Friday, December 4, 2015

Windy Friday

So it supposed to be my half day friday, but instead i stayed at office and have a full day. Okay. Thanks for the applause :)

Then, to accompany the silence since everyone already left, i watched you tube video and i accidentally heard one of the background song is Banks - Waiting Game (remix) and i curiously google that thing. And, wow that music is good, and very perfect for this chill & windy afternoon.
If i analogically went ahead describing the music is like, great coffee, not too sweet but milky in some way. And, i think it's better if we listen to this song while having a cup of coffee, cigs, and a good friend to be with having pointless conversation. Blissful, isn't it ?

I want to share some make up post, but i'm too lazy to take photos of it.

Have a nice weekend, everyone :)

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