Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Above and beyond

The title of this post was inspired by NYX concealer that i recently bought and used it also as eyeshadow base. Okay, not important.

So i learn a lot of things here at my new office. But, one thing that i know very well is something BEYOND. Unbelievable.

As long as i knew myself for these 25 years, i am a quick judge.I saw something and judge, It's a bit judgemental, but yes it is me. And also i am not into detail very much. And it becomes my biggest obstacle.

If you work here, you have to mention everything until the very littlest smallest detail, otherwise you will make a mistake or victim for somebody else's mistake. And that's not good. Plus, if facing problems, then you didn't try to confirm to the source of problems, it will be getting bigger and misunderstood and complicated and you will be embarassed.

I didn't see those coming, and i have made lots of mistakes ever since. You know, i think my working ethos is good enough already, so i kinda not worry about how i behaving in here. But then again, it was BEYOND. Beyond belief, and my expectation. It was crazy at first, then i felt like tired with how it works here, but then i am trying to enjoy whatever on my way, since i am the one who choose this. You know, lesson learned.

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