Tuesday, August 23, 2011

realizing your jobdesk

Dear colleagues,

if u rite now workin in a big company, i mean BIG company. There must be jobdesk, rite? jobdesk is actually unwritten rules. It's function is to separate between ur jobdesk and someone else's jobs. For example : you work in marketing dept, your jobdesk is making POP, and your friend's job is at sales dept and her job is NOT MAKING POP .
And dont you know that it's not wise if you ask your friend who works at sales to make POP ? It's called overlapping. Cross the limit.
Like, the boss handover his/her job to others, and then smiles with no regrets. yeah GREAT. thanks. Or, same level colleagues giving YOU, HIS/HER jobdesk and insist that it is EVERYONE's job desk.

And i cant believe in this such BIG company, there are LOTS of person who likes to HAND-OVER his/her own jobdesk and feel good about it. Even though, it might hurt someone else's feeling. Yeah, we're all robot. we're all heartless. So, it's kinda FINE and A MUST to receive the overlapping jobdesk from our partner or other department. oh yeah, i am fine about it. SO FINE. i am good. i am fine.

cause we are all ROBOTIC and HEARTLESS.

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