

on my lips - pretty much the same with the swatch

Okay, so you have seen the pics, i am going to review this product :

PLUS + (always comes with the plus first) :

  • Cheap
  • Nice colour payoff for IDR Rp 30,000 
  • Staying power is impressive for 6 hours (with drinking/eating) or more (not drink/eat)
  • The texture is creamy and moisturizing enough but for me it's still feel dry 
  • Easily chipped or broken - handle with care esp when twist and open the cap
  • A bit too pink purple-ish for my skin tone - making my teeth looking a bit yellow-ish
  • Not sold in Indonesia - have to order from online web :(((((

Overall i am gonna give this product 7.5 out of 10 which means average :)

2. E.L.F Eye shadow brush (white)

Since am just a beginner in make up, so i decided that i want to bring my skill higher, but not too far with the tools (you know how much is Sigma brush price killin me-owch). And after reading the review (Always read reviews whenever you are gonna buy online products) i believe that ELF is the answer for my beginner like moi. So this is the elf eye shadow brush :

the packaging 

Soft and quite dense bristles
Overall, after using it for 2 weeks, i decided that :

PLUS + :

  • Very very soft and good quality bristles for IDR 30,000 (cheap!)
  • Pick the product "a little goes along the way"
  • nice handle - love it!
  • The result of using this brush is actually very good (not compared to anything since i dont  have any yet) well, better than my Body Shop brushes actually but it's a travel size so it's not really fair comparison.
  • Shed a little :(
  • Not sold in Indonesia - have to order from online web :(((((
I am going to give it 8 out of 10 :) perfect for beginner who just learning make up but want to improve skill!

3. E.L.F Defining Eye Brush (White)

For the corner of my eyes, making dark shadows or under brow bone or crease, actually you can use this angled brush. Work quite well, and soft too. 
first opened and i can see the it's shed!

the packaging
so here comes my review for using after 2 weeks :

PLUS + :

  • Soft bristles for IDR 30,000 (cheap!)
  • good handle - something i say ergonomic following your hand contour
  • great in picking colours for my outer corner of my eyes and crease
  • Still, shed! but this one is even worse, because when i just opened it from the packaging it's already shed like 1 -3 pcs - and so does after using :(
  • Not sold in Indonesia - have to order from online web :(((((
The score is 7 out of 10. Sorry can't help the shed thingy. It's still good for beginner who wants to practice make up yet  want to improve skills!

Actually i still have 1 brush left from ELF also, which is eyeliner brush, but haven't used it, so cant review yet. And also yesterday i have just received my Sigma f80 - the flat kabuki brush for foundation and yeah it's as it's reviewed in online blog and Youtube. Totally not dissapointing. I guess no need to review haha! 11 out of 10! so hillarious :)))

Last but not least, i will see you in another review or just a blog post and here's (me kind enough posting FOTD) i used ELF Classy lipstick in this pic and the eyeshadow is Denting Kecapi from Sariayu Trend Warna  2011 (plum and purple) - looks a bit brownish here but it's actually purple and plum. 

Hopefully the review is helpful enough for you and wish you have a nice lazy weekend like me! :)

sorry for the greasy shiny look - taken after work at 6.30 PM

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