Monday, April 22, 2013

Styling You - The Australian Blogger (good reads!)


Just watched recorded ANTM updated episode, and i am GLAD that Leila is the one who make a "comeback"! I hate Kristin she's pretty much a mean girl and total bully-er (well, she has the experience of bullying others and i guess it stays!) i wish she will get out really soon. Pretty face with shit attitude is JUST NO.

So, what's up today .. i just want to share an article about random beauty tips and trick that's taken from website i stumbled upon while had lunch today. Her name is Nikki and she's from Australia, please check out her blog on the link. And i really enjoy one post from her as seen below .. Enjoy!

10 tips and tricks for an efficient beauty routine

1. You don’t have to buy all beauty or makeup products from the one brandbut buying them from the one place makes it more convenient to create a total makeup look or skincare regime.
2. Never underestimate the power of a lipstick for creating an instant pick-me-up. Consider creating a lipstick “wardrobe” with at least five shades that give you a pop of colour that is mood shifting.
3. A high price tag does not necessarily equal a better makeup or skincare product. Collectively the more affordable brands spend big every year on research and development of products. The upshot? We can enjoy the benefits without the huge price tag.
4. A great makeup look starts with a great blank canvas. Having a consistent, easy-to-stick-to skincare regime is a must. Create the habit and buy products that easily fit within your budget so you can keep up the habit.
5. Do a stocktake of what’s in your makeup kit every six months. Just like food products, once opened makeup products have a limited shelf life. Pay particular attention to products such as mascara and eye liner (and replace more often) so as to avoid possible infection.
6. Avoid the makeup look rut. Do you wear the same eye colours and lipstick, day in, day out? Experimenting with different colour palettes (even if just slightly different) can freshen your entire look and give you a lift.
7. As your skin changes so should your choice of foundation. Foundations have come a long way and can contain all manner of skin “helpers”, creating a flawless canvas without feeling like you’ve plastered a “face” on.
8. A day-to-day makeup routine does not have to be complicated. It can be as much as you want (or have time for). It can also be streamlined to include key products that work for you. For example, a foundation, cheek colour, eye colour, mascara and lip colour or gloss form a basic makeup kit. What you add from there is up to you.
9. If pressed for time, create two kits, which contain your day-to-day basics.Keep one kit in your bathroom, the other in your handbag. You can finish off your makeup look on the way to work or as soon as you get there. Buying affordable products from the start makes this possible without busting the budget.
10. Do practise special occasion looks so that when you are going out your makeup look differs from what you wear every day. Master the smokey eye or a classic red lip. Youtube tutorials are great for this, as is makeup counter advice.

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