Monday, January 14, 2013

Thanks, Evan Almighty :p

I stumbled upon "Evan Almighty" movie like .. a month ago. When i was unaccidentally changing channel from one to another. And .. in one scene i saw Morgan Freeman talked to the mother of  3 children and 1 man that suddenly becomes Noah and build the ark. Okay that's not really important. Well, the thing is .. the mother felt so depressed because the husband change into someone she didnt knew.

The dialogue  (more or less) :

Mother      :    I am so depresed. I dont know what to do with my life.
Freeman   :     Be patient. Just believe.
Mother      :     i already pray to God but i didnt get the answer. i still not feel calm enough
Freeman   :     Let me tell you .. if you pray to be patient, will God give you the "patient" feeling or will he give you chances to be patient? Just think about it.

Okay. It is not exactly the same maybe, But, actually i felt so enlightened. Feels like i can clearly see, that everytime i pray to be stronger, God didnt give me the "strength" feeling, but He gave me the chances to be strong. And that made me realize, so all these time, that was it. All the problems and obstacles, is actually answers to my prayer. :) Way to train me to be a better person. Something that i wish everyday.

That helped me to see problems in another point of view,.. to help me to be better. 

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