Saturday, March 23, 2013

Super Lazy Saturday!

What an impulsive week! 
Why? Because i spend almost 40 USD for cosmetics. Yes. But, my inside thought, consider it will be all worth it. *excusing

>> beauty haul
I bought via friend in UK, a Dolce Vita Lipstick from NARS. The "it" sheer lipstick that i wrote in my wishlist  post couple weeks ago. Oh. i.cant.wait. Meanwhile, i waited for the lipstick, i re-read all the reviews about it you know, just to make myself feel more secure about buying that superexpensive lipstick. (well, it better work on my dry chapped lips otherwise i am gonna .....) and all the reviews say good things and exact same thought as me, which is expensive. So, let's wait. And the other 3 products is from e.l.f cosmetics, which was i got the reviews at first from my beauty guru, @emilynoel83 please check out here vlogcast on that link, she is awesome, and recently she quitted from her fulltime job as a journalist and anchorwoman, to become full time beauty blogger. How awesome is that? and my haul from elf will be eyeshadow, single brush, and lipgloss :) enough for the haul, shall we move to the real life (which was my purpose on writing this blog?)

>> worklife
It's been my seventh month on the new company, and thank God i pass the probation time, so yes, i will be a  permanent resident here, in my new beautylicious office. And, yes sure, there are lots of changes in my new way of working, especially since the February 6th tragedy, it has taught me a lot .. believe me .. a lot of things. So, i used to think that i will be just average back then, but now here (off course because i have been a permanent one) i feel i can expand my ability by believing into myself to do more than the average has been. Well, a bit tough, tho. But, in my heart i do swear that i want to have a further career in beauty industry, like L'Oreal, or The Body Shop. It's amazing to make it comes true. I am now using this chance at Martha Tilaar as stepping stone towards my dream. I have learnt to be more organized and being details (which was my weakness), and try to be more "out of the box" and searching for inspiration, because in this kinda world, you can't really stay the same, you have to be more dinamic yet having attitude, that kinda thing.

>> random topic
Jumping into another topic, last night i was having monthly blabbering time (because we do blabbering here and there,so fun!) with my best friends, and we kinda stumbled into a topic, which was cheating in marriage life (that actually a common thing right now). Three of us (usually there are 5 of us, but 1 was super busy working and one was in UK that one i am asking to buy the dolcevita :)) are actually agree, that WOMAN is the one who make CHEATING is POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN. Why? Because, when man hunts woman, and the woman rejects him/turn him off/down, well actually the cheating is so possible to be stopped, eventho he will be chase her again, but when she is perssistant, everything maybe ended fine. 
But, when the man makes his special seduction moves, and the woman embraces with open arms, yes, it will be fireworks of illegalness and brokenhearted. AND WOMEN DO HAVE CHOICES FOR SAYING NO TO CHEATING. To reject a man who seduce and stimulate you to cheat. Even if, you (woman) are single right now, don't ever think to do that (receiving or doing cheating part) because you will never know when Karma work or stab you. So, be it. If he's not single and mingle, do not ever take part into his heart. So we all gonna live in peace! Thanks to Carissa and Noni for discussing this so i have topic for my blog post ;)

So, i will enjoy this beautiful gloomy saturdy by youtubeing and blogwalking and browsing beauty products and reading reviews ;) Btw, i hate that one of my fave contestant in X-Factor Indonesia was sent home. It was a total sadness for me today because the cause was sms/votecall but he has an angel voice :(

Bon week-end pour vous! :*

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