Monday, June 20, 2011

1.2 years

there's one big thing i learned from living in a big city. i dont say NY, or Manhattan. But, Jakarta is big enough for me to find out the reasons why. i grew up in Jakarta for 17 years. Then i moved to Bandung when i was 18, to pursue college. Well, Bandung is a well developed city, not so big tho. Spent almost 5 yrs there, i felt that the culture is totally different from Jakarta. The weather is nice, the food is good, the fashion and people is hype and unique, and the ambiance, you know, i cant hardly tell you what it's like, but i think it's like London (never been there, just guess) and one thing that i know that the people treat me just well and nice. then i quickly fell in love with Bandung and forget about how Jakarta was. how hard was Jakarta treated me.

but then again, i came back here and started life as a young adult. told y my job now wasnt my dream, but since am a freshman, i need experience. So i took this. And that's why i write about this thing. This isnt my first time Being in 9-5, so i think i already know the rules and so on. But, i remind my self that now i live in a so called big city, so everything won't be the same anymo. So, It's hard not to judge here, because everyone seems ignorant and unpleasant for the first time you meet them. Well, i think it's just because the first time. and fast forward to three months, i can see. Which are the goods and which are the so not okay. I learn to distinguish and separate people into : good, bad, real good and real bad. The good group is just nice. the bad group is ignorant. The real good is really nice and sincere to you. and The real BAD group are ASSHOLE. Well lets not focus on good and bad. Lets focus on REAL GOOD and REAL BAD. Because this is guidance for dummies (like me, used to be)

Good things come first, so am gonna share you the people from nice side. You know? Can you sense someone when they are truthful, sincere, and honest to you? just use ur basic sense, you'll know. They will criticize you in the front, that's what the magazine said abt the good people. And, you know what? it's true. Indeed. They'll teach you about unwritten rules, and also other things u might need in the future. They are not doubtful when they ask you to do some works, and they will challenge you for the sake of your progress. And believe me, tho they will "use" you for their own importance, but they won't take credit of ur works. They will include you in emails, said thanks to you, asked abt ur opinion, and let you learn and make mistakes at the same time. At the end, they can do scoring based upon ur progress, and if they think you deserve something, they will promote you for sure. They will talk about your positive side and if u made mistakes, they will tell you personally, to get it right. Sometimes this nice side people, isn't always as sweet as a fairy, they could be firm and cold, but one thing for sure, you know you learn something from them. And by then you can be smarter. Well, they might be your boss, your partner, the office boy/girl. it can be whoever who has big heart and great soul.

Hmm.. this side is kinda rough. Why i said so? i have seen victims. Me? was i victim? Not yet, maybe. I was witnessing. They, who are, real bad people is sleek and fierce. They never show a scar. Never drop a sweat. Their face is smiley yet the heart is growing pains. They give up everything, everything, just to stay in the same position or else, going up. Are they nice? maybe. To certain people. To obtain their objectives. It's clear to see. Do you know how they achieve their objectives? Being rude, careless, and hypocrite is the answer. Hurting their assistant? it's a to do list they've been doing everyday ever since they become that side person. Can they sleep well? oh of course. Why must they feel unwell, when they accused someone to do something they didnt do? Blaming is their middle name. It's hard to face one day, without yelling and blaming. Yet,when their boss is here, their words are the bitters turn into honey. forceful. hypocrite. As i told you before. They easily forget what they said, and instantly accused someone when they made mistakes. And when some shit happens, they are playing God. Innocent. Inconsistency is something that they love the most. They could make reasons, a thousand reasons to be innocent. They will never in a zillion times, apologize. when they said thanks, that could be something wrong. Maybe lightning stroke them last nite. Sharing knowledge means makes someone else smarter and acknowledged.It's dangerous for this side, since they want to be smart for themselves. They dont want anyone, to be smarter than them. That it is scared for them, that someone else smarter will take their position. Promoting is never in their dictionary. they always feel threatened, when someone new is IN. That's why they play ignorant and careless. Unless, they know it's not their rival, it'll be just okay. Real BAD won't let you learn. They will make you look stupid all the time. But the end, they will tell you, that u didn't even progress, because u dont learn. Twisted. As always. Taking credit is beneficial. No need ur permission. cc-ed email is rare. if needed, your name will never showed up in any of the emails. They are the one who did everything. They are multi-tasker itself. All they like was embarassing you and public humiliation is their daily show. So, be careful, because, like i told you before, they may not be scarry as evil, but they could dress up as a princess. Sweetness is just the beginning. keep your mind wide open. Recognize the sign.

I didnt find such things in Bandung. People are true. They aren't pretender. Because it's tired to be so. big city kicks me so much. Turns people into anger and madness. Big city can change you into someone you used to hate the most. So, self control is incredibly needed. Stay sane is the only way.

Here i am, spending almost 1.2 yr here, 4 times changing boss, and observing is my favorite. I didn't hate being here. I just wish people stop being mean and hypocrite. Started to know each other for real, not judging for the look only. Creating a better work environment isn't a sin. Being harsh isn't the way. Remind yourself that you are nothing without colleagues, so treat others like you wanna be treated. At the end, i just wanna be myself. stay the same. minus negativity and being hypocrite.

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