Friday, August 5, 2011

here you go (AGAIN)

I didn't mean to criticize every single person that i met. I mean, like i always want to find the negative side from the people around me. Such a big no, no, because yes i am not that flawless. but as time goes by, i always observe what i dislike from some people.

Like today, and actually this past few weeks, i notice that my boss just .. too lazy to search, find and open any data that i already sent to her (and btw,  i made those with EFFORT). I know this is no big deal, but i feel under appreciated. I mean like, why did i have to make those works and compilations, if in the end, she wouldn't even take a look at my works? And in the middle of hectic hours, she MSN-ed me and ask whether i can find the data (that i already sent to her), because she said she's in the middle of BUSY things and she said she is too LAZY to do it. yes, she said that oftenly. That actually hurts my feeling.

Btw, people.. here's one thing i learned, no matter how newbie you are, put ur ass in the loop and RUN inside the track. FAST!  so don't make any reason like "i don't know that, because i was new at that time" or "nobody told me, i am left all alone in there" so what? it's 2 months already now, and ur still outside the circle? learn. from anyone. yeah yeah i know boss, you are newbie, but don't make kinda reason, or else people will think that u just try to defend urself and act unprofessional.

Make ur assistant trust you, that u are good enough to be her boss/leader. or everything will be just ruined. like, really worse.

i did this lately. i wish i can.

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