Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week Haul

Hi everyone! 

Tough week, but not as tough as my effort to find the holy Sigma brushes :p because they are not sold in Indonesia :( And i have been trying to search for those things, (and also because i saw lots of beauty guru in youtube using those,motivates me to buy) and finally i found random link to search the brush from female daily and the final verdict is YES! i finally found it :) the foundation brush (f80) and angle brush (f40) but yes, the great product comes with great patience because the f80 will be available in 20 days since last week, so it will be mid April :( but i dont care, i am gonna do what it takes! haha :)) but the f40 is already in my hand, and i will review it below! But another thing that comes to delay-ness is also my package from Coventry, UK .. (that i already blabbering and rambling about) e.l.f trio and NARS Lipstick, it will be arrived here in Indonesia in mid April :) still YAY! promise to review :)

So ... to cheer up my mood because of the delay-ness (fingercrossed) it's just my rebound while do some windowshopping with my boyfriend yesterday :p 

pic of me confused on buying which lip butter

THE HAUL ! :)))))

it's (from left to right) the talk of the town (so late) Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle, Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait, Revlon Powder Blush Toast of New York, Revlon Photoready Concealer, and Sigma Angle Blush Contouring Brush f40. So here comes the review :

1. Revlon Lip Butter (Pink Truffle & Peach Parfait)

I have a very dry chapped lips, and when it comes to wear the lipstick, i always feel like i failed :( because it ended up like dry, ugly and not even lipstick color when applied. I have try matte, gloss, sheer, and balm, also doing lip scrubbing but somehow it's just not working :( Everyone been talking about this new items called Lip Butter, but the most famous one is from Revlon (i believe high end brand has it, but imma just not there yet :p) so after watch the swatches from my beauty guru, Emily,(click on the link to watch the review from her) i finally brave enough to pick some of the LB from Revlon. Btw, it's also cheap $7.5/each.

My first pick is Pink Truffle, but turns out it has the same tone (very little different) with my PAC Matte Lipstick in Indian Red just more shine, a little bit shimmer (a bit dissapointed) but it's actually great rosy mauve tone :) here's the packaging and the swatch.

Here's the pic of me, the upper one is am using PAC indian Red Matte Lips topped with NYX Megashine Lipgloss in natural, and below is am using Revlon LB in Pink Truffle. Just almost the same .. well in my opinion. PAC has more orange tone, and Revlon is more pinky. Well in the end i just feel a bit dissapointed in buying almost the same tone of lipstick :( but yeah .. life goes on :p  it's perfect for everyday lips (esp in fair to yellow asian skin like me) and it's not as shimmered as Peach Parfait.

The next one is Peach Parfait shade. I actually fell in love with this, on my first sight when applied to my lips :) it's freshen my looks but not overwhelmed. Here's the swatch and pics :

The colour is beautiful, sheer colour. In a sum  up, it sheer pink. The texture is as promised. It's buttery and moisturized your lips perfectly. Last for 4 hours or more (depends what you eat), for me it's everyday lipstick, just like my NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural. The look on the face will be posted tomorrow ;) i also attached the Peach Parfait pic look up close. You can see the shimmer (for those who's not fan of shimmer lips, better stay away from this lipstick). And since my lips is a big wide lips, so i have to be careful in choosing right colour for my lips.  It's a pretty sheer pink for me. I pick this over Pink Truffle. For all of you, who has dry chapped lips, try this! gr8 products! :)))

2. Revlon Powder Blush "Toast of New York"

Last week, i have watched lots of video tutorial in contouring and shading. And i think, it's very great to do contouring in our face because it's definitely shaping your face and making it looks better, especially in direct sunlight. One thing important when searching the contouring shade is to search the matte one. 

Why? because when you choose the overshimmer shade, your face will be glittery and imo, it's not shaping it's highlighting. So you have to choose the matte shade. So yesterday, when i was busy picking up the lipbutter, i saw the series of blush in Revlon counter, and i fell in love with the shade. Here's some swatch and pic of the pack :

front packaging - nice! i like it :)

Provided with blush brush (soft enough but dull) and little mirror

matte light brown colour with no shimmer

toast of new york shade
As you can see the shade is light brown and it's matte, perfect for contouring .. and it's not dark brown (im avoiding fake tan look). And it's also cheap only $7 per pc :) i have tried using it in my face, and yes i like it. 
It creates shade but light and not harsh. Maybe i can post the look with this stuff tomorrow. 

3. Revlon Photoready Concealer (in Light Medium 003)

I have dark circles :( and idk since when it stayed on my face. It just barely there and never left. When i watched Emily review on this stuff, i am so eager to try it. I pick the 003 in light medium, because the beauty advisor said, it's the most neutral tone. Before, i tried the Above and Beyond NYX concealer, but i think it's good only for eyeshadow base, dissapointing and it's kinda expensive, $9. So here's the swatch and the pic of pack :

w/o photoready concealer

with photoready concealer

On the upper pic of my eyes, is without the concealer,and below is with the concealer (photo taken in different day) As u can see the under eyes is more fresh when topping with concealer. But i am gonna figure out how to cover the deep lines :( But so far, i love the coverage and the staying power and also the price! ;) 

4. Sigma f40 Large Angle Contour Brush

YES! it has smooth bristles, and i love how it picks the colour! I love the handle, so stiff and fine with grab of my hand. And since it's angled brush, it's easier for me to do contouring, even doing blush on application ;) I bought it online for $14 .. i dont really know the real price since it's not sold in Indonesia.
Here's the pic of the holly f40 :

the colour is actually white. It's been dealing with bronzer and blush :p

angle shape - perfect for contour and blush!

comes with a plastic cover .. open in the upper big side

And that's all my review .. actually my first review that comes with pics and swatches ;) I feel so happy doing these! i think am gonna continuing this in the future.

So all! It's easter long weekend in here, and Happy Easter and Holy Friday for those who celebrating it :) am enjoying my long weekend with the family, friends and loved one ;) Happy Holiday! 

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