Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today's Thing

Here comes the usual daily problems of company slavery :)
We, sometimes, have a boss or senior or whatever but we do have to realize yang namanya kerja sama orang itu pasti ada ups and downs nya. 

Well, i ain't blaming no one on this case ya, but i think, yes we sure do have emotional matters or attach when we connect with someone.Here's the case is when one of my colleague is resigning from the job because he/she felt hurtful with the words that the boss said. And he/she thought that he/she needed to resign and reactive to the comment or words. So he/she was absent like 2 weeks without notice and ignoring all of her/his responsibilities. So, when it comes to HR they called he/she to come to office to explain what is actually going on. Then after 2 weeks missing, he/she came and directly talked to HR explained everything. But unfortunately the boss, wanted her/him to resign ASAP if he/she didn't want to work anymore - considering the missing action for 2 weeks. And at that day, he/she directly resigned and left the office, also in my opinion, bad mark for her/his future. Because, the missing in action, and let's be honest people in FMCG are friends in some ways or somehow. They do TALKED about you. Behind your back. Sometimes, neglecting your resume.

I have worked in 3 different companies (4 if i may say), and i think that being ignorant to something is actually useful in some case. You know, kerja sama orang is not always good and smooth, especially if we are the Rantai Makanan Paling Bawah thingy. It will always hard to ask someone to adjust with what we wants, in fact, no body would - UNLESS you are the CEO, director, or orang yang udah kerja puluhan tahun di company itu. So, in my opinion, that my friend should have been more patience and need to be IGNORANT.  Why? because when we are attacked or abused verbally (man, office bullying is like our daily snack), sometimes we don't really need to hear and feel it very deeply. Because, i believe, a boss (somewhere in this world) is actually not a person you can change. I mean, you wish with your action (like missing for 2 weeks) she will felt sorry and realized that she was wrong, but in fact, she is not and she's never be sorry for that. So, it's useless. You felt hurt and she felt that she need to go with another punishment because you already missing for 2 weeks. 

Well, who am i to judge? But i'm just sharing my opinion with you, who read this. That there's no such thing as KERJAAN ENAK. But, if you decide so, then you can conquer every place that you worked for and make it as your dream job (that actually paid your bill). No matter how long you go for nyari kerjaan enak, bos enak, or whatever enak. Man, gak ada kerjaan enak, the only thing exist is you enjoy your job, and make it as best as you can. Karena seenak-enaknya kerjaan, you already got the good boss, and good salary, and good distant for work, tiba-tiba bos nya resign dan diganti bos  baru yang gak enak, atau tiba-tiba ada restrukturisasi dan kerjanya dipindahin jadi jauh. Expect nothing but change!

I gotta go back to that meeting. Yes, i sneaked out. 

See you ! Cheers!

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